Best 2 Burner Gas Grills: How Much Can You Get From A Small Grill?

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The old adage the best things come in small packages is sometimes very true.

Want something that delivers delicious food but uses minimal space?

Consider some of the best 2 burner gas grills on the market – there are some fantastic options.

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Best 2 Burner Gas Grill

Below is a quick view of my favorite 2 burner gas grills. To find out more about them click on the link to take you to the full review.

At A Glance List

NameGrill SizeRating
#1 – Char-Broil Performance 300
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300″93%Check Price
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#2 – Weber E210
>>> BEST FOR: Build Quality
360″92%Check Price
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#3 – Pit Boss 75275
>>> BEST FOR: Limited Space
275″92%Check Price
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#4 – Char-Broil Signature
>>> BEST FOR: Infrared
325″92%Check Price
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#5 – Weber Q3200
>>> BEST FOR: Cooking Size
393″91%Check Price
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#6 – Giantex Propane
>>> BEST FOR: Tabletops
266″90%Check Price
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#7 – Coleman Roadrip LXX
>>> BEST FOR: Camping
285″89%Check Price
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#8 – Royal Gourmet PD1200
>>> BEST FOR: Budget
238″89%Check Price
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As simple as it sounds:

A two burner grill has two burners, another word for the hob area that produces the heat.

Two burner grills are usually pretty compact too, especially in comparison to other grills than frequently have up to six burners.

This means if you have a small patio, or want a grill you can easily pack up and take with you on a vacation then they might just be perfect for you.

Choosing A Two Burner Grill

Of course if you have already decided a two burner grill is for you then there are still some other factors you will want to consider.

First things first:

You will want to consider the number of square inches of primary cooking space. Remember when you are grilling you don’t want to crowd the grill, you will always want some space between the items you are cooking

Most of the grills in my list also have warming racks. These are useful and can be used as a second cooking space, but remember the food will cook more slowly. Nevertheless they can be a handy addition and you may well want to consider one.

You want your grill to last right?

You are dead right.

So try and make sure it is solidly constructed. Aluminium and stainless steel are your friend here – they will last longer and not rust.

When it comes to the grates you grill on stainless steel or even better porcelain coated cast iron is your best choice. They retain and distribute heat more evenly and are more durable.

And don’t forget:

The burners are usually the part of a grill that needs replacing most frequently. Check the warranty on the burner and look for stainless 304 burners – they are the best quality and will last the longest.

Cleaning a grill can be a pain, so think about how easy to clean the grills are. Does it have a grease collector? How easy are the grates to clean? Do you get flare ups? All of these things need to be considered.

Here is the next step:

Consider the size and weight of the grill. Lots of two burner grills are compact and have fold up shelves or even fold down completely so you can easily pack it away if you are going on a trip.

It might have wheels too, which will make it easier to move. If portability is something you want need to will want to pay close attention to these features.

The truth is:

These are just a few things you will want to consider.

For a more thorough run down of what to consider if you are buying a gas grill you might want to watch the video below:

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The Best 2 Burner Gas Grills

#1 Char-Broil Performance 300

Those wanting the best 2 burner gas grill.

Product Spec

  • Size (inches) – 24.5 x 44 x 42.9
  • Weight (lbs) – 82.5
  • Primary Cooking Space (inches) – 300
  • BTUs (total) – 24,000
  • Warranty – 1 to 5 Years

Char Broil 300 2 burner grill

When you take everything into consideration – design, build quality, cooking ability, price and more, then I think the Char-Broil Performance 300 just takes the plaudits as the best 2 burner gas grill around.

Let’s take a closer look:

So this measures 24.5 x 44 x 43 inches and weighs 82.5lbs. It has a cooking area of 300 square inches and a warming rack of 100 square inches.

The burners are 24,000 BTU in total and it comes with a five year warranty on the burners, a two year warranty on the firebox and lid and one year on everything else.

The simple truth is:

There is a lot to love about this grill, and as soon as you get it setup you can tell it is pure quality.

It has cast iron, porcelain coated grates. These are rust resistant and retain heat better when they are heated up.

The burners are stainless steel and feel durable. The side shelves are metal and fold down for storage and it features a nice lid mounted temperature gauge for the ultimate heat control.

