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Best Leaf Blowers 2019

What is worse than spending all day picking up leaves? Having to do it all again the next day when the next lot come down!

But thanks to the advent of the leaf blower you no longer have to spend your precious time clearing leaves from your yard.

Our look at the Best Leaf Blowers of 2019 will help you pick up the ideal tool for your needs.

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Best Leaf Blowers 2019 – At A Glance List

Below is a quick view of my favorite leaf blowers of 2019. To find out more about them click on the link to take you to the full review.

Best Electric Leaf Blowers



Best For


#1 – WORX Turbine WG520 (Read Review)


♦ Top Choice ♦

  • Your Title Goes Here 97% 97%

#2 – WORX WG506 (Read Review)


Small Yards

  • Your Title Goes Here 94% 94%

#3 – Greenworks 24012 (Read Review)



  • Your Title Goes Here 93% 93%

#4 – Dewalt DWBL700 (Read Review)



  • Your Title Goes Here 91% 91%

#5 – WORX WG518 (Read Review)


Multi Purpose

  • Your Title Goes Here 91% 91%

Best Battery Powered Leaf Blowers



Best For


#1 – Snapper XD SXDBL82 (Read Review)


♦ Top Choice ♦

  • Your Title Goes Here 97% 97%

#2 – Makita XBU02PT1 (Read Review)



  • Your Title Goes Here 94% 94%

#3 – EGO Power+ (Read Review)



  • Your Title Goes Here 92% 92%

#4 – Dewalt DCBL720P1 (Read Review)



  • Your Title Goes Here 90% 90%

#5 – WORX Air WG545.1 (Read Review)


Small Areas

  • Your Title Goes Here 89% 89%

Best Gas Leaf Blowers



Best For


#1 – Husqvarna 580BTS (Read Review)


♦ Top Choice ♦

  • Your Title Goes Here 98% 98%

#2 – Tanaka TRB24EAP (Read Review)



  • Your Title Goes Here 93% 93%

#3 – Echo PB-250LN (Read Review)



  • Your Title Goes Here 91% 91%

#4 – Husqvarna 350BT (Read Review)



  • Your Title Goes Here 89% 89%

#5 – Husqvarna 130BT (Read Review)


Older Users

  • Your Title Goes Here 86% 86%

The Details…

Leaf blowers can make what can be a monotonous and time consuming task somewhat enjoyable and rather than spending an hour raking leaves, your garden could be cleared in a matter of minutes with a leaf blower.


My guide to the best leaf blowers of 2019 will hopefully make your choice a little easier.

At the heart of it all leaf blowers are pretty simple tools – but there are a number of factors you need to consider to make sure you get the best blower for your needs.

How to Choose a Leaf Blower

Gas, Electric or Battery?

The first thing you need to consider is whether you want an electric, gas or battery operated leaf blower.

It is simple:

If you have a large garden and/or lots of stubborn debris to clear then a gas blower is probably going to be your best bet as you are not hindered by a cord and gas blowers are more powerful than battery powered blowers. They can however be heavy and noisy.

Corded blowers are often the cheapest option and are ideal if you don’t have a large yard and don’t mind the slight awkwardness of having an electric cord to contend with. You are restricted though in where you can go with an electric blower.

Cordless blowers are perfect if you have to get to lots of difficult to reach areas. They are simple to use and easy and quick to start up.

But remember:

They too can be expensive and some models are not as powerful as gas or electric blowers. You also have to remember the battery might run out mid session!


Whilst it is easy to look at the MPH a leaf blower offers and think that is all you need to worry about. It isn’t. Cubic Feet Per Minutes (CFM) is the best measure of a blower’s power.

So stick with me here:

With MPH you can change this by varying the size of the tube the air is coming through.

CFM stays the same regardless of the nozzle size and that is why it is best measure of a the power and capacity of a leaf blower.

Bottom line:

The higher the CFM the more power it has to shift debris.


Make a note of the weight of the leaf blower. Also check to see how it is carried.

Here’s the point:

There are some gas blowers that are much heavier than electric or cordless blowers, but because they have a backpack you can slip on to carry them and spread the weight they are often less onerous to use than a much lighter leaf blower that has to be carried in your hand.


If you are getting a battery powered leaf blower have a look at the battery itself – how long does it take to charge? How long will you get out of it on a full charge? And how heavy is the battery itself?


There is no point getting a hugely powerful battery powered blower if you can barely lift it and/or the battery runs out after five minutes!

Vacuum and Mulching Features

Lots of leaf blowers these days come with vacuum and mulching features so you can quickly collect the fallen leaves and turn them into nutritious mulch that is good for your garden.

If you are considering this there are plenty of fantastic leaf blower mulchers out there. 

The good news is:

The video below will give you a few helpful tips on choosing a leaf blower too.

Or for a more comprehensive rundown on the subject I’ve prepared a few ideas of what to look for when you are choosing a leaf blower.

