Best Snower Blowers For Women 2023: Blow That Snow Clear!

House in snow

As much as it is pretty to look at there is no doubt that snow can be really annoying once the initial excitement of it has worn off.

A shovel can clear the snow, but it can be a lengthy process – this is when it is time to unveil your secret weapon…

The snow blower! Take a look at our list of the best snow blowers for women.

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Best Snow Blowers For Women Of 2023:
At A Glance List

Below is a quick view of the best snow blowers for women of 2023. To find out more about them click on the link to take you to the full review.

NameClearing WidthRating
#1 – Snow Joe Ultra SJ621
>>> BEST FOR: ♦ Best Buy ♦
18″93%Check Price
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#2 – Snow Joe Ultra SJ620
>>> BEST FOR: Mid-sized areas
18″92%Check Price
Read Review
#3 – WEN 5662 Blaster
>>> BEST FOR: Price
18″91%Check Price
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#4 – Earthwise SN74016
>>> BEST FOR: No cords!
16″90%Check Price
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#5 – Greenworks 2600202
>>> BEST FOR: Adjustable Chute
20″89%Check Price
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#6 – Snow Joe SJ615E
>>> BEST FOR: Weight
15″89%Check Price
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#7 – WORX WG650
>>> BEST FOR: Comfort
18″88%Check Price
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#8 – Toro 38361
>>> BEST FOR: Small areas
12″88%Check Price
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#9 – Snow Joe iON18SB
>>> BEST FOR: Beginners
18″86%Check Price
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What Types Of Snow Blowers Are There?

Know about snow blowers?
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Snow blowers fall into three categories:

Single Stage

A single stage blower has an auger that scrapes snow from the ground and pushes it through the discharge chute. They can deal with compact snow as long as you give it a helping hand by dealing with it before it freezes and/or use a shovel to break it up.

They aren’t really self-propelled and you will need to push single stage blowers – especially on steep slopes. They are designed for lighter snowfall – with average depths of around 6 inches.

Two Stage

Two stage blowers logically take things one step further. An augur gathers snow and moves it into the blower and it is then pushed into an impeller that propels it out of the chute.

As they have a large engine, they have more power and can deal with snow up to 12 inches deep and are more adept at handling compacted snow and ice.

Three Stage

Three stage blowers are basically like two stage blowers but much faster! They can move snow into the impeller exceptionally quickly and are therefore perfect for heavy snow fall and larger areas.

Then of course within these categories you have electric, battery and gas powered snow blowers. We are focusing on the first two categories as they are more suited for female users being lighter and easier to maneuver.

Stick with me here because:

As well as snow blowers, if you have a smaller amount of snow to clear you should think about an electric snow shovel. These are perfect for steps or small decks and porches. They can clear around 4 inches of snow or less – but will only throw the snow a few feet.

Buying A Snow Blower?
What You Need To Consider

Know about snow blowers?
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There are a few key things you need to consider if you are a female buying a snow blower:

So what is the magic formula?

Well first of all you need to consider the weight of the snow blower. Without seeming sexist you might want a lighter blower than a man would want. Keep a close eye on the weight of the blower and how it is distributed.

Chances are that:

If it is lighter it should easier to control and maneuver. This isn’t always necessarily the case. However a nicely design snow blower, should always be easy to use – so pay attention to what people say when it comes to that side of things.

Now this is HUGE:

The right clearance width will be very important. The clearance width simply means the width of the path the blower can clear of snow.

The wider the clearance width the fewer passes, and less time, it will take to clear the snow. However the wider the clearance the heavier the blower is likely to be.

And another thing:

You want to pay close attention to the depth of the snow cut. This means how deep the snow can be before it is too much for your blower and it stops working efficiently.

You just need to consider how much snow you get and make a judgement on the depth you feel you need.

And finally:

You will need to think about the throwing distance. This tells you, as you might imagine, how far the machine can throw the snow you collect. Generally for the lighter snow blowers this is around 20 to 30 feet.

If you have a larger area to clear you want to consider a larger snow throwing distance.