Aside from that:

  • This has 300 square inches of cooking space, measuring 15.9 inches by 18.5 inches, enough for around 8 large hamburger patties – it is a great size for a small family.
  • It also has a really nice 100 square inches warming rack – this swing away rack provides a great secondary cooking area. It is ideal for slow cooking sausages or toasting buns. It measures 13.2 inches wide by 7.4 inches deep.
  • The grill heats up really quickly and has a really nice even heat with no cold sports.
  • The firebox has a nice porcelain coated grease pan that can be easily removed and is very easy to clean.
  • What really sets this apart from its competitors are the features such as the stainless steel grill top with a thermostat, the grill box, the metal ‘match holder’ and the quick and easy electric ignition. You won’t find features like this on other grills in the price range.


As the heat is more even and consistent and easily manageable you probably won’t get a char on this like other grills.

Also the tank storage area could have been better designed. The tank could easily have been aligned nearer the back of the storage area to give extra space for storing bits and pieces.

In short:

This grill performs like something from a much higher price range. Touches like the porcelain grates make you realise this is a cut above other two burner grills in the same price bracket.

There is plenty of room for cooking and the warming racks doubles up as an efficient extra cooking area.

For a small family it is the perfect grill.



  • Quality design
  • Large cooking area
  • Warming racks doubles up as efficient extra cooking space
  • Consistent heat
  • Nice easy to clean grease pan


  • Could char better
  • Tank storage takes up additional space
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#2 Weber Spirit E210

Those wanting size and cooking ability.

Product Spec

  • Size (inches) – 45.5 x 50 x 24
  • Weight (lbs) – 114
  • Primary Cooking Space (inches) – 360
  • BTUs (total) – 24,000
  • Warranty – 2 to 10 Years

Weber E210 2 burner grill

An excellent grill that gives you the perfect compromise between size and cooking ability the Weber Spirit E210 is a top line grill in all aspects.

So let’s get started:

This measures 45.5 x 50 x 24 inches and weighs 114 lbs. It has a cooking area of 360 square inches and a warming rack of 90 square inches.

The burners are 24,000 BTU in total and it comes with a warranty that ranges from 10 years on the cookbox down to two years on a number of other parts.

No beating around the bush:

Weber products often cost a little more, but that means they are usually topline and this is no different. The build quality is absolutely outstanding.

The cooking grates are porcelain enameled and cast iron to retain heat – and they are well positioned so food doesn’t fall through.

The sides fold down for compact storage – and have a few small holes for a rotisserie. But the design is clever and this feels very stable and sturdy when you have the sides both folded away and pulled out.


  • This is the perfect size – with the sides folded down it is nice and small so you can store it in the corner or out of the way, but you still get a lot of cooking spaces enough for around eight burgers and two to four people.
  • Thanks to the heavy duty caster wheels it is light and easy to move around.
  • The fat drip system is really well designed and will eliminate the potential for any mess, really meaning clean up time is at a minimum.
  • This cooks perfectly. It lights up quickly and easily, cooks evenly and the control knobs rotate 270 degrees (most rotate 90 degrees) for much better heat control.
  • The battery powered igniter is great and means the gas comes on easily.

A warning or two though:

The tank area could be improved, as the place where you hang it feels a bit flimsy and it is really difficult to get the tank in and hang it in a really small area.

On top of that, as already alluded to, this is one of the more pricey two burner gas grills on the market.

In all:

This is a top quality grill for small groups. The Weber name is a hallmark for quality and this really shines through with the E210.

The cooking quality is top notch and it is easy to clean. You can’t ask for much more from a grill.



  • Outstanding build quality
  • Compact but loads of cooking space
  • Easy to move around
  • Easy to clean up
  • Great heat control


  • Tank area could be better
  • Expensive
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#3 Pit Boss 75275

Those wanting the best table top grill for limited spaces.

Product Spec

  • Size (inches) – 23 x 16 x 19.5
  • Weight (lbs) – 25
  • Primary Cooking Space (inches) – 275
  • BTUs (total) – 20,000
  • Warranty – 5 Years

Pit Boss 275 2 burner grill

There are some good tabletop 2 burner grills on the market – but the Pit Boss 75275 just pips the Giantex (see below) as the best of the bunch.

So let’s get to work:

This measures 23 x 16 x 19.5 inches and weighs 25 lbs. As you can see from the lighter weight it is a table top grill.

It has a 275 square inch cooking area and a 100 square inch warming rack. The burners are 20,000 BTU in total and it comes with a five year warranty.

Bottom line:

Of the two burner table top grills in and around this price range the Pit Boss has the largest cooking surface at 275 square inches.

It also has probably the best construction with a 430 stainless steel body and lid, and my favorite part, the 304 stainless steel grid which feels solid and you usually find in higher end models costing a lot more. It should never rust and retain the heat better.