Editor’s Note

Editor's note photoIn the interests of being completely open and honest with my readers please note this page contains several
CHECK EXACT PRICE buttons. Clicking on these buttons takes you to the cheapest online price I have found for that particular item (to be honest usually it is at Amazon, but sometimes it is Walmart or Home Depot). If, after following my link, you then decide to buy the product I make a very small commission.

Clicking on my CHECK EXACT PRICE button DOES NOT affect the price you pay for the item and it takes you to exactly the same page you would get to if you had gone to the Amazon/Walmart/Home Depot website yourself and typed in the product name. The only difference is a tiny percentage of the sale (typically around 4%) goes to this site.

At the end of the day the most important thing to me is you get the best possible item for your needs at the best price – so I hope you do!

The Best Electric Leaf Blowers 2019

#1 WORX Turbine WG520

Price Guide: $$$

Those who want the ultimate electric leaf blower.

Best Leaf Blowers Worx WG520The WORX Turbine WG520 is an absolute powerhouse of an electric leaf blower, it is like a hurricane achieving 600CFM on the top speed (it has two speed settings).

This means it can blow piles of wet leaves from around six feet away and dry leaves from more than ten feet away. I don’t think it can be beaten.

Here’s the kicker:

The power of this is sufficient that when you turn it on it noticeably pushes your arm back – it is somewhat reminiscent of a jet engine.

It is not dissimilar in performance to a decent gas leaf blower, which is a great compliment.

It means clearing your yard of leaves can be done quicker than with practically any other electric blower.

For such a powerful piece of kit it is really small, which means it takes up less space when you want to store it.

It is lightweight, so it isn’t a pain to carry around, and despite being so powerful it is easy to handle.

To top it all off:

You can easily switch from the low to high speed control, the dial is neatly positioned on the on the handle, meaning you can easily flip it with your thumb.

It isn’t overly loud either and it takes a matter of seconds to assemble when you get it – you just have to clip the nozzle on.

Note this WORX model is powerful enough to benefit from a thick (low gauge) extension cord when you are using it for a longer period of time. You do lose a little from the performance with a thinner cord.

It is almost, but not quite perfect:

There really isn’t much to dislike about the WG520 – in a perfect world you would be able to secure your extension cord to the blower in a better manner.

It can come loose, but you can rectify this by holding the cord in your hand that holds the handle or by just looping it around the blower.

The only other thing is that as mentioned earlier the backward pressure on this blower is such that it can make your arm tired more quickly, but I guess that is the price you pay for such a powerful electric leaf blower.


It is lightweight, easy to handle, is incredibly powerful and represents great value for money. Buy it – you won’t regret it!

Voltage – 120V

Power – 12 Amps

Air Speed – 60/110MHP

Air Volume – 320/600CFM

Speed Control – Variable

Weight – 6.4lbs

Three year warranty

  • My Rating 97% 97%


Incredibly powerful

Great price for the performance


Easy to handle

Easy to use


Extension cord could be better secured

So powerful it blows your arm back!

#2 WORX WG506

Price Guide: $$$

Those with smaller yards looking for a top quality budget blower.

Best Leaf Blowers Worx WG506The WORX WG506 is a small lightweight blower, that is easy to use and ideal for a small yard.

So let’s dive in:

For a 7.5amp motor this is a surprisingly powerful piece of kit as well.

The fan is only around 6 inches in diameter and the intake itself about 3 inches, it has two speeds and when you have it on the high speed (which is 160mph) you can really feel the force of it.

What is good is that the fan rotates on a horizontal axis not a vertical axis like most blower fans seem to. So it rotates at 90 degrees to your arm and doesn’t really produce any force that you have to fight to try and balance out.

Sounds impressive right?

The actual blower tube is in two pieces and is really easy to put together and secure. It weighs a little over 4lbs, so is very light, easy to handle and nicely balanced.

It is a fantastic price, is quite robust and well built and does a good job on both dry and wet leaves.

WORX produce quality machinery and this is no different and the price point is fantastic.

Just be aware:

On the downside, if you have a bigger yard and want something ultra powerful this won’t cut the mustard, but for smaller areas it is perfect.

Also you need to get an extension cord for this and it needs to be one that only has a single female plug at the end to plug into a shielded male receptacle. There is a hook to secure the extension cord.

In truth:

The WG506 is a nice, good quality, smaller blower. The blower tube is long enough to give good control and and a decent amount of power.

If you have a large yard it isn’t for you, but if you have a smaller yard and are looking for a reliable budget electric blower this is your best choice.

Voltage – 120V

Power – 7.5 Amps

Air Speed – 130/160MHP

Air Volume – 160CFM

Speed Control – 2 Speed

Weight – 4.4lbs

Three year warranty

  • My Rating 94% 94%


Surprisingly powerful for price

Easy to work


Great price

Well balanced


Probably not appropriate for large yards

Need a specific type of extension cord

#3 Greenworks 24012

Price Guide: $$$

Smaller homeowners who want a great all duty leaf blower for a bargain price.

The Greenworks 24012 falls into the same category as the WORX WG506.

They are both around the same price point and both amazing value for money.

