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Choosing a chainsaw, or looking for a lawn mower? Our extensive reviews take an in-depth look at a range of home and gardening products and tell you what is good and what is not so good.

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Our Buyers Guides bring together the best products on the market into one helpful list, with our reviewers telling you exactly what they have done to deserve their spot in our expert round-up.

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With tips and insight on everything from growing plants to putting up a swing set, our advice section will help you with any queries you have, no matter how obscure you might think they are.

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Can You Put a Sandpit on Concrete? Pros and Cons

There have been many do-it-yourself (DIY) guidelines on how to make a sandpit, but what comes after? Now that you have a sandpit, where do you put it? Can you put it on concrete? Let’s discuss.  You can put sandpit on concrete but it is not the best option. First, …

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Can You Use Treated Pine for a Sandpit? (And 3 Other Alternatives)

Children love playing in sandpits because it is fun and engaging.  Make sure your sandpit can withstand the test of time and children’s rowdiness.  Sandpits must be sturdy as children will inadvertently stomp or step on them while playing.  What material should you use for a sandbox? Can you use …

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What To Do With Old Sandpit Sand? (5 Ways To Get Rid Of It)

Sandpit sand is not forever.  But I can’t blame you if you think that it is.  Beach sand, after all, is forever.  However, you have to consider how unsanitary it is.  And unsanitary sand in a small space like a sandpit that children frequent is just a BIG NO In …

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What To Put in the Base of the Sandpit: (Considering Drainage and Weed Prevention)

Children love sandpits.  But if you want them to enjoy sandpits for a long time, make sure the sandy play area is made well.  Do you know the secret to a great sandpit? It should have a quality base. But what makes a great base for a sandpit? Let’s discuss.  …

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What Sand Is Best for a Sandpit? (Pros and Cons of 8 Types of Sand)

Sandpit is an amazing tool for a child’s growth.  It helps with gross motor skills.  Plus, it allows children to socialize with others.  But there is good sand, better sand, and the best sand for your sandpit.  Which is which? Let’s find out…  Whitewashed sand is one of the best …

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Is Swingball Dangerous? (5 Possible Dangers of Playing the Game)

They say don’t judge a book by its cover.  This is also certainly true for swingball or tetherball.  A swingball set looks so innocent.  But it could be dangerous, too, if you’re not too careful.  Let’s discuss the dangers of playing swingball.  Swingball is like a less intense game of …

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Can You Double Hit in Swingball? (And What Happens If You Do?)

Swingball is one of the most fun and convenient sports activities you can do for fitness and entertainment.  It is similar to tennis but just less intense.  You also don’t need a full court to play swingball, just enough space for the equipment and a good swing.  In fact, you …

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Can Swingball Improve Tennis? (And How Andy Murray Owes His Tennis Success to Swingball)

Have you ever played swingball?  It’s like tennis, but not really.  You play it with a racquet and a ball, just like tennis, but you don’t need a full court to do it.  Swingball can also be played solo, unlike tennis.  In this article, we will discuss the differences and …

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Can You Play Swingball on Your Own

Can You Play Swingball on Your Own? And 10 Other Sports You Can Do Solo

Sports is important for many reasons.  One, it’s quite fun.  Two, it keeps you physically fit.  Three, it helps with your mental health.  But what do you do when you don’t have mates to play sports with? Easy… Find sports that you can do solo.  Can you play swingball on …

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