Just a couple more things:

As snow occurs in the colder, darker months sometimes a headlight is a real bonus. Also look at how easy it is to control the direction and range of the snow throwing chute – some can be controlled using an electronic joypad control which will speed up the job of clearing your yard/deck/driveway of snow.

This is important:

If you are buying an electric snow blower make sure you get an appropriately gauged extension cord. Ideally at least 12 gauge and I would say 100 feet.

If you want to get full power out of it, you will need to put full power into it! The below video might also help you with your quest to find the perfect snow blower.

Right, lets get on with the snow, I mean show…

Editor’s Note


I hope you love the products that I recommend here! Just so you know, I work with Amazon and other affiliate partners and may be compensated from the links below.

Read full details here.

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The Best Snow Blowers For Women 2023

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#1 Snow Joe Ultra SJ621 Snow Thrower

Those that get moderate snow and want to clear it in the dark.

Product Spec

  • Power – Electric: 13.5 Amps
  • Clearing Width (in.) 18
  • Depth of Snow Cut (in.) 10
  • Assembled Weight (lb.) 32.9
  • Throw Distance (ft.) 20
  • Two Year Warranty

Snow-Joe-SJ621 snow blower

If I am going to be completely honest here you can take all of the review for the Snow Joe SJ620 (see below) and apply it to the SJ621 – except this has the addition of headlights!

Let’s take a closer look.

This electric snow thrower has a 13.5 amp motor and can plow 650 lbs of snow a minute. It has a clearing width of 18 inches and cuts snow up to 10 inches deep.

The adjustable chute throws snow up to 20 feet. It weighs 31.5 lbs and comes with a two year warranty. Oh and it has 20 watt halogen headlights.

The simple truth of it is:

This is an ideal snow blower if you are a woman. Akin to a tiny lawn mower it comes pretty much ready to run – it is small, compact and extremely easy to maneuver

Because of its size it is easy to store, and of course is low maintenance. In all it is just so easy to use and clears up to 8 inches of snow with no problems whatsoever.

There is more to consider:

  • As mentioned this has some fantastic 20 watt halogen headlight, meaning you have more time to clear snow during these darker winter days. The lights are sharp and clear.
  • This has an impressive amount of power thanks to the 13.5 amp motor – with a cut path of 18 inches wide and 10 inches deep (although it struggles a bit more once the snow is deeper than 8 inches) it can remove up to 2,450 square feet of snow an hour.
  • It has a nice adjustable chute that rotates 180° and throws snow up to 20 feet
  • It has four nice, solid steel blades that feel durable and really cut through snow efficiently
  • It is exceptionally easy to maneuver and control – with sturdy wheels and ergonomic grips.

But remember:

Managing the cord is a pain – it is easy to get it twisted/tangled/run over – but this is a hazard of owning an electric device.

There is also an issue with the unit vibrating so much it loosens the plastic bolt tighteners – it would be better if this had the traditional metal nuts for more long term use.

In short:

If you have a normal townhouse/terraced house with a mid-sized driveway or walkway in an area that doesn’t get heavy snow this is perfect.

It is light, convenient, powerful despite its small size and quite simply easy. The SJ621 is a bit more expensive than the SJ620 – so if you need the headlight get this one, but either of them will do a great job.



  • Small, compact and maneuverable
  • Great headlights
  • Good amount of power
  • Solid steel blades
  • Nice adjustable chute


  • Managing cord is an issue
  • Unit does vibrate somewhat
Check availability

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#2 Snow Joe Ultra SJ620 Snow Thrower

Those with small to mid-sized driveways who get mild to moderate snow.

Product Spec

  • Power – Electric: 13.5 Amps
  • Clearing Width (in.) 18
  • Depth of Snow Cut (in.) 10
  • Assembled Weight (lb.) 31.5
  • Throw Distance (ft.) 20
  • Two Year Warranty

Snow-Joe-SJ620 snow blower

The Snow Joe Ultra SJ620 is a gem of a snow blower – combining solid build and great performance whilst being incredibly light and maneuverable.

