Best Outdoor Toy Storage Containers: 8 Products That Also Protect Your Children’s Toys

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If you have kids at home, then toys are bound to be scattered everywhere, as in everywhere! A good solution is to keep storage containers both inside and outside the house. The containers are not just for keeping toys, they also protect the toys from the elements.

Check out our list of the best outdoor toy storage containers:

Best Outdoor Toy Storage Containers
At A Glance List

NameStorage capacityRating
#1: Suncast Storage Container & Seat
>>> BEST FOR: ♦ Best Buy ♦
22 gallons97%Check Price
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#2: Little Tikes Play ‘N Store Toy Chest
>>> BEST FOR: Child-friendliness
*Large96%Check Price
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#3: Keter Circa Round Deck Box
>>> BEST FOR: Functionality
37 gallons94%Check Price
Read Review
#4: Suncast Patio Outdoor Storage
>>> BEST FOR: Large spaces
99 gallons92%Check Price
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#5: YardStash YSSB02 Outdoor Storage Deck Box
>>> BEST FOR: Rugged outdoors
*Large91%Check Price
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#6: Keter City Box
>>> BEST FOR: Comfortable seating
30 gallons90%Check Price
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#7: Keter Solana Storage Bench
>>> BEST FOR: Furniture functionality
70 gallons89%Check Price
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#8: Rubbermaid Outdoor Garden Storage Deck Box
>>> BEST FOR: Large toys
75 gallons87%Check Price
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How to Choose an Outdoor Toy Storage Box

Don’t you just hate it when you walk around the yard and step on something? You look at it and it’s just a piece of LEGO or any other small toy or part of a toy lying around the ground. 

If this is not something familiar to you, then that’s probably because you don’t have kids. 

On the other hand

Parents know this situation all too well. 

When you have kids, you will find toys or toy parts in the most unlikely places. It’s quite surprising seeing toys in the garden–eventually, you just expect it. 


For parents, this is just how it is. But you can always mitigate the situation by teaching children to keep their toys at all times. 

It would be very helpful if you have a nice outdoor toy storage container to make it easier for the kids. 

Don’t expect zero toys around

Kids will always be messy. But at least, there won’t be a bunch of toys lying around when you have a box to keep most of it. 

You never want to look at a mess. 

But it’s more than that

You also want to prevent accidents. Imagine having a toy car lying around and somebody just happens to step on it. 

Those Hot Wheels are pretty small. 


The storage container is also a means to protect the toys from the elements. If the toys are just lying around the yard, the heat of the sun and the rain would damage them. 

A combination of rain and sun is even worse. 

In a way

A storage box will help save you money on new toys as it protects the old one. 

So, what are the things to consider when buying a storage container?


This is quite obvious. You want the storage container to be big enough to store the toys that end up outdoors. 

It should also be based on the size of your yard. 

How big is your yard?

If you have a large yard, then you can have a large storage box or two. A large storage box for a small yard would seem like an obstruction. 

Talking of size

You also want something that the wind will not blow away. The container has to be sturdy so that even if it’s empty, it won’t move from its location. 


You want a material that wouldn’t be discolored while being under the sun for too long. You also want something that is impervious to rain. 

An outdoor container, just like most outdoor furniture, should be able to withstand various weather conditions. 


In the grand scheme of things, this is not really that important. However, one of the reasons for having a container is so that you will be able to keep the eyesore out of the yard.

Now, if you have a storage box with a color that doesn’t belong in the yard, then it’s tantamount to having another eyesore. 

Does it double as a piece of furniture?

Yes, we are looking for a toy container here. However, some of these containers double as a table or as a bench. 

That would be quite amazing, don’t you think? It’s hitting two birds with one stone. It saves you money, too. 

toy container

What Makes a Good Storage Box?

Why can’t you just use a regular cardboard box to store toys? Well, duh. The toys will get soaked when it’s raining. 

The box will be damaged, too. 

In other words

You need to invest in a good, strong box to keep the toys and protect them from the elements, too. 

Here are the important characteristics of a good outdoor toy storage box:

Made from all-weather material

Just like outdoor furniture, the outdoor storage box should also be made of a material or materials that can withstand all weather conditions. 

The toys should stay dry during rainy days and the colors shouldn’t be affected when it’s too hot outside. 


Of course, it should be sturdy. You don’t want it to be damaged right away. And you definitely want it to remain standing in its place even when it’s very windy out. 


And if you have a choice, find something pleasant to look at. It doesn’t have to be gorgeous, you don’t need it to be the belle of the ball (or the backyard for that matter). 

