Do I Need A Cover For My Trampoline? (Discussed)

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A trampoline can be a fairly sizeable investment, so when you buy one you will want to take as good care of it as possible.

The thing about having a trampoline out in your yard is the fact there are potential threats to it everywhere and every day!

Some you may not even realize exist.

So do you need a cover for your trampoline? Will it eliminate these risks? Or is it just an unnecessary expenditure?

Let’s find out…

Do I Need A Cover For My Trampoline?

Using a trampoline cover will prolong the life of your trampoline, especially if you leave it outside all year round. It can protect against the harmful UV rays of the sun which can damage a trampoline mat, and prevent rain and moisture from causing rust. It also stops other detritus like tree sap and birds dropping from ruining your trampoline.

The Benefits of a Trampoline Cover

#1: It Will Offer UV Protection

You might think that rain and snow are the only threats the climate offers to a trampoline, but that is far from true.

Equally damaging to the structure can be the UV rays from the sun.

If your trampoline is in a spot that gets a lot of sun (lucky you!), the UV rays from the sun will slowly degrade the mat.

If you have ever noticed that your children’s feet are black after a spell on the trampoline it could be because the sun’s rays have broken down the mat, and the carbon fiber is coming through.

A good UV-resistant cover will protect your trampoline mat against this.

#2: It Will Keep Your Trampoline Dry

At the other end of the spectrum, rain, snow and sleet will also shorten the lifespan of your trampoline.

Whilst the sun can damage the mat, safety pads and netting, too much moisture can cause the frame, springs and legs to rust.

A cover will also protect your trampoline against this threat.

Additionally, depending on the cover, it removes the need to dry the trampoline after a spell of heavy rain.

Once the cover is removed your kids are free to jump on and enjoy the fun without a hazardously slippy surface beneath their feet.

#3: It Will Keep Your Trampoline Clean

A trampoline cover can be especially beneficial if your trampoline has overhanging trees nearby, or if your yard is a haven for birds and wildlife.

Two of the most stubborn stains to remove are bird droppings and tree sap, so with a cover over your trampoline that problem is eliminated!

All debris, such as leaves and twigs will fall onto the cover, which can be quickly removed.

It means your trampoline is cleaner and healthier.

#4: It Will Prolong the Life of Your Trampoline

A trampoline cover will protect your trampoline against the elements, keep it clean and dry and keep it healthy.

In short, a trampoline cover will prolong the life of your trampoline.

#5: It Means You Don’t Have to Store Away Your Trampoline in the Winter

You will find that the instructions most trampoline manufacturers offer tell you that your trampoline should be stored away during harsh weather conditions, whether that be extreme heat or sub-zero winters.

And ideally, I would always advise that is what you do.

But sometimes it just isn’t practical, or it really can feel like too much of an effort to completely disassemble a trampoline for the winter and then put it together again a couple of months later.

If you don’t want to store your trampoline away in the winter, buy a good quality cover to give it as much protection as possible.

Buying A Trampoline Cover: What to Consider

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If you are considering buying a trampoline cover, there are a few things you need to consider:

The Material

Look for a weatherproof cover that protects against UV rays. Laminated PE or PVC trampoline covers are your best bet.

The Drainage

We’ve mentioned above how trampoline covers protect the metal parts of your trampoline against rust. The danger with some trampoline covers is that water can accumulate on top of them, and then weigh down on the trampoline. 

The best trampoline covers usually allow water to drain through a small mesh opening in the centre, thus removing this problem.

If you buy a trampoline cover that doesn’t have this option, then you can simply put something like a small pole or box in the middle of the trampoline mat.

This will elevate the middle of the cover and allow water to drain away to the edges.

The Size

You want a trampoline cover that covers the entire trampoline, including the springs (even if they are covered by a spring protector).

It should fit snugly to your trampoline and neither be pulled too tight or too loose.

The Best Trampoline Covers: A Round-Up

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For better or worse the vast majority of us do our shopping on Amazon these days, so let’s finish off by looking at the best trampoline covers available on Amazon.

#1: Skywalker Trampolines Weather Cover

Skywalker is one of the biggest names in the trampoline manufacturing world and unsurprisingly its trampoline weather cover is one of the best available.

It is made of weatherproof vinyl coated, UV resistant PVC and is heavy-duty and easy to install.

#2: Exacme Round Trampoline Cover

Available in a variety of sizes, this cover offers great UV protection and is a good choice if you have a round trampoline.

It has strong elasticated straps and solid s-hooks and will prolong the life of your trampoline.

#3: Sihaian Trampoline Cover

The Sihaian trampoline cover also comes in a variety of sizes, and the material feels thick and resilient.

It fits well and the drawstrings allow it to be quickly and easily tightened around the frame.

#4: Sposuit Trampoline Cover

Made with strong elastic fastenings and a weather-resistant PE cover, the Sposuit trampoline cover is another good option.

It drains water and feels well-made.

#5: Hainice Trampoline Cover

The Hainice trampoline cover is made of vinyl-coated material and has a nice heavy-duty cord install that makes fitting it onto trampolines easy.

It feels durable and is UV resistant.

Final Thoughts

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Do you need a cover for your trampoline?

Of course not, you don’t necessarily need anything in life!

But a trampoline cover will prolong the life of your trampoline, especially if you leave it out all year round.

It can offer protection against the elements as well as against animals and tree sap and keep it clean and dry.

In short, using a trampoline cover will have nothing but a beneficial effect on your trampoline, and could save you money on repairs or replacement trampolines.

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