Let’s jump right in.

This electric snow thrower has a 13.5 amp motor and can plow 650 lbs of snow a minute. It has a clearing width of 18 inches and cuts snow up to 10 inches deep.

The adjustable chute throws snow up to 20 feet. It weighs 31.5 lbs and comes with a two year warranty.

No beating around the bush.

This is a fantastic snow blower if you are female. It is made mainly of sturdy plastic and then heavy steel for the more important details that run the moving parts. As a result it is very light, but doesn’t feel like it will break.

Even if you are older you should be able to lift this without a problem and carry it up and down steps etc, etc and it is very easy to handle and maneuver. And of course you have no messing about with gas or maintenance, you simply plug it in and go.

It doesn’t stop there though:

  • Despite its light weight this packs a punch powerwise thanks to its 13.5 amp motor. It may not be heavy duty but it will certainly clear 10 inches of snow and maybe even more without a problem.
  • It has solid steel blades that should last.
  • It has a nice 180° adjustable chute which can be adjusted to control the height of the snow stream, all controlled by a handle under the main bar so no bending down to move it.
  • The wheels are compact, solid and pivot easily so you always feel you have full control of the machine and can easily change direction.
  • I love how the handlebars fold down multiple times so you can store it away easily.

A word of caution though:

The cord is a bit of a pain. If you aren’t careful you can easily run over it as the cord retainer doesn’t work too well. You will need to be aware of this.

It does only work going forward as well. It is easy to maneuver so this is only a slight problem.

The bottom line is:

If you have a small to mid-sized driveway or walkway and get mild to moderate snow this is as good as you will get.

It is easy to use, powerful, light and well designed and the price isn’t bad either – you can’t get much better.



  • Very light
  • Extremely easy to handle
  • Great power
  • Solid steel blades
  • Nice, adjustable chute


  • Cord design is a bit of a pain
  • Only works going forward
Check availability

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#3 WEN 5662 Blaster Snow Thrower

Those looking for a great budget buy.

Product Spec

  • Power – Electric: 13.5 Amps
  • Clearing Width (in.) 18
  • Depth of Snow Cut (in.) 7.8
  • Assembled Weight (lb.) 32
  • Throw Distance (ft.) 20
  • Two Year Warranty

WEN 5662

I know what you are thinking – an 18-inch snow thrower at such a budget price – surely it can’t be any good? Think again, the WEN 5662 is actually a wonderfully easy to use and efficient unit.

So let’s take a closer look:

This has a 13.5 amp motor that throws snow up to 20 feet away and 10 feet high and clears snow up to 18 inches wide and 7.8 inches deep.

This weighs 32lbs and comes with a two-year warranty.

Now for starters:

The price is just one of many things to like about this WEN snow blower. But the even better news is that it clears snow way better than you would imagine.

Whilst it probably isn’t set up for large driveways, on small areas it can clear up to 10 inches of snow at a push. Anything from an inch to six inches of snow and this clears it really quick and easily.

For such power it is lightweight and extremely easy to push and handles really nicely.

And there is more:

  • You can easily adjust the direction and angle of the snow chute and can rotate the head up to 180 degrees just by turning the crank. Then the simple press of the spring-loaded lever lets you adjust the angle of the arc the snow is thrown at.
  • Nice solid six-inch wheels that won’t get flat and make it easy to maneuver.
  • Well designed with an onboard carrying handle and an easily collapsable frame that makes it easy to both transport and store.
  • For the price it is nicely enough made with touches like the crank to turn the shoot you might not expect.
  • A nicely reinforced auger that gives you 2000 rotations per minute thanks to a 13.5amp motor.

Of course it isn’t perfect:

It does clog a little easily – especially when the snow is slushy and has melted a little – thankfully unclogging it is fairly easy as it is light and the chute isn’t too long.

Also the snow handle is made of metal – so it conducts the cold and makes it very uncomfortable to handle. A rubber handle would be much better.

