What To Do With Old Sandpit Sand? (5 Ways To Get Rid Of It)

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Sandpit sand is not forever. 

But I can’t blame you if you think that it is. 

Beach sand, after all, is forever. 

However, you have to consider how unsanitary it is. 

And unsanitary sand in a small space like a sandpit that children frequent is just a BIG NO

In this article, we will discuss when you should get rid of sand in your sandpit and what to do with it. 

There are several ways to get rid of sand when it has become too dirty for the sandpit. You can send it to the landfill through the proper channels. For convenience, you may also add sand to your compost, use it to level your pavers, or add it as a construction material for minor structural activities. And if you live in snowy areas, the sand is a great material to spread onto icy driveways and provide grip to your vehicle. 

How Long Can You Keep a Sandpit?

Sand in play areas must be changed regularly. 

Experts say that sandpit sand must be changed at least every year. 

But if the sandpit has become very dirty from overuse, then you should change it without waiting for the standard one-year period. 

The sandpit gets dirty over time. 


Animals May Visit the Sandpit

Uncovered sandpits could get contaminated by animal manure or urine from stray dogs, cats, or birds flying overhead. 

Or it could be squirrels or rats or any other animal that just happens to pass by the area. 

Contamination From Germs Outside the Sandpit

Look, children are extremely cute. 

However, they could also be quite dirty. 

They could step on all types of dirt or hold dirty items and then go in and out of the sandpit with all these germs and no care in the world. 

As parents, it’s quite an unnerving thought, which adds to the reason why sand has to be changed regularly. 

Dirt Carried By Wind

Aside from dirt that children carry into the sandpit, the wind may do the same thing. 

The wind could carry the most innocuous dirt or the largest plastic bag. 

It’s another reason why you need to cover the sandpit. 

Now that you know it’s important to change the sand in the sandpit regularly, what should you do with the old sand?

We have some tips. 

What To Do With Old Sandpit Sand

You can’t just throw your old sandpit sand in the garbage. 

There is a proper way to dispose of it. 

Here are some tips on what to do with old sandpit sand:

1. Send It to the Landfill Through the Proper Channels

Contact your local government on how to dispose of the sand. 

Some governments offer pickup services. 

In some cases, you may also contact a waste disposal service, which will handle the dumping of the sand. 

2. Use It as Construction Material

Sand can be used as a construction material because it adds stability to a building. 

However, most construction activities would need specific types of sand. 

Dirty sand may not be ideal for proper construction but it is good enough for minor home construction needs. 

For example, you can use the sand in the construction of pathways, small boundary fences, and landscaping. 

3. Use as a Leveler for Paver

Children in sandpit

For example, if you have uneven pavers, you could easily recycle the sandpit sand as a material to align the ground where you place the pavers. 

First, remove the pavers. 

Second, fill the uneven areas. 

Third, put back the pavers. 

4. Add to Compost

Sand can be a great addition to a compost. 

Simply add the sand to your compost; there must be equal parts compost and sand. 

The mixture can be great for your garden beds. 

Sand also makes good drainage, which is important for the garden. 

5. Apply on Icy Walkways and Driveways

One of the pangs of the winter season is leaving the home whether on wheels or foot. 

Sometimes, the walkway seems impossible to walk on without slipping and the car is difficult to drive out of the driveway because of the slippery ground. 

You can spread a thin layer of sand on the ground and it will provide you with a grip. 

It would be much easier to walk or drive on it. 

Bonus: Use It for Oil Cleanup

While it’s not often you spill oil in the kitchen or the garage,

if you do, sand can significantly help you clean it up. 

Just add sand onto the spillage and it will absorb the oil, making it easier for you to sweep or wipe it off. 

What Do You Do With an Old Sandpit?

Since you’ve gotten rid of your sand, what do you do with the sandpit?

Perhaps the children have outgrown the sandpit. 

You’ve already disposed of the sand but you still have the structure in your yard. 

A sandpit is actually a perfect space for a vegetable garden. 

Since there is already a structure that would isolate the garden, it is easier for you to protect the area from pests. 

You could also make the area stand out easily since it already has a partition. 

What else can you build with an old sandpit?

Or if you don’t want any structure on it, you can easily recycle the materials used in the sandpit for other projects. 

Final Thoughts

INFOGRAPHIC Explaining What to do with old sandpit sand
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Replace the sand in your sandpit regularly because it easily gathers germs and bacteria that may cause infection in children. 

The problem then is the disposal of the sand. 

Dirty or old sand has many uses and you could be creative with it. 

The most important thing to remember is that you can’t just throw sand in the bin. 

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