What To Look for When Buying a Hammock (Top Tips To Get One That Suits Your Needs)

HEADER What To Look For When Buying a Hammock

Hammocks are fantastic and incredibly versatile. 

You can sit and relax on them or sleep overnight on them.

They can be used at home, either indoors or outdoors. 

Many hammocks are foldable so you could take them with you wherever you want to go, whether that be to the beach during a weekend getaway or the mountains during a retreat. 

Many more use hammocks for camping and backpacking. 

So, the question now is: what should I look for when buying a hammock?

We’ve got you covered!

When buying a hammock, don’t just go for the one that looks the best. You need to figure out your goal. Are you buying a hammock for the home or a vacation house? Are you going camping, do you need a hammock to sleep in? Once you have answered that you need to consider things like the material, its size, and the price point.

Why Are You Buying the Hammock?

Hammocks come in different sizes, colors, materials, and brands. 

Picking one can be quite confusing. 

So, how do you choose a good hammock? 

The first step is to understand why you want to buy a hammock. 

You’re Going Camping/Backpacking

Many camping enthusiasts are exchanging their tents for hammocks because they are lighter, more convenient, and better for the back. 

For that purpose, the hammock has to be made of all-weather material

You Need a Bed Alternative

A lot of people prefer sleeping in a hammock for various reasons:

  1. The swaying motion allows many people to sleep soundly.
  2. The hammock embrace feels comfortable.
  3. It’s great for your back.
  4. It eliminates the risk of having bed bugs.

Such a “bed” could be placed anywhere too. You could have it outdoors and enjoy the natural breeze. 

What type of hammock is best for sleeping?

You might want something made from a comfortable material and one that is large enough to accommodate pillows, blankets, and more.

Test the hammock before buying. 

You Want an Indoor Hammock Chair

Hammock chair hanging in yard

A hammock can also be a piece of indoor furniture. 

In this case, aesthetics and comfort are the main considerations. 

A hammock chair provides a unique and fun vibe in the living room or any part of your home’s interior.

It’s portable, too, so you can easily transfer it from one place to another–depending on your preference. 

Here’s a bit of trivia: sitting on a hammock chair can be quite healthy because it keeps you active. It engages your core and enhances your versatility and balance. 

You Need an Outdoor Swing for Your Children

If you have kids at home, a hammock is a more affordable version of a backyard swing. 

When buying one, you have to make sure it’s sturdy and it swings high. 

Factors To Consider When Buying a Hammock

Now that you know the reason for buying a hammock, let’s get into specifics. Consider the following factors when buying a hammock. 


Hammocks don’t have a standard size because they come in different types and forms. 

The length can range from 74 to 132 inches (6 to 11 feet). The width can be between 39 and 50 inches (3.25 and 4.2 feet) for single hammocks and about 52 to 60 inches (4.3 to 5 feet) for doubles. 

Doubles? You read that right! While difficult, two people may sleep in a hammock

What size hammock is best?

The consensus is size matters, the bigger the hammock, the better, especially for tall or heavy people. 

But for campers and backpackers, the bigger hammocks also mean extra weight.

Weight Holding Capacity

Hammocks can generally support weights ranging from 200 to 800 pounds. 

To be safe, check the label of the hammock you are eyeing up. 

Obviously, you should choose a hammock that can support your weight and more. 


Hammock close up

A wide range of materials or fabrics can be made into a hammock. Here are some options:


It’s the most popular fabric for hammocks.

Cotton is soft and breathable. It is also among the most comfortable hammock materials. 

The material is so versatile that you can find cotton hammocks in hundreds of different colors and designs. 

As such, you can find one that best fits your personality. 

It’s the perfect material for a hammock at home, where comfort and design are the most important. 

Cotton hammocks are affordable and safe on the skin. 

The downside is that it’s not as durable as other materials and it can get wet, which means it’s not right for camping. 


It’s a popular hammock material for outdoor use, which is why it has become quite popular over the years. 

It is also lightweight yet durable. 

However, it’s not as gentle on the skin as cotton because nylon is a synthetic material. 

A nylon hammock can also be quite pricey, which may be worth it because as mentioned, it is durable and great for outdoors. 

Many camping hammocks are made from nylon.


Polyester is another popular material for camping hammocks. 

It is better than nylon in terms of moisture wicking. 

Because of its smooth surface, it is comfortable for sleeping, although not as comfortable as cotton. 

The tight weave also makes it durable and breathable. 

Since it’s a quick-dry material that is usually used for camping and backpacking, polyester hammocks are quite pricey. 


Rope material is one of the more popular types of hammocks that we usually see on beaches or vacation homes. 

A rope hammock is made of either cotton fibers or synthetic fibers that are braided together to make a functioning product. 

It is a classic and it is very affordable. 

It is also light, so you can take it with you wherever you go–except camping and backpacking. 


Hammock in tropical location

What accessories do you need for your hammock?

Suspension System

The large fabric doesn’t make a hammock. 

It needs a suspension system–carabiners and tree straps–so that hammocks can be hung. 

Carabiners have to be strong enough to carry the weight of the user. 

As for the tree straps, experts suggest straps must not be smaller than an inch so that they won’t damage the trees

Mosquito Net

If you plan to sleep outdoors in a hammock, then you need a mosquito net to keep you comfortable. 

Camping Accessories

For camping, you need various accessories that will keep you warm throughout the night. Depending on the temperature, here are some things you need at camp:

  • Sleeping pad
  • Underquilt
  • Rain/wind tarp
  • Top quilt


Price matters. 

Sometimes, the best hammock is one that we can afford. 

However, don’t just consider the cheapest option. You need to consider value for money. 


What’s a good hammock brand?

When it comes to indoor hammocks, brands aren’t always the consideration since you just want something comfortable and visually appealing. 

But for camping and backpacking, you want to choose a brand that is known for its outdoor hammocks. 

Some of the brands we recommend are the following:

  • ENO
  • Wise Owl 
  • Kootek
  • Covacure
  • Sunyear

The New York Times suggested the following brands:

  • ENO
  • Grand Trunk

Meanwhile, BuzzFeed has the following recommendations:

  • Wise Owl
  • Sunyear
  • Kammok
  • Kootek
  • ENO
  • Blue Ridge
  • Gold Armour

On Quora, a user posted the question: What is the best camping hammock today? 

Here are some of the answers:

“I think the best camping hammock is the one that you feel most comfortable in. There are a lot of factors to consider when buying a camping hammock, so it’s worth spending some time looking at different models before making your decision.”

“The best hammock is the one that works for you and you can afford. There are hundreds to choose from now because there are a million different opinions. I can make a hammock using my tarp and paracord and have never considered paying a bunch of money for something else. Good luck.”

“The best is rather subjective, there are plenty of really good hammocks. I’m a fan of the cottage industry hammock makers – a lot of attention to detail and good value because you buy direct from the maker.”

The replies are almost in a general agreement that the best brand is the one that works for you!

Final Thoughts

INFOGRAPHIC Explaining What To Look For When Buying a Hammock
Click infographic to enlarge.

With hundreds of hammocks on the market, it can be quite challenging to choose which one to buy. 

But everything starts with a purpose: Why do you need a hammock? 

Once you’ve answered that question, you can narrow down the options based on the following factors: size, material, brand, and price. 

Now that you have all the information you need, start looking out for your ideal hammock! 

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