In summary:

I think you will be shocked how this handles a decent amount of snow. Perfect for up to 6 inches of snow – and it can even deal with more.

It is lightweight, sturdy and easy to push and all at a bargain price.



  • Great price
  • Lightweight and easy to push
  • Lots of control over snow chute
  • Easy to store
  • Good build for the price


  • Will clog with slushy/wetter snow
  • Snow handle gets very cold
Check availability

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#4 Earthwise SN74016 Snow Shovel

Those who don’t want the hassle of cords!

Product Spec

  • Power – Battery: 4Ah (inc with charger)
  • Clearing Width (in.) 18
  • Depth of Snow Cut (in.) 12
  • Assembled Weight (lb.) 19
  • Throw Distance (ft.) 30
  • Two Year Warranty

Earthwise-SN74016 snow blower

In my opinion the Earthwise SN74016 is the best battery powered snow shovel on the market for women – it is small, maneuverable and does a great job!

Let’s get down to it.

This battery powered unit comes with a 4Ah battery and charger. It has a clearing width of 18 inches and clearing depth of 12 inches and clan plow 500 lbs of snow a minute.

It has an 180 degree adjustable chute that throws snow up to 30 feet. The whole thing weighs 19 lbs and comes with a two year warranty.

There are no two ways about it.

The inclusion of a decent battery and charger, at this price, is really more than you could possibly expect. It has a nice display that tells you how much battery is left as well.

The fast charging 40v 4 amp/hour battery gives you a more than adequate run time for clearing your driveway etc. You get around 40 minutes from a full charge and it is fully charged again within around an hour.

Any you know what else?

  • This is small, compact, light and maneuverable – great for women or older people as it is so easy to handle and move around.
  • It is incredibly quiet – more so than electric snow blowers – and won’t disturb your neighbours.
  • The handle design is really clever, with a nice cushioned grip, and it is easy to change direction – you get minimal fatigue from using it.
  • The build quality is good – it looks and feels solid and is easy to put together.
  • It also has two spotlights so you can clear snow early in the morning or late at night (and as it is so quiet you won’t disturb anyone)

But be aware:

Unlike some on this list it has plastic propellers that are more susceptible to break – so you will need to be more careful about what lays in its path. Also the 6 inch wheels feel a little bit too small, they could do with being an inch or two bigger to stabilise it cutting through wet snow.

To sum up:

This is a small snow blower, but it is perfectly formed! It will have no issues moving ten inches of moderately heavy snow and is light and easily maneuverable. Best of all the battery lasts well, charges quickly and means you don’t have to deal with any cords.

Please note – the link below will take you to Amazon where you can check the price – there are a number of different sizes of this device that you can flip through – from 10 to 18 inches depending upon what you need.

One thing I can tell you – none of them will let you down!



  • Great battery performance
  • So easy to maneuver
  • Really good handle design
  • Two spotlights – use in dark
  • Solid build


  • Plastic propellers
  • Tires are a little small
Check availability

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#5 Greenworks 2600202 Snow Thrower

Those wanting a great adjustable chute.

Product Spec

  • Power – Electric: 13 Amps
  • Clearing Width (in.) 20
  • Depth of Snow Cut (in.) 10
  • Assembled Weight (lb.) 32
  • Throw Distance (ft.) 20
  • Four Year Warranty

Greenworks-2600202 snow blower

An awesome little snow thrower with great maneuverability and surprising power the Greenworks 2600202 delivers everything you would expect and more for a fantastic price.

So here goes.

This has a 13 amp motor and weighs 32 lbs. It’s clearing width is 20 inches and clearing depth is 10 inches.

The chute is 180 degree adjustable and it throws snow up to 20 feet. It comes with a four year warranty.

Make no bones about it:

This has one of the best adjustable chutes on the market. It is extraordinarily easy to adjust it 180 degrees, using the extended hand lever to control the spring-loaded chute handle.

It is so easy to change the direction, it rarely seems to freeze and it has a user-friendly safety switch which should help prevent user accidents.

With that box ticked what else is there?

