Can You Hang a Hammock From One Tree? (A Step-By-Step Guide)

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So, you want to have a hammock at home.

But then you realize, you only have one large tree in the yard.

That sucks!

Or does it?

Who says you can’t hang a hammock from just one tree?

It is possible to hang a hammock from just one tree. 

As they say, if there’s a will there’s a way. 

In this case, if there is a paracord, there is a way to have that hammock in the yard.  

Let’s check out how. 

Hammocks are supposed to be hung from two points, which is why we normally hang them between two trees. But what if you only have one tree in the yard? That’s not a problem. As long as that one tree is sturdy and strong, then you can still have your hammock. You can use a paracord to hold the other side. 

How To Hang a Hammock From One Tree

We know that hammocks hang from two points, more popularly between two trees. 

But sometimes, people don’t just have two sturdy trees in the yard or on the camping grounds.

Or if they do, they are either too close together or too far apart. 

The good news is you can still hang a hammock with one tree. 

Just make sure it is one sturdy tree. 

So, let’s start. 

What are the materials you need?

  • Tree straps – tree straps are best for hanging hammocks on trees because they won’t cut into the trunk or branches. 
  • Paracord/rope – paracord is a portmanteau for parachute cord since this lightweight nylon kernmantle rope is commonly used as parachute suspension lines. Over the years, it has become a general utility rope. For this purpose, you will need between 40’ and 60’ of paracord. Or you can use a strong rope of your choice. 
  • Post – you can use a metal or wooden post as long as it is tall and strong enough to accommodate a hanging hammock.
  • Metal ground anchor – this will keep the hammock standing firm and prevent it from tipping over when it’s windy. 
  • Carabiner – to link the post and metal anchor.

Now that you have the materials, let’s go over the steps:

1. Find the Best Spot To Set Up Your Hammock

Of course, the focal point of the setup is the tree. 

Wherever your tree is, that’s where your hammock goes. 

But you also have a 360-degree option where to put up the other side of the hammock. 

The best place is on even ground that is not rocky and with really dense soil. 

2. Set Up the Tree Straps

Use the tree straps to hang the part of your hammock intended for the tree side. 

Follow the instructions on how to secure the hammock using the tree straps. 

3. Install Your Metal Anchor

Now, move on to the other side. 

The ideal distance between hammock hooks is 10 to 15 feet. 

So, make your choice and measure your ideal distance between the tree and where the other support should be. 

If you chose 10 feet, that’s where your post will stand. 

Install your metal anchor a few feet away, because it will be used to keep your post sturdy and prevent it from tipping over. 

Bury the metal anchor until only the top can be seen. 

4. Set Up Your Post

Put up your post.

Bury at least two feet of your post on the ground some 10 feet (or whatever your choice is) away from the tree. 

5. Secure the Other Side of the Hammock

Using your paracord or sturdy rope of your choice, secure the hammock to your post using a secure knot. 

Make sure it is tight. 

Attach the carabiner to the tied rope on the post. 

Loop another piece of rope into the carabiner and loop it into the anchor hole.

The rope has now attached the post to the anchor. 

Secure the rope with another tight knot. 

6. Test the Hammock

Before lying in the hammock, test it first to ensure it can accommodate your weight. 

Put your hands in the hammock and try to push it down with your entire weight. 

If it feels strong and balanced, then you can start relaxing in it. 

Other Ways To Hang a Hammock From One Tree

Person lying in hammock

The above-mentioned way to hang a hammock with one tree is the best option. 

But there are others too. 

Hang the Hammock From a Large Tree Branch

If your tree is so large that its branches are sturdy enough to handle about 300 to 800 pounds of weight, then it could handle a hammock. 

Usually, a hammock must be at least two feet longer than your height. 

However, it’s rare to see a branch that is at least nine feet long and sturdy throughout. 

Branches taper at the end, and you don’t want the other part of your hammock hanging on a slim branch. 

In this case, you can just use a hammock for sitting rather than lying. 

In any case, you can choose two tree straps that you wrap around the branch for your hanging hammock. 

Hang a Hammock Between a Tree and a Wall

If the space between the tree and the wall is just the right one for a hammock, then you could do it. 

But your wall must be strong enough to take on the tangential force. 

You may also need some mounting brackets or plates to ensure that the hammock is secure. 

Do you want to know how to attach a hammock to a wall? We have you covered in our step-by-step guide for you.

Hang a Hammock Between a Tree and a Gazebo

First of all, you can hang a hammock on a gazebo, and we even have a guide on what type of gazebo to look for and how to hang the hammock. 

But a gazebo may not be spacious enough to accommodate your hammock. 

What you can do is hang the hammock between a tree and the gazebo. 

That is, if the distance is right. 

Final Thoughts

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Don’t let the lack of trees stop you from putting up a hammock. 

Hammocks provide wonderful benefits as they are great for relaxation and are fantastic for your back. 

They also compel you to go outside and breathe fresh air, which is terrific for your mental health.

Just remember that the hammock just needs to be hung from two points. 

It doesn’t matter if these points are both trees as long as each support can accommodate more weight than a heavy person (just to be on the safe side). 

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