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Choosing a chainsaw, or looking for a lawn mower? Our extensive reviews take an in-depth look at a range of home and gardening products and tell you what is good and what is not so good.

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Our Buyers Guides bring together the best products on the market into one helpful list, with our reviewers telling you exactly what they have done to deserve their spot in our expert round-up.

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With tips and insight on everything from growing plants to putting up a swing set, our advice section will help you with any queries you have, no matter how obscure you might think they are.

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How Long Do Trampolines Last? (Investigated)

It is amazing how something as simple as a trampoline can keep a whole load of kids amused for so long. But it will only keep them entertained as long as it is functioning properly. Once the frame breaks, the mat splits or the springs snap, then you either need …

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Do Trampolines Have A Weight Limit? (Solved)

Put a trampoline in your yard and you could find it attracting kids from far and wide in the summer. Then of course, you might want to have a cheeky go on it yourself. This could well lead to you having all sorts of questions about how much weight your …

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Do Trampolines Kill Grass? (Or Will It Thrive?)

If you are considering putting a trampoline up in your yard, then one question you might be asking is will it kill the grass beneath it? It isn’t actually a straight yes or no answer and the answer is influenced by a number of factors.  Some people will find that …

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Are Shoes Bad For Trampolines? 3 Reasons to Exclude Those Shoes!

You might have been there.  It is a gorgeous summer’s day, there is a big trampoline to jump on (and those things can be inviting even as adults), and you just want a quick ‘bounce’ for a couple of minutes. Will it matter if you leave your shoes on? Are …

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Is It Illegal To Have A Trampoline Without A Net? (Explained)

Pretty much every kid loves a trampoline. They are fun, good exercise and they will keep the little ones entertained for a good couple of hours. What isn’t there to like? Well, they can be a safety risk, and that risk is probably increased without suitable precautions being taken. And …

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The 7 Best Gardening Courses On Skillshare (Revealed)

Gardening is big business. Apparently over half of all American households garden, which means there are around 72 million gardening households in the States. And that is a number that escalated during COVID lockdowns. And according to Thumbtack, the average time spent per week tending to a garden is five …

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The 7 Best Online Gardening Courses On Udemy (Revealed)

It did use to be that learning new gardening skills was either done by painstakingly flicking back and forth in gardening books, or by trial and error in your garden. With the advent of the internet, and then the smartphone era, that all changed. Now there are thousands upon thousands …

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Can You Have A Trampoline In Your Front Yard? (What Are The Risks?)

Depending upon your house and its surroundings it is not always possible or practical to have a trampoline in your backyard. So should you really deny your children the pleasure of playing on one entirely? Or can you have a trampoline in your front yard? That is what we are …

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Are Rainbow Swing Sets Worth The (Big) Money? (Discussed)

There are swing sets, and then there are Rainbow swing sets! They have a reputation for being the Rolls Royce of the swing set world. But we all know what Rolls Royce is right? Yep, expensive. And there is no denying Rainbow swing sets are pretty pricey. But are Rainbow …

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