It is actually hard to say one is better than the other and to be honest, buy either and I don’t think you would be disappointed.

Digging a little bit deeper:

Like the WORX WG506 you get a surprising amount of power for the price and for the weight as it is a little over 4lbs. It is also very quiet by any standard. It is compact and stores away easily.

Greenworks have a reputation of making quality and functional products and this is no different. For a small and cheap in price blower it feels surprisingly robust and performs way above its payline.

A word of caution:

On the downside the cord retention system could be better designed it has a safety cord lock, but the extension cord can unplug, so a clamp or something along those lines would be helpful.

Also unlike the WORX WG506 this only has one speed and it would be nice to have at least two.

All in all:

This is perfect for work around the exterior of your home – it can blow leaves, cut grass and dust and you can even use it do things like clean the lawnmower, clear the porch, clear gutters and dry wet clothes.

What is more it is light, well made and you get a four year warranty – all for a bargain price.

Remember that this isn’t an industrial/commercial device, it is a small consumer grade device, don’t have over realistic expectations and you won’t be disappointed. This thing is great.

Voltage – 120V

Power – 7 Amps

Air Speed – 160MHP

Air Volume – 150CFM (all these three correct i think)

Speed Control – 1 Speed

Weight – 4.5lbs

Four year warranty

  • My Rating 93% 93%


Fantastic price

Light weight


Good build quality



Needs clamp for extension cord

Only one speed

#4 Dewalt DWBL700

Price Guide: $$$

Those in the market for an excellently designed, simple to use, classy blower.

Whilst the Dewalt DWBL700 is on the higher end of the price scale for electric blowers you don’t just get a good leaf blower you get much more.

Allow me to explain…

First of all it comes with three different nozzles you can fit.

The standard nozzle is good for general purpose leaf blowing, the flat nozzle concentrates the air and is great for stubborn, hard to move debris and then the small round concentrator nozzle is ideal for crevices and grooves in paving, door tracks, etc, etc.

For what it is worth, putting everything together is really easy.

Here’s the interesting thing:

The main pipe is very slightly bent into an S-shape, presumably to keep the thrust inline with the handle and to help prevent wrist fatigue from fighting against the blower thrust.

The controls are simple – it has a trigger and a trigger lock. Gradually squeezing the trigger allows you to gradually increase the speed.

This means you can adapt the speed to your needs rather than having a simple choice of high and low speed.

If you get to a speed you are happy with you can lock the trigger with a push of thumb and put the blower into cruise control which is another great feature.

Convenient? You bet it is!

Dewalt have also thoughtfully included a cord clamp, this helpfully looks the plug in place and prevents it from being accidentally pulled out.

The DWBL700 also has a stand that keeps it upright if you sit it down, which is great for momentarily taking the weight off your back/arms.

It is powerful too – you certainly won’t be let down on that front. It moves the leaves, dirt, stones, debris and more quickly and easily. Because of the power make sure you have a decent gauge extension cord to use with it.

It isn’t perfect:

Of course it does have some minor faults – it is a bit heavier and the addition of a backpack or shoulder strap to support it would be beneficial. However as mentioned it does have the stand you can set it down on.

Also the motor housing very slightly protrudes into your right leg so you have to hold it slightly in front or behind you.

So it all adds up to this:

But it is more powerful than most electric blowers, intelligently and thoughtfully designed and is built to last.

If you can afford to spend an extra $30/$40 for a few more features and a blower that makes clearing your yard simple and easy then get the DWBL700.

Voltage – 120V

Power – 12 Amps

Air Speed – 145 mph (round nozzle), 189 mph (flat concentrator), 210 mph (1” round concentrator)

Air Volume – 409CFM (round nozzle), 288 CFM (flat concentrator) 82CFM (1” round concentrator)

Speed Control – Variable

Weight – 9.8lbs

Three year warranty

  • My Rating 91% 91%


Simple controls

Intelligent design

Three nozzles to suit your needs

Lots of power

Cruise control feature


Would benefit from a backpack or shoulder strap

Slight issue with motor housing protruding

#5 WORX WG518 Blower/Vac/Mulcher

Price Guide: $$$

Those who want a great blower with the added bonus of a good mulcher.

Best Leaf Blowers - Worx WG518The WORX WG518 earned a place in my list of Best Leaf Mulchers, for its excellent mulching function and in the review I made mention of the fact its blower functionality is good too.

I lied!

Or at least underplayed it as the blower functionality is actually very good. It comes with a special concentrator nozzle that can be easily fitted to help drive out debris from hard to reach areas.

Although generally, even without fitting the nozzle, the power is really concentrated and the fact this model can so easily shift debris from tough spots earns it the final place on my list.

More than that:

It has two speed settings, the top being an impressive 250mph and it comes with leaf collection bag to fit when mulching.

The mulcher functionality is an added bonus, but a really good one – with a 16:1 mulch ratio and switching between leaf blowing and leaf vacuuming/mulching is incredibly easy.

It is solidly built and easy to maneuver too.


The faults are that the pipe that connects to the body isn’t 100% secure all the time and it has a slightly unbalanced feeling.

