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Black & Decker Alligator Lopper – Electric 95%
EGO Power+ – Battery 94%
Husqvarna 455 Rancher – Gas 94%
Makita UC4051A – Electric 93%

Container Gardening
Garden Tower 2 96%

Lawn Mowers
Cub Cadet 30-Inch Riding Mower 92%
Cub Cadet Ultima ZT-1 Riding Mower 93%
EGO Power Plus Mower LM2000 – Battery 96%
Great States 415-16 – Manual 93%
Greenworks 25022 – Electric 93%
Honda HRX217K5VKA – Gas 97%
John Deere E120 Riding Mower 92%
Ryobi 38-Inch Riding Mower 94%
Ryobi 42-Inch Riding Mower 94%
Snapper XD 82V – Battery 95%
Toro TimeCutter 32-Inch Riding Mower92%
Toro TimeCutter 60-Inch Riding Mower94%
Troy-Bilt Neighborhood Riding Mower – 89%
Worx Landroid WG794 Robotic – 91%

Leaf Blowers
Black & Decker BV3100 – Electric 86%
Black & Decker BV6600 Vac Blower Mulcher – Electric 91%
ECHO PB-250LN – Gas 91%
Hitachi RB24EAP – Gas 93%
Husqvarna 125B – Gas 88%
Husqvarna 580BTS – Gas 98%
Makita XBU02PT1 – Battery 94%
Sun Joe SBJ605E Vac Blower Mulcher – Electric 92%
Toro Rake And Vac Blower Mulcher – Electric 83%
Toro Ultraplus Leaf Blower Vac – Electric 93%
WORX WG518 Blower Mulcher – Electric 94%
WORX Trivac Blower Mulcher – Electric 89%
WORX WG520 – Electric 97%

Leaf Mulchers
Black & Decker BV3100 – Electric 86%
Black & Decker BV6600 Vac Blower Mulcher – Electric 91%
Sun Joe SBJ605E Vac Blower Mulcher – Electric 92%
Toro Rake And Vac Blower Mulcher – Electric 83%
Toro Ultraplus Leaf Blower Vac – Electric 93%
WORX WG430 – Electric 88%
WORX WG518 Blower Mulcher – Electric 94%
WORX Trivac Blower Mulcher – Electric 89%

Patio Heaters
Comfort Zone CZQTV5M Wall Mounted 89%

Pellet Grills
Green Mountain Grills Davy Crockett 88%
Pit Boss 700FB 92%
Z Grills ZPG-7002B 90%

Pond Vacuum Cleaners
OASE Pondovac 3 88%
OASE Pondovac 4 95%
OASE Pondovac 5 92%
OASE Pondovac Classic 91%
PondLeader Professional 93%

Pressure Washers
Sun Joe SPX3001 – Electric 90%

Snow Blowers/Shovels
Briggs & Stratton 1022ER – Gas 95%
Earthwise SN74016 – Electric 90%
Greenworks 2600202 – Electric 89%
Honda HS720AS – Gas 94%
Husqvarna ST224P – Gas 91%
Poulan Pro PR241 – Gas 89%
PowerSmart PSS2240 – Gas 95%
Snow Joe iON18SB – Battery 86%
Snow Joe SJ615E – Electric 89%
Snow Joe SJ620 – Electric 92%
Snow Joe SJ621 – Electric 93%
Snow Joe SJ623E – Electric 92%
Snow Joe SJ625E – Electric 90%
Toro Power Curve – Electric 85%
Toro 38361 Snow Shovel – Electric 88%
WORX WG650 – Electric 88%

String Trimmers/Weed Eaters
Black and Decker GH900 – Electric 92%
Black and Decker LSTE523 – Battery 91%
EGO Power – Battery 95%
Greenworks 21212 – Electric 91%
Hitachi CG23ECPSL – Gas 91%
Husqvarna 128LD – Gas 94%
Husqvarna 324L – Gas 90%
Makita XRU02Z – Battery 91%
Toro 51480 – Electric 88%
Worx WG154 – Battery 92%

Wood Chipper Shredders
Landoworks Mini Chipper – Electric 88%
Patriot Products CSV-3065B – Gas 95%
Patriot Products CSV-3100B – Gas 90%
Power Smart PS10 – Electric 93%
Sun Joe CJ601E – Electric 86%
Sun Joe CJ602E – Electric 91%
SuperHandy – Gas 92%
Tazz K33 – Gas 93%
Yardmax YW7565 – Gas 89%

