How Much Is a Jungle Gym? (Top Brand Prices Compared)

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Are you considering putting up a jungle gym at home?

You should!

There are so many benefits to having a jungle gym for your children, physically, socially, and mentally. 

But parents may be worried about the price. 

How much is a jungle gym?

Let’s take a look at the best-reviewed jungle gyms and how much they sell for. 

A jungle gym can sell for as low as a couple of hundred dollars or euros to thousands. It all depends on the design and the size. The jungle gym has come a long way from the one that Sebastian Hinton designed in the 1920s. Some jungle gyms have included swings, slides, and other features that make the equipment more fun while retaining its original intent of keeping kids physically healthy as well. 

Jungle Gym: A Brief Introduction

A jungle gym is playground equipment that supports a child’s desire to climb. 

The first jungle gym was created by lawyer Sebastian Hinton in 1920. 

A prototype of the jungle gym is still on display at a museum in Winnetka, Illinois, where Hinton and wife Carmelita used to live. 

Hinton had the jungle gym patented. 

In his patent explanation, he discussed how the use of the equipment mimic’s the monkey’s instinct to move and swing from one tree to another with a troop of other monkeys. 

Jungle gyms allow children to climb and be active, resulting in better physical health. 

The equipment also encourages analysis and imagination, which is great for a child’s mental health. 

And it’s always more fun to climb with other children.

In a way, the jungle gym also provides opportunities for children to make new friends.

But many parents are concerned with the budget. 

So, how much is a jungle gym?

Jungle Gym: Prices, Brands, Design

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The jungle gym has come a long way from the basic and linear climbing frames Hinton created over 100 years ago. 

Some have the basic geometric climbing design that Hinton first had a glimpse of when he was young. 

His father, the genius Charles Hinton, created a geometric dome where Sebastian and his siblings played. 

The modern design is more varied than ever. 

Some climbing frames have even evolved into a full mini playground with swings and slides. 

Let’s check out the prices of different types of jungle gyms from different brands:

Geometric Dome

The most basic jungle gym is the geometric dome. It is usually colorful and contains a myriad of ways to navigate the entire dome. Children can sit on the top of the dome or climb and swing from one bar to the other. 

Here are five brands and their prices:



Age RangeWeight Capacity

Eezy PeezyHigh-quality plastic70” x 47”
x 66”
years old

150 lbs
$127.99 / €114.99
JugaderSteel120” x 120” x 60”3-10 years old800 lbs$361.75 / €325.0Comes with trampoline
coated steel
120” x 120” x 60”3-10
years old
600 lbs
$224.31 / €201.53
NAQIERSteel120” x 120” x 60”3-10
years old
800 lbs$199.99 / €179.68

Galvanized steel120” x 120” x 60”3-10
years old

800 lbs
$209.99 / €188.67

Indoor Jungle Gym

Not everyone has a yard. 

It doesn’t mean that high-rise apartment and condo dwellers don’t have the right to enjoy a jungle gym. 

Jungle gyms have an indoor variety too. 

The indoor jungle gym is obviously smaller.

But many have additional components aside from climbing. 

It will really give your child a workout like an adult gym would. 

Here are some of the top brands of indoor jungle gyms:



Age RangeWeight Capacity

AvenlurWood43” x 47” x 47”2-6
years old

300 lbs
$399 / €358.497–in-1 equipment
Eezy PeezyHigh-quality plastic56” x 62” x 29”1-3
years old
150 lbs
$167.55 / €150.53
3-in-1 equipment
Gym1Alloy steel10” x 26” x 20”3 years old and above300 lbs
$179.99 / €161.71
Needs to hang in a doorframe
WedantaWood59” x 49” x 52”1-6
years old
110 lbs$389.00 / €349.005-in-1 equipment

Large Jungle Gym

Children on play equipment

The large jungle gym is perfect for large backyards. 

It is sometimes put up in small community playgrounds. 

But an expansive jungle gym is more than just climbing equipment. 

It is so far from what Hinton originally envisioned his jungle gym to be. 

Some have a slide, multiple swings, and a house-like structure. 

These types of jungle gyms are also more expensive. 

Ideally, they should accommodate more children and have a higher weight capacity. 

Here are some of the best on the market:



Age RangeWeight Capacity

Backyard DiscoveryCedar wood200.79” x 263.78” x 149.61”3-10
years old
720 lbs$2,299 / €2,065.59Complete playhouse set
coated steel
76.65” x 76.65” x 82.60”6-100 years old (not a typo)NA$1,349.50/ €1,212.49Comes w/ saucer swing
LifetimePlastic165.6” x 223.2”  x 93”3++ years old450 lbs$1,599.99 / €1,437.54Comes w/ 9’ wave slide

Is a Jungle Gym Worth Buying?

The jungle gym has many benefits, so yes, it is worth buying. 

Nowadays, you can’t separate your child from their gadget. 

However, you can provide them with an alternative form of enjoyment. 

The great thing about the jungle gym is that you can buy it depending on your budget. 

It’s important to note that budget must not be the only consideration in buying a jungle gym. 

Weight capacity and durability are the most vital considerations when purchasing a jungle gym. 

But if the budget is tight, you can buy the geometric domes, which are usually more affordable than large jungle gyms. 

In some cases, size is a crucial criterion too. 

If you live in apartments and condominiums, there are indoor jungle gyms for your child or children. 

Final Thoughts

INFOGRAPHIC Answer the question How Much Is a Jungle Gym
Click infographic to enlarge.

Should you buy a jungle gym?

It’s a definite yes!

How much is a Jungle Gym? Well, one of the great things (and there are many) about the jungle gym is that there is usually one that’s perfect for your price point. 

There are so many types of jungle gyms. 

They come in various types, designs, sizes, and prices. 

Find one that best fits your budget. 

Just make sure you also consider its durability and weight capacity. 

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