Not overly so, but enough to make it occasionally feel like it is wobbling from side-to-side when you have it in your hand.

In a nutshell:

This is a great blower, lightweight, powerful, smooth running and you get the added bonus of a mulcher too!

Voltage – 120V

Power – 12 Amps

Air Speed – 250mph

Air Volume – 400CFM

Speed Control – 2 Speed

Weight – 7.5lbs

Three year warranty

  • My Rating 91% 91%


Great blower

Great mulcher

Good at shifting stubborn debris

Easy to use

Well built


Extension pipe could be more secure

Slightly unbalanced

The Best Battery Leaf Blowers 2019

#1 Snapper XD SXDBL82

Price Guide: $$$

Those who want a fantastic cordless leaf blower at a good price.

Best Leaf Blowers Snapper XD SXDBL82For the price and what it does the Snapper XD SXDBL82 is, for me, head and shoulders above every other battery powered leaf blower.

You may wonder why I say this:

For a start is is incredibly powerful for a battery powered blower. It achieves a whopping 550CFM airflow wise and a top air speed of 132mph and is more powerful than most electric blowers.

You get a good run time out of it as well – 40 minutes on a full charge which outperforms most battery blowers.

It also charges quickly – a 2Ah battery charges in 30 minutes and a 4Ah battery in 60 minutes, which is fantastic.

Best of all:

Because of the design, even with the battery onboard this Snapper doesn’t feel heavy as it is so well balanced.

The weight it does have is situated at the back of the blower and this helps stabilize it whilst at the same time making it easy for you to control the machine.

Speed is adjusted by easing on or off the trigger and it has a cruise control function, simply flick the lever and lock the power and you can take your finger off the trigger.

One simple thing that shows the thought Snapper have put into the design and build of this blower is the metal guard at the rim – it prevents the plastic from wearing down and seems like a sensible thing to add, yet this is one of the only leaf blowers that has such a feature.


It is hard to find any to be honest – the battery and charges are fairly expensive, and you need to buy the batteries and charges separately, so this is a slight trade off.

Also a lot of the cladding is plastic, but it still seems durable.

Let’s recap:

In reality this is the king of battery powered leaf blowers, it is a top quality cordless leaf blower with lots of power and a great battery life. Everything about it oozes quality.

Max Voltage – 82V

Charge Time – With 2Ah 30 mins, with 4Ah 60 mins

Run Time – 40 minutes

Air Speed – 130mph

Air Volume – 550CFM (at handle output)

Speed Control – Variable

Weight – With 2Ah – 8.38lbs. With 4Ah – 10.57lbs

Three year warranty

  • My Rating 97% 97%


Amazingly powerful

Good battery life

Charges quickly

Well balanced so feels light

Variable speed and cruise control


Batteries are quite expensive

Mainly plastic (but still durable)

#2 Makita XBU02PT1

Price Guide: $$$

Those looking for a reputable brand, solid design and great performance.

Best Leaf Blowers - Makita XBU02PT1Makita have a reputation for making impressive pieces of kit and the Makita XBU02PT1 is no different. This is well built and a dream to use in terms of both design and performance.

So what’s the secret?

It feels really comfortable and this is because Makita have put a lot of thought into the placement of the fan – in line with, but very slightly below, the nozzle point.

This really reduces the kickback you typically might get from such a powerful blower, and it is smooth – you feel no vibrations whatsoever.

This has six speeds – which are easily adjustable with your thumb when you use it.

You know what is great?

On the very top speed you probably get 15 minutes use out of it, but this kicks out so much power using setting 4 or 5 is perfectly adequate for leaf clearing unless you are really trying to get at the most stubborn of debris.

At that level you get a decent at least 30 minutes of power, probably more, out of this thing. It charges really quickly too less than 30 minutes with a 2Ah battery.


As mentioned above this is one powerful blower! If are like me you might even find the top speed a bit too much to handle, you almost feel like you will take off! But even at the top speed it is really quiet.

It has a squeeze sensitive trigger that can also be locked, cruise control style, to keep the blower going and Makita have phase-change cell wraps that keep the battery cells cool, during use and during charging, no matter what the load is on them.

A word of caution:

On the down side it might look slightly expensive, but you have to remember you get the tool, two batteries and a dual port charger for the batteries, so all in all it is a pretty good deal.

Also the plastic tube on the end seems a little cheap, but it does serve its purpose.

In essence:

I reckon this thing would be an excellent buy for pretty much anyone looking for a cordless leaf blower.

It is quiet, light, made to the highest standard and phenomenally powerful especially on the top setting.

Max Voltage – 2x 18V LXT battery

Charge Time – With 2Ah 25 mins, with 3Ah 30 mins, 4Ah – 40 mins, 5Ah – 45 mins

Run Time – 28 minutes

Air Speed – 120mph

Air Volume – 473CFM

Speed Control – Six

Weight – 9.9lbs

Three year warranty

  • My Rating 94% 94%


Great design

Six speeds

Like a hurricane!