  • If you are female this is really easy to use as it is pretty powerful, but very lightweight. It isn’t hard to push and it is reasonably compact to store.
  • This has LED lights which are really bright and particularly useful in the dusk/dawn.
  • It has a cord holder that actually works! It makes handling the cord easier and using the snow blower much more straightforward
  • For a 20-inch snow blower – this comes at a really good price
  • This is nicely made. The outside body is pretty much all plastic, but sturdy plastic – the main mechanical parts are aluminium and seem durable.


It does, on occasions, feel a little underpowered in terms of the snow thrower – it can be a slightly annoying and time consuming.

I have a few issues with the scraper as it doesn’t get right down to the bare pavement, so sometimes you have a thin layer of ice/snow left.

In a nutshell:

This is what it is – an inexpensive, lightweight snow blower. It handles fresh, wet snow fine but does struggle with compressed snow and icy patches due to the fact it is so light.

But for its size it can move a surprising amount of snow and can deal with 8 inches of snow easily.



  • Great adjustable chute
  • Lightweight and easy to push
  • Nice bright LED lights
  • Cord holder that works!
  • Good price for the size


  • Snow thrower sometimes feels a little underpowered
  • Scraper could be better
Check availability

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#6 Sun Joe SJ615E Snow Blower

Those wanting a very light snow blower that will still do a job on slightly larger areas.

Product Spec

  • Power – Electric: 11 Amps
  • Clearing Width (in.) 15
  • Depth of Snow Cut (in.) 8
  • Assembled Weight (lb.) 24.3
  • Throw Distance (ft.) 20
  • Two Year Warranty

Snow-Joe-SJ615E snow blower

Snow Joe feature quite extensively in this list and with good reason – they know how to make a good snow blower – the SJ615E is no different and it is a great choice for females.

Let’s dive in:

The SJ615E has an 11 amp motor and weighs 24.3lbs. It has a clearing width of 15 inches and a clearing depth of 8 inches.

The chute is 180 degrees adjustable and throws snow up to 20 feet. It can plow 441 lbs of snow a minute and comes with a two year warranty.

So what is the big deal with this?

Put simply it is an ideal snow blower for a senior female. Everything about it is easy. It is really simple to put together and operate.

It cuts a fine line between being small but still maintaining a good level of performance. With a clearing width of 15-inches it is small enough to be easy to store but still gives you enough clearing power to clear 6/7 inches of snow without a problem and is great for smaller drives/yards/sidewalks.

And there is more:

  • The ease of storage is helped by a fantastic folding handle.
  • This is another snow blower at a great price – in fact it doesn’t cost much more than a decent snow shovel
  • It seems to glide through the snow with the minimum of fuss – a delight to maneuver and use.
  • This definitely gets it right with the wheels – they stabilise and drive the snow blower well and are easy to turn
  • The 11 amp motor is surprisingly powerful – it doesn’t bog or feel overload, but works steadily and efficiently.

Now of course it isn’t without its faults:

For some reason it seems to generate a fair amount of static when you are blowing dry snow, so when you touch the metal handle frame you get a mini electric shock – remember to wear gloves!

Also the snow thrower itself could do with a little more in the way of options, it seems to blow almost directly upward at times rather than to the side.

So it all adds up to this:

As this is pretty much all plastic it is exceptionally light, it clears snow really well and it is perfect for quickly and effectively clearing smaller areas.

Don’t be put off by the price or the size – this thing blows!



  • Really light
  • Great power/weight balance
  • Great price point
  • Compact and easy to store
  • Good wheels


  • Generates static
  • Chute could be more adjustable
Check availability

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#7 WORX WG650 Snow Thrower

Those looking for something ergonomically well designed.

Product Spec

  • Power – Electric: 13 Amps
  • Clearing Width (in.) 18
  • Depth of Snow Cut (in.) 10
  • Assembled Weight (lb.) 30
  • Throw Distance (ft.) 30
  • Two Year Warranty

Worx-WG650 snow blower

The WORX WG650 is much like many other WORX tools – reliable, well designed and a delight to use – especially if you are female.

