How Long Should a Hammock Be? Hammock Length For Height Explained

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Imagine being so excited to lounge in your new hammock only to realize too late that it doesn’t accommodate your height. 

You have to dangle your feet at the side of the hammock. 

At least, if the hammock is too big or long for you, you could easily position yourself in a way that you won’t get swallowed or swaddled by the hammock. 

So, how do you choose the right length for your hammock?

Let’s find out. 

Hammocks don’t have standard lengths, but they are usually between seven and 14 feet. The range is quite wide so you could easily find one that’s better for your height. The rule of thumb, according to hammock enthusiasts, is to find a length that is at least two feet more than your height. 

How Long Should Your Hammock Be?

There are several considerations when buying a hammock:

  • Purpose
  • Budget
  • Brand
  • Material
  • Design
  • Size (single or double)
  • Weight capacity
  • Accessories
  • Length

Does length matter?

Of course!

As earlier mentioned, you don’t want your feet to be dangling at the sides of the hammock because it’s too small for your height. 

But what is the right length for you?

The thing is, there is no standard length for hammocks. 

Most manufacturers sell them at a length of 7 to 14 feet. 

The range is quite wide because people have different heights and comfort levels. 

According to hammocking enthusiasts, a good rule of thumb is at least two feet more than a person’s height. 

Here’s an interesting thread on Reddit where people discussed their heights and the lengths of their hammocks:

“I’m currently running a Hennessy Deluxe Explorer made for a 7-foot person… apparently. Hennessy doesn’t list the exact length but I know for a fact it’s not 11 feet long. And as much as I like it I still feel a little banana’d while I’m in it as a 6-feet-tall man.”

“6 feet tall. With a gathered end, I wouldn’t use anything under 11 feet. I do love my Warbonnet Ridgerunner, too, and I’m always either in that or my blackbird.”

“I am 6 feet tall and I use an 11-foot hammock. I found that even a 9-foot hammock was too small to sleep comfortably in,  so 7 feet sounds ridiculously small.”

“I am 6’1” and I use an 11’ Dutchware Half Zipped Wide. I like the extra width because it accommodates an even flatter lay. I was using an Eno Double Nest (9’4”) and I simply could not get flat enough… Also, the Hexon material of the Dutchware hammock makes a huge difference. I didn’t expect that the material could affect the feel of a hammock that much, but it really does. It’s like…more firm and sturdier with less stretch and give.”

As it turns out, most people go beyond the two-feet rule of thumb to be more comfortable in a hammock. 

It also seems like the consensus is to get an 11-foot hammock for comfort. 

Why Do You Need the Right Length of the Hammock?

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It’s all about comfort. 

When you have the right length, you are more comfortable. 

People sleep in hammocks because of several advantages: 

It Is Good for Your Back

Hammocks relieve the pressure on your back. 

Sleeping on a mattress puts pressure on your back, shoulders, and butt. 

When the mattress is too soft, the spine loses its alignment, which may result in pain. 

When the mattress is too hard, stress is added to your joints. 

But when you are in a hammock, the material molds into your body thereby relieving your back, shoulders, and butt of any burden. 

It Helps You Sleep Better

The gentle swaying of the hammock will help you sleep better. 

It also helps that the hammock cradles you so that it feels like you are getting a warm hug while sleeping. 

You will have a much deeper sleep in the process. 

It Can Be Good for Your Mental Health

Yes, you read that right!

It may be hard to comprehend how a modest item like a hammock could affect your mental health

But it can. 

You see, getting high-quality sleep is great for your mental health, and it is something you could easily achieve in a hammock. 

Getting fresh air, which you usually get when sleeping in a hammock, can do wonders for your mental and emotional well-being. 

But all these advantages may go down the drain if you are not comfortable enough just because the length of the hammock is too short. 

How Long Are the Most Popular Hammocks on the Market?

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The following are some of the most popular hammocks on the market. 

We’ve listed down their hammock lengths just to give you an idea of the usual span available. 

But if you prefer longer hammocks, you can always scour outdoor stores and their online counterparts for those beyond 11 feet. 

Hammock BrandHammock Length
ENO TravelNest9’
ENO TechNest9’6”
ENO SkyLoft7’
ENO JungleNest10’
Warbonnet Outdoors Single Layer Blackbird XLC
Warbonnet Outdoors Heavyweight Double Blackbird XLC
Wise Owl Outfitters Single Camping Hammock
Wise Owl Outfitters Double Camping Hammock
Hennessy Hammock 4Season Survivorman Zip XL
Hennessy Hammock Jungle Expedition Zip
Hennessy Hammock Ultralite Backpacker Classic
Hennessy Hammock Leaf Lounger XL10’8”
Hennessy Hammock Cub Zip9’
Grand Trunk Trunktech11’
Grand Trunk Double Deluxe10’6”
Grand Trunk Ultralight Starter9’6”

Final Thoughts

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When it comes to hammocks, the longer the better. 

The rule of thumb is that hammock length should be at least two feet more than your height. 

But most hammock enthusiasts say that an 11-foot hammock hits the right spot. 

Now, if the store allows it, you should try the hammock before buying. 

The length situation is a matter of comfort after all. And the best way to experience comfort is to try it out.

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