Really quiet

Very light


Slightly expensive (but you do get two batteries and a charge!)

Plastic main nozzle

#3 EGO Power+

Price Guide: $$$

Those with existing EGO units who want a high quality leaf blower

Best Leaf Blowers - EGO Power+Such is the standard of cordless leaf blowers these days that manufacturers are looking for every little thing to give them an advantage over their rivals.

The EGO Power+ is a fantastic leaf blower in its own right, but what is really great is if you have bought any other EGO+ product such as a trimmer or a mower, then you can just swap the batteries between them which really gives you excellent value for money.

So let’s start from the beginning:

You can see right from the start that this is a good piece of kit – it is so simple to set up.

Just take it out of the box, attach the nozzle to the base and then plug in the battery charger and let the battery charge for 15 to 20 minutes.

When it is charged the multicolored light display will let you know and the the charging system will also shut down so you don’t cook the battery anymore than need be!

When it is ready to go the EGO Power+ has a high and a low switch control. This comes in handy to control the leaf blowing.

This is the best part:

You will also notice a green button on the top that says Turbo. This is much like switching the unit to warp speed number 9!

Press the button and it feels like you will take off such is the power! The top end cordless blowers perform almost like electric or even gas blowers now and this is no different, it is very powerful.

The blower exhaust tube stands out a bit from other similar blowers as it has a large and wide airflow pipe, no tapering like many units have.

It really utilises the power and capabilities of the device – allowing a great flow of air from the unit and meaning you can really get at the more stubborn debris.

Now hang on:

If you use this on Turbo mode only you get about ten minutes out of it. But so strong is the Turbo mode you won’t need it on that for long.

You get a good hours use out of it on the lower mode which is a great return.

It is light and easy to move, charges quickly and you get a five year warranty on the blower and a three year warranty on the battery which is quite exceptional.

EGO+ have a reputation for excellent customer service too, which should give you peace of mind if you buy it.

But beware:

Of course there are a couple of grumbles. Ergonomically it could have been designed better – the handle isn’t 100% comfortable and it soon makes your dominant hand ache.

Also as mentioned before whilst you won’t need to use the turbo setting much it does run down the battery pretty quickly.

But the bottom line is:

It is a good reliable blower that performs exceptionally and if you already have an EGO+ unit, it could be perfect for you as the batteries are interchangeable.

Max Voltage/Battery – 56V Lithium Ion Battery

Charge Time – With 2Ah 40 mins

Run Time – Low – 60 minutes. High – 18 minutes. Turbo – 10 minutes

Air Speed – 92mph

Air Volume -250CFM/385CFM/480CFM

Speed Control – Three

Weight – 8.9lbs

Five year tool warranty. Three year battery warranty

  • My Rating 92% 92%


Interchangeable batteries

Really easy to set up

Turbo speed is strong!

Intelligent design

Great warranty


Slightly uncomfortable on the dominant hand

Turbo mode runs down the battery

#4 Dewalt DCBL720P1

Price Guide: $$$

Those in the market for a budget cordless blower.

Best Leaf Blowers - Dewalt DCBL720So before I go into too much detail on the Dewalt DCBL720P1 I first of all want to say it is in the top bracket of cordless blowers – it performs fantastically.

More than that:

I also want to say the price is fantastic because you get a charger and a 5Ah battery with it.

When you consider how much it would cost to buy a charger and a battery separately, it means you are getting a top quality leaf blower for next to nothing!

One of the first things you will notice is the instant-on trigger, a gentle squeeze of which gets the Dewalt going.

Stick with me here:

It is easy to use and effective. Increase the pressure on the trigger and increase the speed.

The blow tube for this Dewalt is pretty wide – so you get a large column of air that makes it easy to shift leaves in your garden.

It also has a stand so you can have a rest and set it down when necessary, it sits flat and stable and is also easy to carry and move around.

Beyond that:

Like the EGO+, the batteries are interchangeable, so you can swap them between other Dewalt devices.

It has a lock to hold the throttle at the speed you want and the battery is really well protected inside the base.

You get around 10 to 12 minutes run time on top speed and up to 30 minutes run time on the lower speed. It is also lightweight and really quiet, so it has a lot going for it.

But first a warning:

However the air tube has an opening that is almost 3 and a half inches, which does mean it lacks the ability to pinpoint air pressure.

But it does still register an impressive 400CFM and the column of air it emits is enough to move pretty much anything!

Also the charge on the battery does run down pretty quickly. It might well be worth you getting a second battery.

Let’s rewind and:

This is a great blower for removing small to medium amounts of debris, it is sturdy, but not heavy and easy to operate and for the price you get a great leaf blower, battery and charger. You really can’t go wrong.

Max Voltage/Battery – 20V Lithium Ion 5.0ah

Charge Time – 30 minutes

Run Time – 30 minutes

Air Speed – 90mph

Air Volume – 400CFM

Speed Control – Variable

Weight – 7.1lbs

Five year tool warranty. Three year battery warranty

  • My Rating 90% 90%


Amazing price for what you get

Lovely variable speed control

Produces a lot of air

Interchangeable batteries

Cruise control


Not able to pin point air pressure

Battery runs down fairly quickly

#5 WORX Air WG545.1

Price Guide: $$$

Those on a budget who want a great blower for doing quick jobs in smaller areas.

