Do I Need Planning Permission For A Trampoline? (Solved)

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These days it seems like almost any change we make to our home requires some kind of approval from someone.

Where do trampolines fit into this? Do you need planning permission for a trampoline?

The actual answer itself is quite straightforward, but, as ever, there are a few other things to consider.

So let’s look into the matter a bit more closely.

Do I Need Planning Permission For A Trampoline?

Trampolines do not require planning permissions as they are not considered a structure under planning law. This is because they are not permanent and can be moved around freely.

Planning Permissions and Trampolines: The Bottom Line

Planning laws cover a vast swathe of matters and can be very restrictive. 

Despite how annoying and controlling the rules might seem, they are there to protect the public interest.

If you want to buy a trampoline for your home though, there is one bit of good news, trampolines do not require planning permission!

In planning law a trampoline is not considered a structure. That is because it isn’t permanent, and it isn’t attached to the ground.

Trampolines can be moved around freely, and as such, they do not need planning consent.

But just because a trampoline doesn’t require planning permission doesn’t mean you don’t need to consider certain other things…

Buying A Trampoline: Other Things to Consider

So we’ve established you don’t need planning permission to put up a trampoline, “great” you might think, “I can go ahead and buy my trampoline and put it up”.

Not so quick!

There are still a few far more important bridges to cross.

Check #1: Speak To Your Homeowners Association

If you live in the States, and you are part of a Homeowners Association (HOA), then they may have rules restricting the usage of trampolines.

These may vary from prohibiting them completely to allowing them with certain conditions attached.

For more information, we’ve put together a post on whether you can have a trampoline on a property when you are part of an HOA.

Check #2: Speak To Your Insurance Company

Even if your HOA is happy for you to put up a trampoline, you might have issues getting insurance coverage for it.

Must insurance companies will be wary of insuring a trampoline due to the sheer volume of trampoline-related injuries that occur each year (for instance there were 300,000 in 2018).

If you are very lucky your insurance company might allow the trampoline in your yard without any problem.

The most likely scenario is that they will cover it subject to certain safety precautions being taken, and for an increased premium.

Some insurance companies will not cover trampolines at all.

We’ve also touched on the issue of insuring a trampoline in our article on whether it is illegal to have a trampoline without a net.

Check #3: Speak to Your Neighbor

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If you have cleared it with your HOA and insurance company, it is always worth having a conversation with your neighbor if you plan on putting up a trampoline in your yard.

You will know your relationship with them, and whether they are likely to object to a trampoline going up near their house.

It is best to broach the subject first, rather than them finding out when a lot of kids suddenly can be heard bouncing up and down in your back garden!

Check #4: Make Sure It Is Safe

If you are ready to put your trampoline up, then you need to make sure it is as safe as possible.

As you have seen above these toys have some eye-watering accident rates, and you don’t want to add to that figure!

It is advised that you have at least three feet (1m) of clearance between your trampoline and surrounding objects such as houses, walls and fences.

You should double this if the trampoline doesn’t have a safety net (and to be honest we advise that all trampolines have a safety net).

We cover this in more detail in our article on how close can a trampoline be to a house?

Check #5: Respect Other’s Privacy

As well as making sure your trampoline is a safe distance from surrounding objects you also need to make sure you are not encroaching on the privacy of your neighbors.

Essentially if your trampoline allows anyone using it to see into a neighbor’s garden, it could be considered a breach of privacy.

Going back to check #1, where you put your trampoline may be guided by HOA rules as well.

Either way, privacy laws are very important to be aware of.

Check #6: Keep the Noise Down

If a complaint is going to be made about a trampoline and it isn’t down to a breach of privacy, then you can almost certainly guarantee it will be down to noise.

Noise restrictions are generally in place from around 9pm to 7am on weekdays and 9pm to 9am on weekends and holidays.

If you have children playing on your trampoline within those hours and making excessive noise, then your neighbors have a valid reason to complain.

Otherwise you will likely be ok.

You can find out more by reading our post can neighbors complain about a trampoline?

Final Thoughts

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The short answer is you do not need planning permission for a trampoline as it can be moved around freely.

However, there are still a number of other factors to consider that are equally important:

  • Are you part of an HOA? If yes, do they have rules around installing a trampoline?
  • Will your insurance company cover a trampoline in their policy?
  • Can you position your trampoline safely in your yard?
  • Will it encroach on the privacy of your neighbors?
  • Can you make sure anyone using it doesn’t breach noise restrictions?

So the issue around planning permission is just one of a number of bridges to cross before deciding to buy a trampoline.

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