Black & Decker BV6600 Leaf Blower Vac Review: Great Power, Low Noise Level – Very Neighbor-Friendly!

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With great power comes great–noise? Well, more often that’s that case. But with the Black & Decker BV6600 Leaf Blower Vac, you don’t need to worry about noise. You can clean up your yard anytime you want without repercussions from the neighbors.


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  • Model number – BV6600
  • Power – Electric
  • Motor – 12 amps
  • Air speed – 140-250 mph

  • Weight – 8.1 lbs
  • Mulch ratio – 16:1
  • Sound intensity – 68 db
  • Warranty – 2 years


About the Black & Decker BV6600 Leaf Blower Vac

The Black & Decker BV6600 is a high-performing 3-in-1 yard equipment. The three functions are blower, mulcher and vacuum.

The product runs on a 12-amp motor, which explains the power in this leaf blower vac. 

There’s also this:

The air speed on this thing is from 140 to 250 miles per hour. This allows you the option to choose from slow to medium to fast blowing. 

In terms of mulching, the tool has the capacity to turn 16 bags of organic debris to just one after mulching. 

Amazing, right?

The Black & Decker BV6600 also comes with its own bag with a capacity of 1.5 bushels. 

It weighs 8.1 pounds, too. 

Person using leaf blower

There’s more!

Of course, this runs on electricity, which means it is better for the environment. 

It’s great for your ears, too!

What does that mean?

The noise level is only at 68 decibels. 


There is a two-year warranty for this tool. 

The Good

Most leaf blowers have decibels in the late 90s or early 100s. They are mostly loud!

But the Black & Decker BV6600? Its sound is only at 68 decibels. This is supposedly 50% quieter than others. 

Not bad, right?

With regular leaf blowers, you have to schedule when you will clean your yard. You don’t want to do it early in the morning or late at night. 

You don’t want to have troubles with the neighbor. 

But with this leaf blower, you can clean your yard anytime you want! It’s not that loud at all!

Then you would think:

Maybe it’s not that powerful considering it’s quiet compared to the others. 

You’re in for a surprise! This baby has an air speed of 140 to 250 miles per hour. 

This way, you can choose the speed that will best fulfill your needs. Different speeds should be used around flower beds or when you are trying to remove matted leaves.


This is a three-in-one equipment. It’s a leaf blower, mulcher and vacuum. 

It’s a convenient yard cleaning tool to have. 

You need not worry about transition

It’s a matter of snapping on a button and snapping it off to change the function from a blower to a mulcher. 

Know this: 

This is a pretty great mulcher. The mulch ratio is 16:1, which means that for every 16 bags of leaves collected, they can be mulched into just one bag. 

It has no problem with shredding twigs. You don’t have to worry about possible clogging especially with its high-impact metal fan.

Black and Decker BV6600 mulcher part

Moving on

The vacuum is okay, but definitely not at par with the mulcher. 

The blower function is fantastic, too. 

Let’s talk about this:

The concentrator nozzle. 

The BV6600 set comes with a reusable collection bag, blow tube, vacuum tube and concentrator nozzle. Now the last part is a great tool in moving leaves that are stuck to the ground. 

That’s definitely a great addition to the equipment!

Let’s elaborate on the blower

Obviously, the main function of the Black & Decker leaf blower vac is removing fallen leaves in the yard. 

But it’s definitely a versatile tool. 

What else can it do?

The blower can also clear driveways and sidewalks. You can also take it to your deck to clear it of debris. 

You know what else?

You can mulch for days before you need to clean the BV6600. Cleaning it is a great practice but you can do so after some days of mulching. 

At least, the entire process won’t tire you out that much.


The product comes with a built-in code retainer so that extension will be kept in place. This way, it won’t be unplugged while in use. 

That’s always annoying when it happens. 

Get this:

It’s quite easy to assemble. That’s a big plus for me. 

I hate having to figure out what to do with complicated equipment. I especially hate it when the instructions are very hard to understand. 

You won’t have that problem with the BV6600. 

Person using leaf blower


It’s not really that heavy! It’s 8.1 pounds, which could tire you out when you work for a long time. 

But this is quite powerful so you really don’t have to spend too much time cleaning your yard. 

All in all

This amazing tool and its features will definitely keep your yard clean all year long. 

It also works so much better than its predecessor–as it should!

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The Not So Good

I just want to make this clear that the vacuum works well. This shouldn’t be a con. 

However, the mulcher just works so well! It’s great actually. 

In essence

The vacuum function is just inferior. Like I said earlier, the vacuum works well. 

But if you have a mulcher that great, why can’t you even out the equipment with an equally great vacuum?

I guess, nothing is perfect after all

There is also a bit of a problem with the dump bag. 

You know how I raved about the amazing mulcher that could process leaves with no problem at all?

Black and Decker BV6600 bag


Those twigs, even when processed well, still have some sharpness in them. 

They could sometimes pierce the bottom dump bag. If it’s a minor piercing, it’s fine; but it could be a hole and then you have to replace it. 

That would be absolutely terrible!

You know why? A new dump bag costs more than half the price of the entire leaf blower vac. 


My Verdict

Design - 90%
Performance - 92%
Price - 91%


Powerful without the noise!

When you have a yard, especially with trees, it’s guaranteed hard work. The Black & Decker BV6600 Leaf Blower Vac can certainly keep that load work light.

It functions as an amazing mulcher, fantastic blower and good vacuum. Yes, this one piece of equipment has three functions. And you wouldn’t know it based on its merits, but this leaf blower vac is actually 50% quieter than its counterparts.

With an air speed of 140 to 250 mph, this equipment allows you to be versatile around your yard. You want the lower speed to pick out leaves around the flower bed and trees, and the higher speed for some difficult and matted debris.

User Rating: 4.35 ( 1 votes)
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At A Glance

✔ Pros

  • Not loud
  • Powerful
  • Great mulcher
  • Versatile
  • Easy to change function

✘ Cons

  • Vacuum needs improvement
  • Bag is not durable


What makes the 68-decibel BV6600 special?

Regular leaf blowers have a noise level that ranges between 95 to 115 decibels. So the BV6600 is definitely so much quieter. Plus, the 95- to 115-decibel leaf blowers can have a sound intensity of 64 to 78 decibels from 50 feet away. Imagine how low the noise of your BV6600 is from your neighbor’s house. 

How is BV6600 better than its predecessor?
One thing that could spell the difference is the air speed. The BV5600 has an air speed range of 180 to 250 mph. There are many times where you need a lower air speed so as not to disrupt the other plants in your yard. 

What is the best extension cord for this leaf blower?
An outdoor heavy-duty cord should do it. Choose a 12-gauge one.

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