Best Leaf Blowers - Worx Air WG545The WORX Air WG545.1 comes with a whole host of accessories, which is quite remarkable considering the price you pay!

Look at it this way:

You get eight attachments with it. As well as the standard long tube you get: a wide nozzle, a dust brush, an extension hose and clip, a short tube, a details brush, an inflator nozzle, a deflation cover and a dust tube.

Not only that you also get a 20V MaxLithium battery and a charger for the battery!

It is incredibly lightweight and nicely designed so it is easy to carry. Whilst you get a battery with it it is also part of the 20V Power Share platform so you can swap batteries with other WORX products in that line.

We need to be realistic:

This isn’t the most powerful blower in the world and the battery only lasts 20 minutes or so, but you have to remember the price you pay for this.

This is not for large scale landscaping jobs, however it is perfect for those living on smaller lots who want something at a very good price to blow grass clippings or leaves off hard surfaces, clean the garage floor – just do a quick tidy up of the patio, etc.

It’s a no brainer:

Manage your expectations and remember what it is and how much you paid and you will not be disappointed. In fact you might be pleasantly surprised.

Max Voltage/Battery – 20V MaxLithium

Charge Time – 3 hours

Run Time – 20 minutes

Air Speed – 120mph

Air Volume – 80CFM

Speed Control – One

Weight – 6.2lbs

Five year tool warranty. Three year battery warranty

  • My Rating 89% 89%


Get eight accessories with it

Amazing price

Very light

Interchangeable batteries with other WORX products

Able to mulch lots without a problem


Battery doesn’t last that long

Not overly powerful

The Best Gas Leaf Blowers 2019

#1 Husqvarna 580BTS 

Price Guide: $$$

Those with larger lots wanting the most powerful and best blower on the market.

Best Leaf Blowers - Husqvarna 580BTSIt is difficult to know here to start when talking about the Husqvarna 580BTS as it has so many good qualities.

However I guess it makes sense to start with what people primarily buy it for – its power, boy is this thing powerful!

If you want something to move a mountain of leaves then the 580BTS is what you want.

Think I am exaggerating?

It comes in a 900+ CFM, making it the most powerful commercial backpack blower on the market. It is in a different league to pretty much every other handheld blower.

If you have a large yard and a lot of debris to clear this will significantly reduce your clear up time – what might take you an hour and a half with a broom can literally be done in a couple of minutes with this thing.

Obviously for such a powerful blower you expect some weight, and this does weigh in at over 25lbs, but it has been so intelligently designed. The harness and waist straps are wide and comfortable and distribute the weight really well.

It gets better:

The addition of a waist strap means you can distribute the weight on your hips rather just your shoulders which makes a big difference.

The clever design is further exemplified by a see through engine, so you can make a decision on whether you need to fill it with fuel before embarking on a leaf blowing session.

The air filter also sits on top of the blower away from dust, which means it has a longer life span.

It has both a pull trigger and a slide trigger. The pull trigger gives you responsive speed control and the slide trigger locks the blower in at a certain speed. It is easy to set up and starts reliably, even with a cold engine.

A word of caution?

There is very little to complain about but it does burn through gas pretty quickly – although that is probably to be expected with a 4.3hp engine, and the manual isn’t the greatest.

But the truth?

This is more expensive but if you have a large yard it will be worth its weight in gold and save you so much time.

What is more if you look after it and keep it properly maintained it will last you a lifetime. It is pretty much the perfect gas blower.

Power Output – 4.3hp

Max Power Speed – 7200rpm

Fuel tank volume – 87.9 fl oz

Fuel consumption – 440g/kwh

Air Speed – 206mph

Air Volume – 908CFM

Speed Control – Variable

Weight – 25.8lbs

Five year tool warranty. Three year battery warranty

  • My Rating 98% 98%


Amazing power

Saves so much time

Very comfortable – you don’t notice the weight

Several great design features

Reliable and easy to start


High fuel intake

Manual could be better

#2 Tanaka TRB24EAP / Hitachi RB24EAP 

Price Guide: $$$

Those looking for a bargain priced quality gas blower

Best Leaf Blowers - Tanaka TRB24EAP**Note that the Tanaka and Hitachi RB24EAP are essentially the same product, with the same spec. In the review I refer to the Tanaka, but it has the same benefits and defects as the Hitachi model**

The Tanaka TRB24EAP is at such a good price point it would be easy to think the performance or design is in someway compromised, but that is definitely not the case.

So let’s get down to business:

It is simple to construct – just put the three sections of hose together, tighten the vacuum door screw add gas/oil mix (50:1), prime the fuel bulb and set the choke and the fire it up.

You will soon realise this is an incredibly reliable blower that generally starts on the first or second pull each time. What is also good is exhaust fumes are minimal and it is pretty quiet for a gas blower.

