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A whole range of gardening and yard care products thoroughly reviewed and rated to help you make an informed choice.

Buyers Guides

Not sure which lawn care product to get? Check out our Buyers Guides, rounding up the best products in a number of areas.


Want to keep cats out of your yard or make the most of your gardening space? Check out our advice and information section.

Latest Posts

Best 40cc Chainsaw

Need a chainsaw to do some smaller duty jobs around the yard? Take a look at our selection to get the best 40cc chainsaw. There are 6 awesome chainsaws here!

6 Early Spring Gardening Tips

Want to get your garden ready for a year of growth? We have outlined 6 simple early spring gardening tips to set your garden up for a great spring, summer & autumn!

Best Snower Blowers For Women

There are some amazing lightweight but powerful snow blowers on the market – checkout our list of the best snow blowers for women and get your PERFECT snow blower.

Best Pressure Washer For Snow Foam 2019

There is nothing more satisfying than covering your car/deck in foam & then washing it off so it is sparkling clean. Get the best pressure washer for snow foam.

Worx Trivac Blower Mulcher with Leaf Pro Review

Want a great leaf blower mulcher at a great price? Check out the WORX Trivac Blower Mulcher With Leaf Pro. Only thing is there are a few versions of it so check out our review to make the right choice!

Toro Rake and Vac Review

MY RATING – 83% – This is one of the cheapest blower/vacuum/mulchers you can get, but it certainly performs much better than the price tag suggests! If you have a small yard and don’t want to break the bank on a blower/mulcher then this could be perfect. Read my review for full details.

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My name is Steve and I am a one time gardening hater turned gardening obsessive – thanks to a two year stint at University transforming the previously horrific garden of the student house I lived in that left me addicted to all things horticultural!

Now with a new house in tow and due to some fortunate circumstances I am free to test out a whole host of gardening equipment.

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