Ok let’s dive in.

This electric snow thrower is powered by a 13 amp motor and has a clearing width of 18 inches and clearing depth of 10 inches.

It weighs 30 lbs and can throw snow up to 30 feet. It comes with a two year warranty.

Why does this stand out from the crowd?

I guess amongst a number of things it is the shear ease of use and design of this. Ergonomically it has been built to reduce fatigue and increase comfort and it certainly achieves this goal.

It has a three position handle you can adjust easily to suit your height and the chute is controlled by a nice lever on the handlebar which works well. The wheels are compact but really stabilise it and this is exceptionally easy to maneuver.

I also like:

  • The build is pretty reasonable. It is all plastic, except for a metal handle, but it does feel durable and sturdy plastic.
  • This means that it is very lightweight, not only for using, but also when you need to pick it up and move it around you can do so really easily.
  • This has a steel snow paddle – which is a real bonus as a lot of competing snow blowers have a plastic paddle which may break when encountering hard ice. This steel paddle doesn’t.
  • This has a pretty good cord management system, with a hook at the top of the handlebar you can wrap the cord around. It works well and makes it easier to use without the cord getting in the way.
  • It has a tool-less collapsible handle bar, so this can be fold up into literally the tiniest size making it easy to store.

So it all adds up to this:

There are some issues around the start button – it is easy, on colder days, for snow to collect around the start button you need to press, and stop the unit from shutting off (unless you whack the button a couple of times).

Also I have a few issues with the chute design, the design is not great and the wingnut that holds the chute crank stay in place loosens easily and the crankshaft can pop out of the chute control which is annoying.

Let’s recap:

For women this is light and easy to handle, it can plough through 8 inches of snow very easily. It won’t work on really wet and heavy snow, but powdery snow or snow that is a little wet or heavy it will banish without a problem.

It is a great user experience!



  • Comfortable to use
  • Lightweight
  • Sturdy steel snow pedal
  • Good cord management
  • Folds up and easy to store


  • Start button needs improving
  • Issues around chute design
Check availability

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#8 Toro Power Shovel

Those with less than 4 inches of snow looking for an ultra light shovel. 

Product Spec

  • Power – Electric: 7.5 Amps
  • Clearing Width (in.) 12
  • Depth of Snow Cut (in.) 6
  • Assembled Weight (lb.) 13.5
  • Throw Distance (ft.) 20
  • Two Year Warranty

Toro-38361 snow shovel

The Toro Power Shovel is the smallest and lightest unit on this list and on that account, if you only need it for light duty jobs, it might be the best choice for women.

So let’s get to work.

The Toro 38361 is a power shovel as opposed to a snow blower, but it works in a similar way. It is powered by a 7.5 amp motor and weighs 13.5lbs.

It has a clearing width of 12 inches and a clearing depth of 6 inches. It throws snow up to 20 feet and comes with a two year warranty.

This is huge:

You probably already know why I recommend this as being good for women – it is literally as light and easy to use as you can get.

At 13.5lbs it weighs about the same as a domestic cat and the weight is evenly distributed thanks to the clever design. It glides through snow like a hot knife through butter but still feels reasonably sturdy and durable.

Aside from that:

  • The handle is fantastically designed. It is telescopic and can be easily adjusted to a height that is comfortable for you, thanks to sliding and rotating height adjustments. It has two grips – a main grip for pushing and a lower grip for guiding and both are adjustable by up to 6 inches.
  • Because of the clever design of the handle it means not only is it comfortable to use it helps you get maximum leverage when you are clearing snow – making the task easier and quicker.
  • There is a smart cord lock and carrying handle – both are very effective and make this a nice unit to use.
  • The whole design is good – with a curved rotor and inverted funnel housing it means it clears a good amount of snow but doesn’t really clog.
  • I was surprised by how well this throws snow! It does seems to throw it a good 20 feet and at a slight angle which makes it more misty so you aren’t faced with thrown snow to shovel away.