And another thing:

Whilst this might not have the power of a large backpack blower like the Husqvarna 580BTS it is by no means weak – light duty work can be handled easily and with the unit on full throttle it takes care of heavy, matted leaves with ease.

You certainly won’t feel let down in that respect. In fact for the price the power is amazing.

The build quality is evident and this is recognised by the manufacturer as you get a seven year warranty which is almost unheard of.

It could be improved:

It would benefit from a cruise control option – the ability to lock it in at a certain speed and it doesn’t have that.

Also the air comes out of the unit as such velocity it can be a little hard to control accurately when you have it at full throttle. It isn’t major issue though.

To sum up:

It always starts within the first couple of pulls, it has lots of power, isn’t too noisy, is lightweight and you get a great warranty.

But quite simply you won’t get a better leaf blower in this price range.

Max Blowing Speed – 250 mph

Speeds – two

Mulching Ratio – 16:1

Air volume – 400 cfm

Power – 12 amp

Voltage – 120V

Weight – 8.1lbs

Warranty – two year

Bag Size – 1.5 bushels (14 gallons)

  • My Rating 93% 93%


Reliable starter

Great price

Seven year warranty




No cruise control

Slightly harder to control when on full throttle

#3 Echo PB-250LN

Price Guide: $$$

Those looking for a lightweight blower that is easy to handle

Best Leaf Blowers - Echo PB-250LNThe Echo PB-250LN is a really nice to use leaf blower. What sets it apart from other similar blowers is the fact it is just SO easy to handle!

What is the magic formula?

A lot of it is down to Echo’s ingenious design of the blowing tube, which is curved. Now you may look at it and wonder how that can make such a difference, but what it does is gives you much greater rotational control.

So whereas with most gas blowers especially you might feel a pull when you move your blower side to side, with the PB-250LN you feel in complete control all the time. This means there is less stress on your arm/shoulder as you use it.

The speed controls are neatly positioned too – right next to the carrying handle. You can adjust the throttle with a flip of the finger and set it into cruise control in the same way.

And get this:

It is all so intuitive you can do it without even looking at the controls – meaning you can concentrate fully on the leaf blowing job in hand.

This is also extremely fuel efficient – although if you do get it please remember you should not use Ethanol gas.

Follow the instructions and use 89 octane fuel or better. It is expensive, but as I say this is really fuel efficient and a little gas will go a long way.

This thing is light and it is also easy to start – just a light pull on the card and it starts up. It has enough power to blow dry leaves, wet leaves, pine needles, etc, etc.


As mentioned this does need Ethanol free gas which is harder to find and more expensive – so that is a slight annoyance.

Also whilst this is pretty robust, a lot of the housing is plastic which does wear more quickly.

The bottom line:

If you are looking for a lightweight blower that warms up quickly, is easy to start, easy to handle and does a good job without costing an arm and a leg this is a great option.

Engine Displacement – 25.4cc

Fuel tank volume – 16.9 fl oz

Air Speed – 170mph

Air Volume – 391CFM

Speed Control – Variable

Weight – 9.5lbs

Two year commercial warranty. Five year consumer warranty.

  • My Rating 91% 91%


Really easy to handle

Very fuel efficient

Innovative design

Good price

Easy to start


Mulching bag shreds a little

Plastic housing

#4 Husqvarna 350BT

Price Guide: $$$

Those looking for a good backpack blower they can wear comfortably for an extended period of time.

Best Leaf Blowers - Husqvarna 350BTThe Husqvarna 350BT is ridiculously comfortable for a blower that is 22.5lbs and feels heavy when you pick it up. When you put it on it is a different story though.

Let me explain:

Thanks to the carefully designed harness that is ventilated and a hip belt and wide shoulder straps you could use this for hours on end without feeling any kind of fatigue.

It is simple to assemble thanks to very clear instructions and you can tell the build quality is top class as soon as you start using it.

Even better:

It nearly always starts on the first or second pull and feels nice and smooth when you use it, no vibrations like you might get from other blowers.

Whilst it isn’t the most powerful blower on the market it has enough power to easily clear most hard surfaces at idle and the only time you might need to go past half to three quarter throttle is for more heavy duty jobs such as deep piles of acorns or heavy brush.

Considering it has a 50cc engine it is very quiet and fuel efficient. Note it requires a 50:1 mix and mid-grade gas is recommended.

By contrast:

The only annoyance is that the cruise control is also the engine kill switch so you might (if you are like me) end up turning the engine off unintentionally every now and then!

Also the clamp that holds the control trigger is flimsy and plastic which is quite surprising for such an important connection.

The result?

The 350BT though is incredibly comfortable to use, starts easily, has lots of power, isn’t too loud and doesn’t use too much fuel.

It would do a great job for medium sized yards.

Power Output – 2.1hp

Engine Displacement – 50.2cm 3

Maximum Power Speed – 7500rpm

Fuel Tank Volume – 42.27 fl oz

Air Speed – 180mph

Air Volume – 494.41CFM

Speed Control – Variable

Weight – 22.5lbs

Two year commercial warranty. Five year consumer warranty.

