Can You Double Hit in Swingball? (And What Happens If You Do?)

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Swingball is one of the most fun and convenient sports activities you can do for fitness and entertainment. 

It is similar to tennis but just less intense. 

You also don’t need a full court to play swingball, just enough space for the equipment and a good swing. 

In fact, you can play swingball indoors too. 

Just like tennis, swingball improves upper-body strength and hand-eye coordination. 

But what is the swingball rule on double hitting?

Let’s find out. 

Double hitting, which is the process of hitting the ball with your racquet in succession, is not allowed in swingball. You will get a penalty if you double hit the ball. The rule is for the player to hit the ball once as it wraps around the pole. However, if the ball hits the pole, then the player can hit the ball again. In this circumstance, it is no longer considered a double hit. 

What Is a Double Hit?

A double hit is a common term in sports where the athlete hits the ball twice in a row.

It is usually not allowed. 

Many sports use the term double hit. 

The following are just some of the examples:


Person hitting volleyball

A double hit in volleyball is when the player hits the ball twice or when it makes contact with any of their body parts twice, which is also referred to as double contact. 

As long as the ball comes in contact with any part of the player’s body twice in a row, volley or not, the second hit is an illegal hit. 

The only exception to the rule is when the first hit is considered a block and the ball just happened to fall on the player’s court so they hit it a second time but as a volley. 


A double hit happens in golf, too, which is considered quite embarrassing. 

It’s hard to imagine, right?

Here’s the scenario: You hit the ball but then it is right in the path of your follow through and you happen to hit it again. 

In most cases, it is obviously an accident. 

In golf, a double hit doesn’t give you an advantage; it is usually a toss-up. 

Sometimes, the double hit is an advantage; but oftentimes, it is a disadvantage. 

So, it is not considered an illegal hit and you won’t get a penalty. 


It happens in baseball too. 

It is similar to what happens in golf where the batter hits the ball and it just happens to be in the way during the completion of the hit. 

The umpire ultimately decides if it was intentional or not. 

If the batter intentionally hits it twice, the batter is out. 

If the umpire reckons it wasn’t intentional, they can decide whether the ball is foul, dead, or out. 

Now, what about swingball?

Can You Do It in Swingball?

Just like in most sports, a double hit is not allowed in swingball. 

A player should only hit the ball once every time it wraps around the pole. 

What happens if you do a double hit?

The play will be stopped and the tether will be wrapped around the pole when the violation happened. 

The ball will be given to the opponent to start another play or serve. 

There is a special case when a double hit is allowed: When the player hits the ball and it hits the pole and the same player hits it the second time around. 

It’s not necessarily a double hit since the bats were not consecutive. 

What About Double Hitting in Tennis?

As you know, swingball and tennis have similarities

Does it mean that the double-hitting rule in swingball is the same for tennis?


A tennis player cannot hit the ball twice on their side of the court. 

The double hit or double touch is also called when you didn’t hit the ball on the first stroke but did it on the second. 

In that case, the player on the other side doesn’t have to hit the ball or the umpire can call it a double hit, which is illegal. 

In a doubles match, a double touch can also be called when one person fails to hit the ball and then the partner rescues and successfully hits it. 

It is only acceptable for the ball to have double contact during one continuous motion. 

The same rule is applied in almost all sports that are similar to tennis (games that use racquets and balls):

  • Table tennis
  • Squash
  • Padel tennis
  • Pickleball

Final Thoughts

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There you have it, you cannot do a double hit in swingball. 

Or in some other sports for that matter. 

Since tennis and swingball are similar in so many ways, they are great exercise activities and help you develop your upper-body strength, the double-hitting rules are also treated the same. 

The next time you play swingball or tennis, make sure you make the shot in just one hit!

As Kenny Rogers said, “All you need is one.” 

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