You just need something that’s not ugly. You need a storage box to keep the mess, you don’t want it to add to the mass. 

You know what?

Having an outdoor toy storage container is actually a chance for you to teach kids about keeping their toys. 

Don’t keep the toys yourself. Do it with your child. Eventually, allow the kids to clear up the mess themselves.

Editor’s Note


I hope you love the products that I recommend here! Just so you know, I work with Amazon and other affiliate partners and may be compensated from the links below.

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The Best Outdoor Toy Storage Containers

#1 Suncast Storage Container & Seat

Keeping the toys dry

Product Spec

Dimensions: 17.5 x 22.5 x 22.5 inches
Storage capacity: 22 gallons
Material: Polyresin
Color: Mocha
Weight: 13.42 lbs

Suncast toy container

The Suncast container is a two-in-one product. It is mainly a container but can also be used as a single chair when it is closed. 

It was mostly designed for patio use. The container is meant to store cushions.

Let me explain:

Cushions make chairs more comfortable, right? But when you have cushions in patio chairs, they might get wet from rain. 

That’s why you should be keeping them in containers when you are experiencing wet weather. 


This container can also be used to store some toys. In fact, you could also put tools in there if you don’t have kids. 

There are so many things you can put inside this storage container. With that said, there are also so many places you can put this container. 

While originally intended for the patio, you can also use this indoors or in the garage or even in your garden. 

It’s great for outdoor use

This product is made of plastic–polyresin to be more specific. That is an all-weather material. 

The most important thing about an outdoor container is that the items being stored inside will not be wet when it pours. 

You got that right!

But it’s also a great material when it’s hot out. This mocha container will not turn into a cream-colored product even after a lengthy exposure to sunlight. 

Speaking of color, since it’s a neutral tone, it doesn’t matter where you put this container-cum-chair. It wouldn’t distract the theme, if you are fussy about such things. 

The product may look simple, but it’s actually beautiful in its simplicity. 

Just to add to its many benefits:

This product is also very easy to clean. 

Here’s something terrible:

Mice just love to make this container a home. I don’t get it. But if you have a mice problem, you might want to do something so that they won’t nest inside the box. 

At least, that’s a problem with a solution. You can just use some mice-prevention products. 


It’s really small! However, we will not consider that as a con because the choice to buy a small container is really up to the shopper. 

All in all

If you have a need for a small container, this is the way to go. It’s really functional and it keeps your children’s toys dry even amidst a heavy rainstorm.



  • A storage container that doubles as a chair
  • Can be used indoors, too
  • Made of all-weather material
  • Color won’t fade
  • Neutral color to make it fit anywhere
  • Simply beautiful
  • Easy to clean


  • Favorite nesting place for mice
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#2 Little Tikes Play ‘N Store Toy Chest

Those looking for something child-friendly

Product Spec

Dimensions: 20 x 30.5 x 18 inches
Storage capacity: *Large
Material: Plastic
Color: White and blue
Weight: 6 lbs

Little Tikes toy container

Little Tikes is a popular maker of children’s toys. It makes sense that they will also manufacture a storage box. 

The Little Tikes Play ‘N Store Toy Chest is certainly made of kids. You just look at it and you know that it is meant to be pleasing among children. 

It’s certainly attractive

The blue and white colors certainly make for an attractive storage box. 

The storage container is also really intended for toys. It’s not a generic container where you can also put your toys in. 

Even the shape of the toy chest makes it perfect for the different types of toys children are sure to own. 

Another thing:

It’s quite large. While Little Tikes doesn’t mention the storage capacity, judging by its dimensions: 20 by 30.5 by 18 inches, you know that it can store a lot of toys. 

Even if you have just one kid, you are sure to accumulate so many toys because children get easily bored with just one type of trinket. 

Now, if you have more than one child, then this chest is going to be just fine. 


It’s a lightweight container. You can easily transfer it from one place to another without breaking your back. 

And, it comes fully assembled. You don’t need to figure out how to put things together. 

Now, here’s the deal:

This is actually made for children to keep their toys in. Ideally, this chest is for the bedroom. But since it’s made of plastic, you can also put it outside if you want to.

That’s exactly why this made it into our list.  

It also has a detachable lid. 

There’s a practical reason:

It’s hard to keep the lid in the upright position. There’s a chance that it will close on your child’s fingers. 

So, you can just remove the lid when the kids are still playing. 