  • My Rating 89% 89%


Ultra comfortable

Nearly always starts first or second time


Easy to assemble

Great power and performance for price


Cruise control switch is also engine kill switch

Control trigger clamp is flimsy

#5 Husqvarna 130BT

Price Guide: $$$

Those who are older or of a slighter build and want a ultra light but powerful blower.

Best Leaf Blowers - Husqvarna 130BTHusqvarna’s take up three of my favourite gas blower spots and for good reason – they are powerful, comfortable and not overly expensive. The Husqvarna 130BT is no different.

A step up from the Husqvarna 125B this would be an ideal gas blower for those of a slighter build or those who are a bit older as it is really light as it is and when you then take into account the ergonomic backpack it is easy to forget you are wearing it!

Reality is:

Powerwise it moves leaves and small branches easily, and it is quiet and smooth to start. For routine work it is ideal – it makes clearing driveways, flowerbeds, gutters, etc, etc almost fun.

The nozzle and handle can be adjusted to fit the operator and you get next to no smoke for a 2-cycle oil-mix motor. It easy to maneuver too.

But note:

The choke switch does feel cheap though and it might not have enough power if you want to do really big jobs – so that is worth bearing in mind.

In essence:

All in all this is a great little backpack blower. For residential use on a property with say an acre or less of grounds it will do a top class job.

Power Output – 1.13hp

Maximum Power Speed – 7500rpm

Displacement – 29.5 cm 3

Fuel Tank Volume – 28.74 fl oz

Air Speed – 145mph

Air Volume – 374CFM

Speed Control – variable

Weight – 14.55lbs

Two year commercial warranty. Five year consumer warranty.

  • My Rating 86% 86%


Great for older or slighter people/builds

Ultra light

Easy to adjust to individual needs

Gives off next to no smoke



Choke switch feels cheap

Might need something more powerful for really big jobs

In Summary

Best Gas Leaf Blower 2019

Undoubtedly the Husqvarna 580BTS. Hugely powerful, fantastically designed and ridiculously easy to start. It is almost perfect.

What Is The Best Gas Leaf Blower For The Money?

It is a close call but the Tanaka TRB24EAP just takes the honors. It is incredibly reasonably priced for such a well made and high performing gas blower. You won’t get better power at this price.

Best Backpack Leaf Blower

Again the Husqvarna 580BTS gets the plaudits. It is quite heavy but the wonderful design of the backpack does a great job of spreading the weight evenly and the waist strap spreads the weight across your hips as well as the back.

Best Electric Leaf Blower

The WORX Turbine WG520 is a hurricane of an electric leaf blower which achieves a massive 600CFM. Despite this the handling is smooth and the power akin to a gas leaf blower.

Best Cordless Leaf Blower

Probably the Snapper XD SXDBL82 – there is lots to like about it, but best of all it keeps its charge really well and doesn’t take long to recharge. It just oozes quality.

I hope you have found this rundown of some of the best leaf blowers of use.

If you do have any questions or are uncertain about anything please feel free to drop me an email and I will do my best to help you.

There are also several fantastic leaf mulchers that double up as leaf blowers and with just a few hints and tips you can pick up a great blower or mulcher.


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  1. Michael Miller

    This was an incredibly thorough review. I had never heard of our thought of CFM when considering a leaf blower. I really like your breakdown to easily compare the different models and types.

    I haven’t had much luck with gas powered machines starting or running correctly. I have used both corded and battery. We have a Green Works Weed Eater thst has been my favorite. I somehow broke a piston on my gas powered on my Hitachi. I love Dewalt products and think I would choose one of those based on your reviews.

    • Steve Mann

      Thanks for your kind words Michael. Yes lots of people think mph is all you need to worry about when selecting a leaf blower but actually CFM is much more important.

      Gas powered machines can sometimes be a bit more hassle in comparison to corded or battery units I must admit. I know of the Greenworks Weed Eater, which like most Greenworks pieces of kit is really reliable. But I am with you on Dewalt too – they are generally really great!

  2. Daniella

    Hi Steve,

    Great review!

    I have plenty of dead leaves in my garden, and I really want to get rid of them. I thought of hiring a gardener, but it’s quite expensive. So I finally decided to buy a leaf blower so that I clean my garden. Since I don’t know anything about leaf blowers, I will pick the best buy because it has the highest rating. The great thing about the Worx Turbine is that is lightweight, which is really important if we don’t want to get tired fast. I just have a question. Does the tree years warranty for the complete tool or only for the spare parts?

    Thank you very much for this excellent post!

    • Steve Mann

      Thanks Daniella – glad you found this useful. The WORX Turbine is a fantastic leaf blower and you definitely will not be disappointed.

      The warranty doesn’t cover parts subject to normal wear and tear. As warranties can be contentious things, probably best you read the warranty itself, which explains what is covered and what isn’t.

      I should add WORX also offer a 30-Day Money Back Guarantee from date of receipt if you decide it isn’t the right blower for you.


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