Why Do You Knot Daffodils? (Revealed)

Knotted daffodils

Have you ever walked past someone’s garden and seen their daffodils neatly tied together or folded over? If you have you might have had the urge to ask them ‘why do you knot daffodils?’ It was a tradition that was once very popular but now isn’t as much so. But …

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Are Daffodils Gymnosperms? (Explained)

daffodils in bloom

The question ‘are daffodils gymnosperms’? is one that has more of a scientific use that a horticultural one. But… Answering it still helps us understand some of the plants and trees we see every day and allows us to distinguish between them more easily. So if you want to learn …

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Are Daffodils Heliotropic? (Explained)

Daffodils in sun

Are daffodils heliotropic? It is actually a really sensible question when you think about it. There are some plants we know for sure are heliotropic, sunflowers probably being the most obvious example, but what about their cheery yellow friends, daffodils? There is some science in the answer to this and …

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Can Daffodils Change Color? (Revealed)

Yellow and white daffodil

Whilst the golden yellow daffodil is synonymous with spring, its cheerful blooms also come in a number of other colors. You can find white, pink and orange daffodils in all kinds of intensities and shades. But can daffodils change color? That is what we are going to look at in …

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Can Birds Spread Daffodils? (Solved)

Sparrow on chair

Can birds spread daffodils?  It is certainly one of the more unusual questions I have heard asked in the past few months, but it is definitely worthy of an answer. And it is an answer that might surprise you. You might think you know exactly how daffodils spread, and you …

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