Wooden Wind Chimes: Welcome Positive Vibes At Home & Your Garden

Wooden wind chimes

Don’t you just love the sound of wooden wind chimes? For some people, these provide more than just melody. Wind chimes are said to ward off bad spirits while others think they bring luck.

Let’s find out more about wind chimes.

History of Wind Chimes

The use of chimes dates back to ancient Rome. Back then, their wind chimes were made of bronze and were called tintinnabulum.

Just like today, they were placed in courtyards, gardens, and porticoes where sound-making can be maximized. 

Let’s elaborate on the design

The tintinnabulum was mostly made of bells and accompanied by a phallus. The former was meant to ward off evil spirits while the latter supposedly symbolizes good fortune. 

By the second century, wind chimes became popular in India. They were put on pagodas.

The same became popular in China years later. The chimes then were also made of bronze. 

Get this

The pagoda chimes have a dual purpose. They were meant to thwart evil spirits while also scaring away birds. 

In other parts of Asia, they were also placed in temples as protection against bad spirits. 

In Japan, there were wind chimes known as furin


You’ll see wind chimes in gardens, patios, outdoor spaces, and even in the doorway. They are usually used as accessories.

They can also be used in feng shui. 

How do they make sounds?

A wind chime is a percussion instrument made from suspended tubes or rods or bells or other objects that make a sound when they move. They are usually made of metal or wood. 

It is called a wind chime because the natural movement of air causes this musical instrument to make a sound when they strike together. 


Wind chimes are usually suspended at a height. 

They are also considered as a perfect example of chance-based music as the sound is made at random, as a result of the blowing wind. 

Wooden wind chimes in garden

Why People Have Wind Chimes

Why not? 

There are actually a number of reasons why people have wind chimes and they go beyond the visual and auditory attractiveness. 

1. Visually pleasing

Most wind chimes are attractive. As a result, they also make the space more attractive. 

You can choose from a variety of designs. There are probably thousands of designs to choose from. Although, your store may only carry a few dozen designs.

2. Euphonious sound

People also buy wind chimes for their sound. The music they make never gets annoying because they don’t make the exact same sound every time. 

If you can choose different designs of wind chimes, you can also choose different pitches. 

Let me elaborate

Chimes make inharmonic spectra.

The sound they make or pitch could also be subject to their placement. For example, when they are hung at about 22.4% of their length, the fundamental rings make the loudest sound. 


Frequency can be determined by the size of the materials used in the chimes. So, the length, width and thickness of the material will affect the sound it makes. 

3. Determine wind direction

That’s right! Wind chimes can also be used to determine wind direction. However, this will also depend on where you actually hung the product. 

4. Feng shui

The literal translation of the phrase is wind-water. It refers to the geomantic Chinese practice of usher in good fortune. 

Like in the olden times, wind chimes are said to ward off bad spirits. That belief holds true until today. 


The feng shui only works when the wind chimes are situated in a good location. 

Also, aside from stopping evil from getting into your home, the wind chimes are also meant to welcome positive energy. 

Let’s be more specific

You know how a lot of wind chimes are placed by the doorway? According to feng shui, guests who are welcomed with a nice sound from the chime would be bearers of positive energy. 

Closeup of chimes

Why You Should Choose Wooden Wind Chimes

Why You Should Choose Wooden Wind Chimes

There are three basic types of chimes:

  • Metal
  • Wood
  • Glass

Some wind chimes are also made of porcelain and ceramic. 

Each type offers a different type of tone. Here are the reasons why you should choose wooden wind chimes:

More mellow tone

Wood has a more mellow and deeper tone while the metal chimes are more high-pitched. The glass chimes are more in between. 

Of course, you can choose what you prefer. However, generally, the wooden chimes are just less annoying because of the earthy sound. 


If you have neighbors close by, the wooden wind chimes might be better for you. 

It’s also more calming for people. It will help you relax and unwind. You might fall asleep better, too. 


Wood is a more environment-friendly material. If you want to dispose of the wind chimes, wood is actually biodegradable. The same cannot be said of metal and glass. 


Wooden wind chimes are usually cheaper, too. Of course, the price of the wind chimes also depend on other things like the design, the manufacturer, and the accessories. 

Generally, though, wood is cheaper than steel and glass. 

Bamboo wind chimes

Put Wooden Wind Chimes in the Garden

You know what would complete the aesthetics of your garden? Wooden wind chimes!

Hear me out

First of all, you need all the positive energy you can get for your garden. Tending a garden is no easy task. 

Taking care of the plants is just the easy part. However, you also have to protect your plants from animals, pests, weeds, and diseases.

You should really ward off those negative stuff from the garden. 

Of course

If you don’t believe in feng shui, just think that wind chimes would elevate the look of your garden. 

Think of wind chimes as accessories that would just enhance the beauty of your garden. They will act as accents to your already lovely outdoors. 


You know how some gardeners would talk to their plants? Studies say that plants respond positively to mild vibrations, hence, they are said to grow well when people talk to them. 

Wind chimes provide mild vibrations as well, which would provide the positive energy that plants need. 

To those who believe in feng shui

Wind chimes promote optimum qi, which is positive energy. 

According to feng shui, wooden wind chimes should be placed along the eastern and southeastern border in order to stop bad luck. 

You know what else?

Wooden wind chimes just look so natural in the garden. After all, they are made of materials that can be seen in the garden. 

They can just easily blend in with nature and would not look out of place at all. 

In fact

Wooden wind chimes would be perfect for zen gardens. 

You can easily hang wooden wind chimes on a tree branch. 

Wind Chimes Costa Rica Cartago Bamboo


Wooden wind chimes can elevate the look of your home or your garden. That wonderful earthy tone when the wind blows also provides great comfort. 

You know what else wooden wind chimes provide? Good fortune! That is if you believe in feng shui. Wind chimes have been around since before the common era. Back then and until now, a lot of people believed that wind chimes can ward off evil spirits and welcome good fortune. However, you have to know the proper position for the wind chimes or it won’t work. 

There are visual, auditory, and superstitious reasons why you should have wind chimes at home, especially outdoors or in the garden where the breeze is more prominent. Get the wooden wind chimes for a more tone-down and relaxing sound. 

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