Another common complaint:

For the loyal customers of Little Tikes, this product is just not as it was over a decade ago. For example, there seems to be only one layer of plastic on this thing. 

Whereas the old one, you get a layer inside and outside.

To conclude

There’s a reason why Little Tikes have been in the business of manufacturing toys for decades. The brand certainly knows how to make toys and that holds true for toy containers as well. 

This is a functional container that was designed for children.



  • Specifically made for children’s toys / kids
  • Attractive
  • Large capacity
  • Lightweight
  • Fully assembled
  • Detachable lid


  • Lid doesn’t stay upright
  • Not as good as the old Little Tikes chest
Check availability

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#3 Keter Circa Round Deck Box


Product Spec

Dimensions: 27.4 x 27.4 x 17.1 inches
Storage capacity: 37 gallons 
Material: Resin
Color: Brown
Weight: 15.5 lbs

Keter Circa toy container

Is it a storage container? Or is it a table? Turns out, the Keter Circa Round Deck Box is both! 

Oh wait! It can be a chair, too!

It’s perfect for the patio or any other outdoor space where you usually hang out with the kids. 


You can put things on it and inside it. Very interesting indeed!

You can take out the toys when the children are playing. Then you can put back the cover so you can put some snacks on it. 

Versatile should be its middle name

When it’s acting as a low table outdoors, people wouldn’t suspect that it’s actually a storage box as well because it just looks like a table–a beautiful table. 

It’s round, too. So it’s not like the regular container-cum-furniture out there. 

More importantly

It has a storage capacity of 37 gallons. That’s more than enough to keep the usual outdoor toys that your children leave behind. 

It looks like it’s made of wood from afar, but it’s actually resin. 

This way

Water won’t penetrate the interiors when it’s raining. The material will not rust and won’t peel either. It’s not going to make a dent, too. 

This product is strong and durable. In fact, when used as a chair, it could accommodate someone that is over 308 pounds. 

You read that right!

While it can withstand such weight, it’s not that heavy at 15.5 lbs. It comes with built-in handles for easy transfer from one place to the next. 

The downside?

You need to assemble this though. It’s not that difficult to put together. Still, wouldn’t it be better if we don’t have to set it up ourselves?

Also, some parts contain excess plastic that you would have to cut. 

In a nutshell

This is a great outdoor toy storage container. However, you will need the patience to put it up while also doing some cutting in order to make everything fit. 

But it will be worth it considering the three-in-one function of this container.



  • 3-in-1 product
  • Beautiful
  • Big-enough storage capacity
  • All-weather material
  • Durable
  • Comes with built-in handles, too


  • Assembly is required
  • Some parts come with excess plastic
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#4 Suncast Patio Outdoor Storage

Large spaces

Product Spec

Dimensions: 50 x 25.2 x 25.2 inches
Storage capacity: 99 gallons
Material: Resin
Color: Mocha
Weight: 32 lbs
PRICE: $$$

Suncast toy container

If you have a large patio or a large outdoor space, then this Suncast Patio Outdoor Storage is exactly what you need. It has a storage capacity of 99 gallons, this is the biggest in our list.

That’s a lot!

You can put a lot of toys in there. So, if you have multiple children and you are expecting dozens of toys to be scattered around when everybody is outside, then this container is going to be your best friend. 

It’s made of resin, which will protect your children’s toys from heavy downpour. It is also fade-resistant. 

By the way

This is not just a toy storage box. You can actually put gardening tools in them or sports equipment or even grilling materials. 

Or you can have it near your pool and store some towels in there. The product also prevents mildew from forming. 

So many ways to use it

This is just a really versatile product. You can even use it indoors. 

Not to mention, it’s also quite pleasant to look at. It’s actually quite stylish. 

But this is more important:

It’s durable, too.

You know what else? The brand actually gives you a five-year limited warranty on this product. 

Quite amazing, right?

That’s how confident the brand is with the product. The warranty is also necessary considering that for a storage container, this isn’t exactly that affordable. 

What’s the downside?

The assembly! Some products are worth assembling, but this doesn’t even come with instructions. It’s time-consuming, too. 

Even worse, the opening near the handles allow the entry of bugs and spiders. They love to invade the space and they might just give your children a scare. 

To conclude

If you really have a lot of toys to store, this is a good deal. It’s not that cheap but it’s also worth it when you can protect your toys from fading from too much sun exposure, and prevent the toys from getting wet.