Now of course it isn’t without its faults:

It is made almost completely of plastic – the blades are plastic so be aware they might wear down. And you need to be aware of the limitations of this – it isn’t not great for packed snow or large areas but is fantastic for light snowfall – below 4 inches.

Let’s recap:

This is fantastic for small areas with dry or semi-dry snow that is up to around 4 inches and absolutely perfect if you are a female or elderly as it is so light, compact and easy to transport.

It is the cheapest device on this list and if you are aware of its limitations then you definitely won’t be disappointed.



  • Incredibly small and light
  • Fantastic telescopic handle
  • Well designed
  • Good price
  • Good smart cord lock


  • Plastic construction could be stronger
  • Won’t work for heavier snowfall
Check availability

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#9 Snow Joe iON18SB Snow Blower

Those who are complete beginners to snow blowing.

Product Spec

  • Power – Battery: 4Ah
  • Clearing Width (in.) 18
  • Depth of Snow Cut (in.) 8
  • Assembled Weight (lb.) 32
  • Throw Distance (ft.) 20
  • Two Year Warranty
  • PRICE GUIDE: $$$

Snow-Joe-iON18SB snow blower

This Snow Joe is a fantastic snow blower option if you are a complete beginner – it is as simple as could be to use and of course you have no cord to worry about!

Let’s get down to business:

This battery powered snow blower uses a 4.0Ah battery and weighs 32 lbs. It comes with a two year warranty.

It has a clearing width of 18 inches, clearing depth of 8 inches and can throw snow up to 20 feet.

You know what I love about this?

Well there are a few things, but this is incredibly easy to change the direction of the blower. It has a raised lever button on the handle and it works really well.

Direction changes are lovely and smooth and quick and the blower quickly and easily dispatches the snow away from your path so it is slightly misty and doesn’t need to be cleared again.

There is more:

  • The battery is really good. It takes about two hours to fully charge and then you get around 50 minutes run time from it. Easily enough to clear say a double driveway and a sizeable amount of sidewalk on a single charge.
  • Aided by the lack of a cord and a clever design this is really lightweight and easy to move. The battery is the heaviest part, but even then it is easy to move.
  • This is VERY quiet – more so that an electric blower, so you can use it at anytime and not worry about disturbing anyone.
  • This has really nice 3W LED headlights that are great for using in the dark
  • This has some nice safety features. You gave to push a button on the side and pull the control bar down before the motor starts – clever design.

But you should know:

This is the most expensive snow blower on the list. Primarily as it is battery powered. So note you will be spending more on this.

Also one small issue – the battery is good but the compartment does pop open quite easily. You can remedy this with a bungee cord or rubber band, but it is a pain initially.

Let’s not forget:

This a great snow blower for a complete beginner and/or a female as it is so easy to use, light, compact and does a good job for most standard homes.

When it comes to dry snow up to around 7 inches deep it will be more than sufficient. For more snow it will struggle, but ultimately it is ultra portable, efficient and powerful. It is one of the best battery options on the market.



  • Really easy to change direction
  • Good battery
  • Very lightweight
  • Almost silent
  • Good headlights


  • More expensive
  • Battery compartment pops open
Check availability

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I hope you have found this rundown of some of the best snow blowers for women of use.

If you do have any questions or are uncertain about anything please feel free to drop me an email and I will do my best to help you.

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2 thoughts on “Best Snower Blowers For Women 2023: Blow That Snow Clear!”

  1. Hi, I’m a 68 yr old woman whose husband has Alzheimer’s. All of the “man jobs” have been thrown on my shoulders. We live in the middle of the forest, literally. There are no sidewalks, just yard. I need something battery operated that can handle making a walkway on the ground where grass would normally grow. Do you have any suggestions?

    • Hi Kathy, sorry to hear about your husband. I hope you are coping ok, it must be tough.

      In terms of something battery-operated, I am not certain of your budget but I really like the Earthwise SN74016 or there is the WORX WG471. I haven’t tested the WORX machine but I have tried some of its other products and they are always of the highest quality.

      Let me know how you get on.


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