Not just that:

  • With its folding legs and latching hood this is ultra portable and really easy to carry – ideal for a small deck or RV life.
  • You get a good amount of heat for a portable grill – 20,000 BTU, and it heats up quickly and evenly without any hot spots.
  • The price is fantastic for the quality of the grill.
  • It is one of the easiest grills you will ever have the pleasure to use – turn the knob to start it and you are good to go. The control knob also gives you precise heat control.
  • The heftiness of this tells you it is built to last – it is really sturdy.


It isn’t perfect – the bottom is completely flat, so that means unless your grill is dead level the grease runs out into a corner somewhere and makes a big mess.

Also the folding legs are great, but there are no locks – if you push the grill back or forward during use they can easily collapse.

To sum up:

The ideal grill for camping, RV use or just smaller decks this Pit Boss is exceptionally well made, easy to transport and cooks like a dream.

In a market that has some expensive units that aren’t particularly well made this is the exact opposite – a bargain price but expertly engineered and built to last.



  • Top end design
  • Large cooking space for a table top grill
  • Easy to transport
  • Even heat
  • Great price


  • Issue with grease collating
  • Folding legs don’t lock
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#4 Char-Broil Signature TRU-Infrared

Those wanting a great infrared two burner grill.

Product Spec

  • Size (inches) – 46.8 x 23 x 47.2
  • Weight (lbs) – 107
  • Primary Cooking Space (inches) – 325
  • BTUs (total) – 18,000
  • Warranty – 1 to 5 Years

Char Broil Infrared 2 burner grill

The product name says it all – the Char-Broil Signature TRU-Infrared – it is easily the best 2 burner infrared grill on the market.

So let’s jump right in:

This measures 46.8 x 23 x 47.2 inches and weighs 107 lbs. It has a 325 square inch cooking area and a 120 square inch warming rack.

The burners are 18,000 BTU in total and it comes with a five year warranty on the burners, a two year warranty on the firebox and lid and one year on everything else.

This is HUGE:

This is an infrared grill, which means, in contrast to grills that use convection or conduction heat this uses radiant heat that doesn’t require a medium.

In short – that means for you that it can create a much higher temperature than other non-infrared grills, it will heat up quicker and produce a more even heat.

The heat goes directly to the food, sealing in those delicious juices. This can get up to 750 degrees in under ten minutes.

Other benefits include:

  • This has fold down shelves, which I really like. They can be raised when you need them, or easily lowered when you need to save space. Even when they are lowered there is still a narrow ledge on each side for salt, pepper and utensils.
  • With top-ported 443 stainless steel burners and sturdy thick metal panels – this is a top quality grill in all aspects and built to last.
  • This has a really good ignition system that is reliable and starts up with the push of a button quickly and easily.
  • Because this is an infrared grill you have a steel, infrared emitter, between the burner and the grate – this cooks your food and more importantly means you get next to no messy grease flare ups.
  • Another touch of quality is the enamel-coated, sturdy grilling grates. Easier to cook, easier to clean and you get grill marks!

On the down side:

The instructions are poor, a couple of things are omitted from the directions and although this grill is fairly straightforward to assemble, the instructions could definitely be better.

It is slightly annoying that the back of this is open, so if you try to store anything there it falls out and anything can get in the tank as well (ie pollen, seed, insects, etc).

In a nutshell:

The best value to performance ratio for a two burner gas grill in my opinion. It is well designed, cooks quickly and gives you delicious food every time.

Add to that is should last you a long time and it requires minimal clean up and you have a winner!



  • Infrared red heat means quick cooking!
  • Lovely fold down shelves
  • Really well made
  • Not much mess
  • Nice enamel coated grates


  • Instructions could be better
  • Wish the back had a door on it
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#5 Weber Q3200

Those wanting a large cooking area.

Product Spec

  • Size (inches) – 43.5 x 50.2 x 21
  • Weight (lbs) – 83.8
  • Primary Cooking Space (inches) – 393
  • BTUs (total) – 21,700
  • Warranty – 2 to 5 Years

Weber Q3200 2 burner grill

If size is important and you want a two burner grill with a large cooking area then the Weber Q3200 is your best bet on my list.

Let’s dig a little deeper:

This measures 43.5 x 50.2 x 21 inches and weighs 83.8 lbs. It has a 393 square inch cooking area and a 75 square inch warming rack.

The burners are 21,700 BTU and the warranty ranges from 2 years to 5 years on different parts of the grill.