Best Of Guides



Yard Care

Advice… Amazing Lanscaping Ideas For Your Front Yard
Advice… Autumn Gardening Tips
Advice… Benefits of Aquatic Plants
Advice… Best Evergreen Plants
Advice… Best Time to Plant Zoysia Grass
Advice… Best Backyard Pond Plants to Grow
Advice… Cypress or Cedar Mulch?
Advice… Does Bleach Kill Weeds?
Advice… Does Fertilizer Expire?
Advice… Dry Creek Landscaping Ideas
Advice… Early Spring Gardening Tips
Advice… Fish Pond Care
Advice… Growing Grass In Sandy Soil
Advice… Is Soft Water Bad For Plants?
Advice… July Gardening Tips
Advice… June Gardening Tips
Advice… Raised Bed Gardening Tips
Advice… 10 Steps to the Perfect Lawn
Advice… Summer Gardening Tips
Advice… Natural Pest Control
Advice… Perennial Flowers That Bloom All Summer
Advice… Should I Roll My Lawn?
Advice… Small Backyard Garden Ideas
Advice… Snow Blower or Snow Shovel?
Advice… Snow Blower or Snow Thrower?
Advice… Top 10 Gardening Tools
Advice… What Type of Mulch is Best For Your Yard?
Advice… Winter Gardening Tips
Can You… Compost Shrimp Shells?
Comparing… Single Stage vs Two Stage Snow Blowers
How do… Robotic Lawn Mowers Work?
How… Long After Using Weed Killer Can I Plant Grass Seed?
How… Long Does It Take to Charge A Lawn Mower Battery?
How… Soon After Spraying Can I Mow?
How to… Attract Bees To Your Garden
How to… Attract Earthworms To Your Soil
How to… Build Outdoor Waterfalls
How to… Container Garden
How to… Deadhead Flowers
How to… Dispose of Old Fertilizer Safely
How to… Fix Grass Turning Yellow After Fertilizing
How to… Get Rid Of Moles In Your Yard
How to… Get Rid Of Monkey Grass
How to… Get Rid Of Soil Mites
How to… Get Rid Of Water Grass
How to… Get Rid Of Weeds from Flower Beds
How to… Grow Grass In Clay Soil
How to… Hydroponic Garden
How to… Improve Garden Soil
How to… Keep Cats Out Of Your Yard
How to… Kill Weeds
How to… Maintain a Pond
How to… Make a Cold Frame
How to… Make a Compost Bin
How to… Make Homemade Rabbit Repellent
How to… Pick The Best Mulch
How to… Plant Grass Seed on Hard Dirt
How to… Protect Plants In Winter
How to… Remove Rocks From Soil
How to… Seed A Lawn
How to… Sterilize Soil
How to… Stop Cats Pooping in Your Garden
How to… Stop Your Backyard From Flooding
How to… Trim Overgrown Hedges
How to… Use Wood Chips As Mulch
How to… Vertical Garden
What is… The Best Soil For Container Gardening?
What is… the Garden Tower Project?
When is… the Best Time to Aerate Your Lawn?
When is… the Best Time to Apply Weed Killer?
When… Should You Aerate Your Lawn?
When… Should You Apply Lime To Your Lawn?
Why are… My Sunflower Leaves Turning Yellow?

Yard Fun

Advice… Wooden Wind Chimes
How to… Anchor A Swing Set
How to… Play Bocce Ball Rules
Why are… Sunflowers So Creepy?

Yard Work

Advice… What is a Good CFM for a Leaf Blower?
How do… Wood Chippers Work?
How to… Build A Backyard Firepit
How to… Build A Backyard Ice Rink
How to… Build A Bird Box
How to… Build A Compost Bin
How to… Build A Fish Pond
How to… Build A Patio Deck
How to… Buy A Lawn Mower
How to… Buy A Leaf Blower
How to… Buy A Riding Mower
How to… Clean A Lawn Mower Air Filter
How to… Fix Your Lawn Mower
How to… Grow Tomatoes in Winter
How to… Lay Garden Paving
How to… Make a Backyard Vineyard
How to… Pave Your Backyard
How to… Replace a Fence Panel
How to… Sharpen A Chainsaw
How to… Sharpen Lawn Mower Blades
How to… Start A Landscaping Business
How to… Store Your Lawn Mower in Winter
How to… Use A Chainsaw
What is… The Difference Between Riding Mowers and Lawn Tractors?
What is… The Most Reliable Lawn Mower Engine?

Growing Food

Advice… Best Fertilizer for Okra
Advice… Easiest Fruit Trees to Grow
Advice… Easiest Vegetables to Grow
Advice… Vegetables That Can Grow In Partial Shade
How to… Grow Carrots From Seed
How to… Grow Mushrooms From Spores
How to… Grow Kale in Containers
How to.. Grow Lima Beans
How to… Start an Organic Garden
The Best… Fertilizer for Squash
The Best… Full Sun Vegetables to Plant in Your Garden
The Best… Plants for Container Gardening
The Best… Vegetables for Container Gardening
What… Herbs Grow Well Together
What… To Plant In Early Summer
When is… The Best Time to Plant Zucchini?

Growing Plants

Advice… Best Time to Plant Foxglove Seeds
Advice… Best Time to Plant Spring Bulbs
Can You… Grow Sunflowers from Edible Sunflower Seeds?
Can You… Feed Sunflowers With Tomato Feed?
Can You… Winter Sow Sunflowers?
How Long… Can Sunflowers Go Without Water?
How to… Grow Lavender From Seeds
How to… Grow Mint From Seed
How to… Grow Roses From Cuttings
Will… Leggy Sunflowers Survive?

Dining and Entertainment

Guide to… Outdoor Heating Systems
How to… Barbecue Right
What is… A Pellet Grill?
The Most Beautiful Gardens In The World

Gardening Skills

Advice… The Best Gardening Apps
Advice… Greenhouse Gardening in the Winter
What is… The Best Grass Seed for Shade?
Best Time… To Plant Bermuda Grass
Does… Sugar Help Plants Grow?
How to… Deal With Calcium Deficiency in Plants
How to… Grow a Bonsai Tree
How to… Revive a Dying Conifer
How to… Press Flowers
How to… Prune Fig Trees
How to… Trim Overgrown Hedges
Why is… My Bermuda Grass Turning Brown?

Nature and Wildlife

Are… Black-Eyed Susans Sunflowers?
Are… Sunflowers Male or Female?
Are… Sunflowers Monocots or Dicots?
Everything… You Wanted to Know About Flowers
How to… Attract Birds With Water
How to… Stop Wasps Eating Sunflower Stems
What do… Sunflowers Smell Like?
What is… The Fastest Growing Grass in the World
Why Are… Sunflowers Planted Around Corn Fields?
Where do… Buttercups Grow?
Will… Ants Kill My Sunflowers?
Will… Clethodim Kill Sunflowers?
Will… Pollenless Sunflowers Produce Seeds?
Will… Treflan Kill Sunflowers?

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