  • Large storage capacity
  • Made from all-weather resin
  • Versatile
  • Stylish
  • Durable
  • 5-year limited warranty


  • Difficult to assemble without instructions
  • Bugs love to invade the box
Check availability

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#5 YardStash YSSB02 Outdoor Storage Deck Box

Rugged outdoors

Product Spec

Dimensions: 31 x 25 x 28 inches
Storage capacity: *Large
Material: Vinyl tarpaulin
Color: Green
Weight: 11 lbs
PRICE: $$$

YardStash toy container

It’s made of camping material, which is why it’s actually also great for camping. But since we are talking about outdoor toy storage, we will focus on that first. 

The YardStash YSSB02 is a great outdoor storage container because of its sturdy material. 

What is it?

It’s made of heavy-grade vinyl tarpaulin. At first glance, you wouldn’t think it’s an outdoor product considering that it looks like it’s a regular cloth product. 

However, if you have the eye for details, you would notice that it’s made of weatherproof tarp. 

The advantages:

This vinyl tarpaulin will keep the toys (or other products) dry even during heavy rains. In fact, this is a great outdoor storage when you want to go camping for days and you want to keep your things dry at all times. 

It’s not going to collapse because it comes with strong metal poles, too. 

Also, kids have a tendency to be really rough. At least, the product is really durable.

The best part

This is a really compact storage container. Most storage boxes are bulky, but this isn’t. It’s quite light, too. 

If you have too many things, the product has adjustable straps to accommodate all the toys messing up your outdoor space. 


Just like a tent, you need to set this product up, too. You have to assemble the product before you can actually use it. 

It would also be simpler if there are two people involved in the assembly process. 

Is it perfect?

Absolutely not! While the toys and other products will be protected from the rain or heat, it cannot be protected from moisture. 

Yep, moisture penetrates the vinyl tarp. 

You know what else penetrates?

Spiders! For other things, this would be perfect. But since we are looking at the best outdoor toy storage containers, the spiders are a no-no. 

You wouldn’t want the kids to freak out while getting their toys.

All in all

It’s a great product that could protect the toys from rainwater and fading from too much sun exposure. It’s not a great protection against spiders, though. 

At least, there’s a go-around. You can just spray some anti-bug products outside the box and you are good to go!



  • Really perfect for camping
  • Made of sturdy material
  • All-weather product
  • Compact
  • Adjustable straps


  • Assembly is necessary
  • Moisture penetrates the material
  • Spiders may go in
Check availability

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#6 Keter City Box

Comfortable seating

Product Spec

Dimensions: 22.75 x 17.3 x 21.7 inches
Storage capacity: 30 gallons
Material: Resin
Color: Brown
Weight: 8.98 lbs

KEter City toy container

Is it wood? Or is it made of plastic?

The Keter City Box looks like it’s made of wood, but it’s actually resin. 

As such

Resin is known as an all-weather material. This way, the toys–or whatever items you intend to keep in this storage box, will stay dry no matter how hard it rains. 

They will also be protected from the heat of the sun, which may cause fading. Not only that, the container itself is not going to fade no matter how long it is exposed to the sun. 

You know

This product is really good for the outdoors. You can put it on the patio and aside from using it as a storage container, it can also be a piece of furniture. 

That’s right! This storage box can be used as a chair. It’s actually quite comfortable and could accommodate someone with a maximum weight of 220 pounds. 

Yes, it’s that strong!

In fact, two light people can sit on it, too. As long as both individuals total 220 pounds. 

The product is also easy to move around as it comes with built-in handles. This way, you can move it from the patio to the pool area or to the garage. 

It’s quite versatile

This is another storage container that needs assembly. Unlike others, this one is truly easy to assemble with instructions that are so easy to follow.  


The storage capacity is quite deceiving. I say this because the lid causes the opening of the box to be smaller than it is. 

In essence, even if your product seems like a perfect fit considering the dimensions, there is a possibility that it would actually be hard to put in. 

Did you get me?

The opening of the box is somewhat an inch or so smaller than the actual dimension. 

Another thing, the box has a certain smell that isn’t very pleasant. 

Although, this is quite easy to get rid of since there are a number of deodorizers on the market. 


If your need for a storage container is just small, then this is an ideal storage box for the outdoors. It’s really nice that it doesn’t look like a storage container and you can also sit on it.



  • Beautiful wooden look
  • Made from all-weather material
  • Comfortable seat
  • Durable
  • Easy to assemble


  • Smaller opening
  • It has a bit of a pungent smell
Check availability

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#7 Keter Solana Storage Bench

Those looking for a furniture first

Product Spec

Dimensions: 54.6 x 23.4 x 32.8 inches
Storage capacity: 70 gallons
Material: Resin
Color: Brown
Weight: 34.7 lbs
PRICE: $$$

Keter Solana toy container

The Keter Solana Storage Bench looks like a piece of furniture first, and storage container second. Just like any other outdoor furniture, it is made of all-weather resin.