To cut a long story short:

This has a larger cooking area than any other grill on my list. The primary cooking area is 393 square inches and there is an additional warming rack which is 75 square inches.

In layman’s terms you can probably fit 8 to 10 burgers on this and cook for 4 to 6 people.

What is even better is the two burners are precisely placed and heat the entire surface of the grill from the edge right to the centre. It means you can use every square inch of this grill and not worry about things being uncooked.


  • I love the two dial heat control – one controls the larger burner and runs near the edge of the grill and the other controls the smaller burner in the middle of the grill – it means you can indirectly grill your food using just the outer ring and having your food in the middle.
  • The grills grates are really heavy and let you cook smaller items without worrying about them falling through. They are enamel covered and retain heat really well.
  • Lots of attention to detail in the build quality – there is a built in handle light, the side tables fold down nicely, the grill plate itself is cleverly designed with a flavorizer bar below it. Made of cast aluminium it is built to last.
  • The arrangement of the burners, and the high heat output contained within the porcelain top, means this is ideal for searing food.
  • It strikes a great balance between being compact enough for small patios but still having a lot of cooking area and as it has sturdy plastic legs and parts you can leave it outside all year round.

There are a couple of issues though:

The whole grill is exceptionally well made, apart from the front panel cover – which is cheap plastic and completely at odds with the rest of the grill. It is flimsy and easily blows off the grill.

Additionally this is one of the most expensive grills on my list – but (front panel cover aside) it is very well made.

Let’s rewind and…

This is a top notch grill with a lot of cooking space and the ability to give food that nice seared touch as well.

Yes it is a bit more expensive, but it is flawlessly made and will last you for years. Keeps up the reputation of the Weber name.



  • Large cooking area
  • Lots of heat
  • No worries about food falling through
  • Good for searing food
  • Built to last


  • Plastic front panel cover is poor
    More expensive
Check availability

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#6 Giantex Propane Grill

Those wanting a great cooking tabletop grill.

Product Spec

  • Size (inches) – 22 x 18 x 15
  • Weight (lbs) – 26
  • Primary Cooking Space (inches) – 266
  • BTUs (total) – 20,000
  • Warranty – 5 Years

Giantex 2 burner grill

Whilst the Giantex Propane Grill isn’t quite on the same level as the Pit Boss 75275 mentioned earlier it is still an excellent tabletop gas grill.

So let’s fire away:

It measures 22 x 18 x 15 inches and weighs 26 lbs. The burners are 20,000 BTU in total and the cooking area is 266 square inches. It comes with a five year warranty.

Want to know the best part?

Probably my favorite aspect of this grill is the way it cooks.

The flame is under angled cooking plates – resembling a standard gas barbecue. The two burners are independently controllable and this allows you to conserve fuel when you are cooking fewer items.

It is a simple touch but it works really well.

There is also:

  • This is stainless steel (both the grill and the grates) so it won’t rust and everything fits together well too.
  • The two U shaped burners heat up quickly, light up quickly and put out a good amount of heat.
  • The legs are foldable and the lid can be locked closed so this is easy to transport.
  • The cooking surface is large enough to cook four large steaks and probably up to eight burgers.
  • Because this is stainless steel it is quick and easy to clean.

A word of caution:

The knob that is on the top cover can melt on the inside if you let this grill get too hot and leave it closed for too long – a slight design fault.

Also the way the legs are designed, combined with the air inlet position means that there is a tendency for grease to run down the front legs of this.

So what does this all mean?

This is a really good table top grill. Small enough that it can be easily transported, but large enough to cook for a small group.

It might not quite match up to the Pit Boss 75375, but it is still an exceptional grill in its own right.



  • Independently controllable burners
  • Made of stainless steel
  • Heats up quickly
  • Good amount of cooking space
  • Good warranty


  • Slight design flaw with knob on cover
  • Grease runs down front legs
Check availability

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#7 Coleman Roadtrip LXX

Those who go camping or away regularly.

Product Spec

  • Size (inches) – 19 x 34 x 13.6
  • Weight (lbs) – 50.8
  • Primary Cooking Space (inches) – 285
  • BTUs (total) – 22,000
  • Warranty – 2 to 5 Years

Coleman Road Trip 2 burner grill

The Coleman Roadtrip LXX is perfect for camping trips and picnicking and it is just so easy to transport.

Let’s take a closer look:

It measures 19 x 34 x 13.6 inches and weighs 50.8lbs. It has a 285 square inch cooking area and the BTU is 22,0000 in total. The warranty ranges from 2 to 5 years.

