Gardening for Beginners: Top 10 Gardening Tools and Their Uses

Top 10 Gardening Tools and Uses

If you just started gardening, then you should read this. We have listed the top 10 tools that every beginner should have in their garden.

Here are the top 10 gardening tools and their uses:

What Are The Right Gardening Tools?

Knowledge is power, right? Well, in this case, knowledge will allow you to do your work properly. 

In the case of gardening, having the right gardening tools will make things easier for you. It’s easy to think that gardening is just about your hands, but tools make the work more convenient. 

Not only that

The right tools could be the key to a healthy garden. 

They could also be important for a healthy you. 

What does this mean?

Without the appropriate tools, you could hurt yourself while gardening. You may also hurt your back or your hands. 

Creating a beautiful garden requires you to invest in some dependable gardening tools. 

Here’s the deal

You don’t have to buy the most sophisticated gardening tools. All you need are the basics, and if you get the hang of it, then maybe you could upgrade your equipment. 

As a beginner, there are just at least 10 tools that you should invest in. 

Something to think about

It’s not about the most good-looking gardening tool. It’s about what is comfortable for you to use. 

When you buy your gardening tools, you should consider actually going to the store. 


Because you need to test the tools yourself. 

Don’t buy the tools online. You can’t just rely on other people’s reviews because what’s good for them may not necessarily be good for you. 

Hold the tools and check if they are comfortable to grip. 


For the bigger tools, you have to make sure that it’s the right height and weight for you. The right height wouldn’t give you back pains. 

As for the weight, you have to consider two things: you want something light, but at the same time, you want a tool that is capable of doing its job. 

Now, let’s move on to the tools that you should have in order to start gardening.  

Gardening Tools and Their Uses

Here are 10 of the gardening tools every gardener / garden enthusiast should have:

1. Trowel


This is the quintessential gardening tool. This is probably the one thing that a gardener cannot live without. 

This hand-held tool is multi-purpose. You use the trowel to dig a hole or you can use it to put soil in pots. 

What else?

The trowel can also be used to dig out weeds. Sometimes, you could even use it to transplant plants, although there is such a thing as a transplanter. 

Aside from that, you could also use the metal part to pat down soil and smoothen an area. 

By the way

There are so many different kinds of trowels as they could also be used in masonry and other tasks. Make sure you look for a garden trowel when you start assembling your garden tool. 

Test out the handle if it’s comfortable for you. Most handles are made of wood while others are made of rubber and other materials. 

The digging part is mostly made of metal but in some cases, they could also be hard plastic. 

2. Transplanter


This looks like the trowel but the digger is more narrow. Also, make sure that you buy the transplanter with measurements. 

Much like the trowel, a transplanter is also used for digging. The numbers on the transplanter indicate the depth of your digging. . 

Since it has a more narrow blade, it could be used in tighter spaces like a rock garden. 

Of course

It’s called a transplanter because this is the most appropriate tool to use when you dig out a plant from a pot and plant it on a garden bed. 

3. Cultivator


This completes the trifecta of basic gardening tools. Usually, you could buy the trowel, transplanter, and cultivator in one set. 

This tool has teeth, technically termed as shanks, so they will pierce the soil and you could drag it out. The purpose of that is to pulverize the soil. 

By doing that

You are basically aerating the soil. This is usually used before you start planting. You use the cultivator to prepare the garden bed. 

But it could also be used after planting as a maintenance tool. You can remove weeds using the cultivator. 


There is also a big cultivator if that’s what you prefer. The bigger one is better for larger gardens. This way, you won’t have to hurt your back while cultivating the soil. 

4. Spade

Spade in dirt

Just like the trowel, which has many uses, its big brother the spade also has various garden usage. 

You can use it for turning the soil.

This is important

The soil is usually turned over every year. When doing so, it would also be a good idea to put organic matter into it. 

That spade would also be perfect for collecting the organic matter from your compost container to the garden soil.

Then, you could also use the spade to create and maintain an edge in your landscape. Edging brings a neat and crisp look to your lawn or garden. 

Here’s more

This is not really a digging tool. However, just in case you don’t have a shovel, you can also dig with the spade. It’s just much harder with its straight bottom. 

5. Shovel

Portrait of happy gardener crouching while holding shovel at plant nursery

Many use the term spades and shovels interchangeably. Actually, they are two different things. 

The main difference is in the scooping tip. The spade has a straight bottom while the shovel has a pointed tip. 

Looking back

We’ve outlined the many uses of the spade, but if we have to be more technical about it, shovels are used more for digging while the spade is for transferring the soil from one place to the other. 

While you can still dig with the spade, the shovel will allow you to dig even deeper because of its sharp tip. 

It would be very useful to have the two tools at home for various gardening tasks. 

6. Rake

Farmer raking oranges on ground, close-up, surface level view

This tool is often referred to as the broom for outside use. It’s a toothed bar that is attached to a handle and used to collect leaves, grass, among others. 

The rake can also be used for loosening the soil, although the cultivator will be the more appropriate tool for that. 


Rakes can also be used for light weeding. You can rake through the garden carefully and some of the weeds will be pulled through by the tool. 

They can also be used to gather various debris in the yard. 

7. Pruning shears

Man cutting branches at garden

This is an important tool for maintenance of your garden. They are like heavy-duty scissors designed to cut plant stems and branches. 

They are also important tools to ensure that your shrubs will grow nice, neat, and healthy. They are also necessary in removing dead parts of the plants. 

Now, if you have trees in the garden, you might want to have the loppers. 

What are they?

They are pruning shears with much longer handles. Loppers provide more reach. You need two hands to use this tool. 

8. Garden hose

Man with hosepipe

Everybody knows that water is important in the health of all plants. You definitely need a garden hose for your garden. 

The watering can will also do the trick but the hose is so much more convenient to use. It’s lighter, too. 


The hose will be great whether you have a small or large garden.

9. Wheelbarrow

Older lady holding wheelbarrow

Instead of lugging all these tools one by one, you should just put them in your wheelbarrow. It’s more convenient.

The wheelbarrow isn’t just for the tools either. If you are harvesting flowers or produce, you can just put them in this wheeled equipment. 


If you are transplanting, you can also use the wheelbarrow. This tool can also be used for transporting soil and other outdoor materials. 

10. Gloves

Lady wearing gardening gloves and holding plant

It can be argued that a pair of gloves are not gardening tools per se. However, they are important items used in gardening. 

You have to use gloves when you are gardening. For one, it would keep your hands and fingernails clean. 


They protect you from blisters and would prevent calluses from forming. They will also protect your hands from cuts and scrapes from plants with thorns or just sharp branches. 

Who knows? There might also be bugs and insects running around the garden. They won’t be able to bite your hands with your gloves on. 

More importantly

You want to protect your hands from chemicals in case you need to apply herbicides and other chemicals on your plants. 

Some plants have diseases, too. You don’t want to be infected by those. 


Are you just starting to garden? There are 10 basic gardening tools that you should have. Knowing the basic gardening tools and their uses is very useful. 

The use of the appropriate tools for your gardening needs is crucial. They could make the garden more beautiful, and they could be essential in the proper growth of your plants. 

Buying the right tools is not about choosing the most sophisticated items. It’s actually about your comfort. You can work better if you are comfortable with the gardening tools you have. 

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