It’s perfect for large areas.

Here’s the deal

When you have a large area, that would also mean a large place to play in. It follows that there’s also a large capacity to accommodate toys. 

Then there will be a lot of mess to keep. 

But this has a large capacity

The storage capacity is 70 gallons. The best part is that many will not suspect that the bench they are sitting on is the same place toys will be kept. 

This versatile bench can accommodate other things, too. If you use this as a patio or deck bench, then you can keep outdoor accessories in this bench. 

In addition

You could also keep products for grilling. And if you are planning on putting valuable items in it, you could just padlock the storage space. 

The bench could comfortably accommodate two people. It can even seat three as long as the maximum total weight is 551 pounds.

Unlike others

This makes for a comfortable seat because it is a seat with storage. 

Do you get what I mean? In most cases, the storage container can be used as a seat, sometimes, even as a table. But this storage bench is mainly used for seating. 

It has a backrest and armrests, too. 

It looks great, too!

It looks like a wooden bench with an elegant finish. But actually, it’s just a plastic bench that looks like a wooden one. 

For the not-so great

It’s going to be quite difficult to assemble. It’s going to take some time and a lot of patience. 

Another thing: some parts are not in good condition. Some parts have areas where it looked like they were melted or something.



  • Doubles as a large bench
  • Can accommodate three people
  • All-weather material
  • Large capacity
  • Versatile
  • Elegant
  • Can be padlocked


  • Assembly takes time
  • Some parts are not perfect
Check availability

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#8 Rubbermaid Outdoor Garden Storage Deck Box

Large toys

Product Spec

Dimensions: 42 x 24 x 24 inches
Storage capacity: 75 gallons
Material: Resin
Color: Sandstone
Weight: 32 lbs
PRICE: $$$

Rubbermaid toy container

Rubbermaid is a known manufacturer of sturdy household products. So, it’s no surprise that the brand also made outdoor storage boxes. 

The Rubbermaid Outdoor Garden Storage Deck Box can accommodate large toys. That’s always great. 

But you know what else?

This product can also be used as a seat and it can comfortably accommodate two adults. 

Since we’re talking about toy storage, this container is made of an all-weather material in resin. It’s great at protecting the toys from the rain and the heat of the sun. 

It’s more than that

This is also a great box to keep many different items like grilling supplies, patio accessories, and even smaller lawn equipment. 

It has a large capacity, which makes it great for medium to large toys. You know, the kids might want to play with paintball guns or water guns. 

You can keep trucks inside, too. Toy trucks are dangerous outside because they may cause some people to slip. 

On the other hand

You need to assemble this storage container. But the instructions aren’t too great, which makes the assembly quite annoying. 

It’s also quite hard to lock the pieces together. It’s a two-man job, too. 

Bad news:

This is also an expensive storage box. There are a number of better products that are so much cheaper. 


Rubbermaid has been making household products since 1920. You know that the brand is an expert at it. This is a sturdy product that is quite expensive–in other words, you have to pay a premium for durability. 



  • Large storage capacity
  • Can comfortably seat 2 people
  • Sturdy
  • Weather resistant


  • Not easy to assemble
  • Expensive 
Check availability

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In Summary

There you have it! Our list of the best outdoor toy storage containers. Check out this rundown:

Best Storage Containt for Keeping the Toys Dry

The main point of having an outdoor toy storage container is to keep toys dry when it rains and to keep the toys’ colors from fading because of the sun. Well, the Suncast Storage Container, which also doubles as a seat, is great at keeping the toys dry even when there’s a rainstorm. 

Best Storage Container Design for Children

Little Tikes is an American toy manufacturing company. It’s no surprise that the brand made a toy storage container that is great for children. But it’s totally functional, too. 

Best Storage Container for the Rugged Outdoors

The harsh weather has nothing on the YardStash Outdoor Storage Box. It’s made of vinyl tarpaulin, which is also used in most tents. You know this is going to withstand extreme weather conditions. 

Best Storage Container for Patio or Garden Bench

Most storage containers can also be used as a seat or as a small, low table. But the Keter Solana Storage Bench looks like a piece of furniture first, and storage container second. That’s why we say that this is a great product to buy when you are actually looking for a bench. 

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