The fact of the matter is:

This is really cleverly designed and you can see why it is called the Roadtrip!

It has a collapsible stand and rugged wheels which mean you can easily fold this up to a minimal size and wheel it away or use the handles on the side to carry it.

When it is folded up it is really compact and should fit into the back of almost any car. You can take it with you anywhere.

It isn’t just that though:

  • For a small grill this gets incredibly hot, very quickly! It gets hot enough to sear the outside of a steak.
  • It has a temperature gauge in the top which, as far as I can tell works well and makes it easy to tell when the grills plates are ready for cooking or how much longer to need to cook your food.
  • You can get lots of accessories for this grill – anything from a griddle and stove top attachment to a coffee pot accessory!
  • I love the handy utensil hooks that are built into the frame.
  • The auto start ignition works like a charm – making this easy to get started first time, every time.

However please note:

The design makes this difficult to clean – as you need to remove the grill top and this isn’t easy. You have to remove 6 to 8 screws that are very small, you then have to spend a lot of time putting them back in.

As such it might even put you off cleaning it as often as you should!

All in all:

If you are the kind of person that likes to go camping or hiking or just have space at a premium the Coleman Roadtrip LXX is a great option.

The design is clever and it takes mere seconds to fold down and put back in your car and when you put it up it cooks well!



  • Easy to fold up so it is small
  • Gets very hot, very quickly
  • Can sear meat on it
  • Lots of accessories you can buy for it
  • Great ignition


  • Difficult to clean
  • As it is so difficult to remove the grill top!
Check availability

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#8 Royal Gourmet PD1200

Those wanting a great budget grill.

Product Spec

  • Size (inches) – 22 x 18 x 9.4
  • Weight (lbs) – 21.4
  • Primary Cooking Space (inches) – 238
  • BTUs (total) – 17,000
  • Warranty – 1 Year

Royal Gourment 2 burner grill

The Royal Gourmet PD1200 should be your choice if you are shopping on a budget – as it is hard to find a better two burner gas grill for the price.

So here we go:

This measures 22 x 18 x 9.4 inches and weighs 21.4 lbs. It has a 238 square inch cooking area, the burners are 17,000 BTU in total and it comes with a one year warranty.

Bottom line is:

This an absolute steal. The cheapest grill on my list, but there is no compromise on quality.

It is a fantastic grill for camping on if you have a limited space and can cook lots of things at once. A great table top grill.

Added to that:

  • This is really small and ultra portable.
  • For the price the build is pretty good – it has a nice porcelain coated enamel surface and feels sturdy.
  • The grill is easy to remove from the burner unit and it is really easy to clean.
  • I like the high sides and back and lower front – it means you can grill things like sausage without them rolling off and you are protected from grease spatter.
  • It has a side grease cup to collect oil whilst you cook and it works well.

It isn’t perfect:

The hose to connect to the gas tank is really really short, so the tank either needs to go right next to it or you have to buy a longer hose.

An annoying thing about the temperature control is that the indicator on the knob is a small indented triangle. It is very difficult to see and it makes control the temperature harder than it should be.

All things considered:

For the price you really can’t complain about this. Whilst it may not have some of the features of more expensive two burner grills, if you are looking for something simple that cooks well and is easy to move around this is what you want.

I can’t believe there is anything better at the price point.



  • Great price
  • So portable
  • Nicely built
  • Easy to clean
  • Good design


  • Gas tank hose is very short
  • Temperature indicator could be clearer
Check availability

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In Summary

Best 2 Burner Infrared Gas Grill

It goes without saying that it is the Char-Broil Signature as it is the only infrared gas grill on my list. What is more it is reasonably priced and cooks up some delicious food.

Best 2 Burner Gas Grill For The Money

This is quite tough as there are some good options, but the Pit Boss 75275 just takes the title. Wonderful constructed and with a good cooking area – this is really well made and very well priced.

Best 2 Burner Portable Gas Grill

All of these grills are pretty portable but the Coleman Roadtrip LXX is fantastic for those who go away regularly as it is so easy to fold away and put in your car!

I hope you have found my round-up of the best 2 burner gas grills of use.

If you do have any questions or are uncertain about anything please feel free to drop me an email and I will do my best to help you.

If you want to try something different I have also rounded up the best pellet grills on the market (as well as an explanation of what a pellet grill is if you have not heard of them before). I’ve also pulled together some handy tips to make sure your barbequed food is always delicious.

Don’t forget you can also check out my Reviews Section for individual product reviews. Or you can visit my Site Index for everything on my site on one page.

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