Best Expandable Garden Hoses: 8 Awesome Products that Provide Great Coverage

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If you have a large yard, then you definitely need an expandable garden hose. They can expand to around three times the length of a regular hose to make reaching those awkward spots in your yard much easier.

Here are the best expandable garden hoses:

Best Expandable Garden Hoses
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#1: HARNMOR Expandable Garden Hose
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#2: HIYUTOY Expandable Flexible Hose
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100ft 93%Check Price
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#3: Flexi Hose
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50ft 92%Check Price
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#4: INNAV8 Expandable Garden Hose
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50ft 92%Check Price
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#5: Gardguard Expandable Hose
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50ft 91%Check Price
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#6: TheFitLife Flexible and Expandable Garden Hose
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50ft 90%Check Price
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#7: Joey’s Expandable Garden Hose
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#8: GrowGreen Garden Hose
>>> BEST FOR: Quintessential qualities
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All You Need To Know About Expandable Hoses

As the name suggests, this product is a hose that expands, thereby providing more coverage. If you have a large yard, then this is definitely the hose for you. 

Usually, the product expands to three times the length of the regular hose. 

But you know what?

The product isn’t that bulky at all because it only expands when there is water pressure. Basically, the expansion happens when the faucet is on. 

When you turn it off, it goes back to its original length. 

In essence

The hose is also self-draining. You know how some hoses have water remaining inside the coil? 

That rarely happens with the expandable garden hose.

Moreover, you rarely experience tangling and twisting. 

Here’s another thing:

This product is actually lighter than a regular hose. 

Isn’t that fantastic?

It truly is!

The expandable hose comes with two layers: an inner layer and an outer one:

  1. The inner layer is a tube from where water flows. This is made of an elastic product. It could be elastic rubber like latex or thermoplastic polyurethane (TPU) or it could be a specially designed tube. Different brands use different materials but the idea remains.
  2. The outer layer could be nylon or any sturdy fabric like polyester.

This is how it works:

When the water is turned on, the pressure from the water builds up from one end inside the inner layer. It then starts to expand until it reaches its full capacity. 

Now, it just works like any hose. 

When you are done, it contracts and goes back to its original size.  

Rear view of gardener watering plants at garden

The Benefits Of An Expandable Hose

A regular hose reminds me of slapstick. You water your plants in the garden or yard, and then once you have maximized the length of the hose, you get pulled back. 

In slapstick, you would fall down hard. 


With the expandable garden hose, that’s not going to happen to you. Here are the benefits of an expandable garden hose:

1. It expands! Duh

Let’s start with the obvious–it expands! It usually expands around three times the length of regular hoses when it is turned on. 

That allows you a lot of mobility. 


Different manufacturers make different lengths of garden hose. On average, a regular house is around 25 feet. This is because water pressure is reduced with longer length. 

However, an expandable hose could be as long as 150 feet. 

You read that right!

However, the benefit doesn’t end there. 

2. It is light

Because of the mechanism and elastic materials used in the manufacturing of expandable garden hose, it is actually lighter than the regular ones. 

Usually, an expandable hose is around five times lighter than the regular one. 

Adding to that

This product self-drains. Water adds weight to the hose, so when it self-drains, it becomes even lighter. 

3. It is compact

It is definitely more compact than a traditional garden hose. This makes it easier to put into storage. 

4. It doesn’t get tangled

The expandable hose doesn’t really get twisted or tangled. When the hose is turned off, the water pressure is also turned off and the hose self-drains and coils up. 

5. It saves you time and energy

If you have a regular hose and a large yard or garden, you might have to transfer from one water source to another in order to water all the areas that need to be watered. 

That would take time and energy. 

On the other hand

Draining and storing traditional hose also takes time. Moreover, it is quite tiresome. Not to mention, the product is also quite heavy. 

What to Look for When Buying an Expandable Hose

Here are the important things to look for when buying an expandable garden hose:


This should not be a case of the longer it is, the better. It should be based on your needs. 

How big is your yard? The answer to that will help you determine how long of an expandable garden hose you need. 

The length is based on its expanded size. The more common sizes available are 25 feet, 50 feet, 75 feet, and 100 feet.


There are a number of materials that you have to look at. There is the inner layer, outer layer, and connectors. 

  • The inner tube could be TPU or latex with the former cheaper but with a shorter lifespan. It could also be a double latex. 
  • As for the exterior layer, nylon is stronger but the polyester is more popular. Polyester is good, too. 
  • The connectors could either be brass or plastic. If it’s the latter, make sure it is of good quality. Brass is usually preferred. 


Since an expandable hose is lighter than a traditional hose, then this is not always an important factor to consider. 

However, if there is a huge difference between the weight of two or more hoses, then it’s going to matter. 


Prices should differ by much because of the different materials used. For example, TPU is more affordable than latex, which means that an expandable hose with a latex inner tube is generally more expensive.

The same goes for the connectors–brass is usually more expensive than plastic. 

Make sure that the price correlates to the materials being used in the hose. 


Not a lot of garden hoses come with a warranty, so one with a three-month warranty is good enough. Longer than that is just fantastic. 

Also, it’s always a good indication that a brand provides a warranty. It could be a sign of the company’s confidence in its garden hose. 

To give you an idea how it works, check out this video:

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The Best Expandable Garden Hoses

#1 HARNMOR Expandable Garden Hose

Those looking for something that would allow them to work for a very long time.

Product Spec

  • Length: 100’
  • Materials: polyester & double latex
  • Connectors: brass
  • Color: black & blue
  • Weight: 4.61 lbs
Expandable garden hose

With 10 types of nozzle spray, the HARNMOR Expandable Garden Hose makes it even more simple with a rotating bezel. 

This way, changing from one nozzle spray to another is just going to be super easy. 

Let’s get into more details

The garden hose is 100 feet long and 4.61 pounds. The inner material is double latex while the outer material is made of polyester fabric. 

That double latex interior provides durability and prevents leaks. 

It also features an ergonomic handle with rubberized coating that is comfortable to your hands.  

At least

No matter how large your yard or garden is, the task at hand isn’t going to be too taxing. 

Oh, and don’t think that this hose is limited for garden use. It can also be used for washing cars and other things as well as pets. 

The hose also comes with buckle stent for continuous use. 

What else?

There are three-fourth-inch brass connectors that make connection to the faucet really easy. 

The best part is that it can expand to 100 feet. That’s precisely why people buy an expanded hose, so it can reach three times the length of regular hoses. 

And then

You don’t have to worry about the changing temperatures. This versatile garden hose can be used even with water temperature ranging from -4℉ to 140℉.

Plus! It comes with a bag for easy storage. 

Is it perfect?

Of course not! Nothing is. But my minor complaint is that it gets snagged really easily. It’s the polyester fabric. 

When it is in full stretch, you would have to drag it along in order to keep it moving or it will get snagged every now and then from various variables in the garden or lawn. 


It’s so easy to contract. As soon as you reduce the pressure by a smidge, it starts shrinking. It’s really quite annoying. 

In conclusion

There are just too many good things about this product. It’s comfortable to your hands and it would allow you continuity with the watering task. It’s definitely a great deal!



  • 10 types or nozzle spray
  • Rotating bezel 
  • Has buckle stent for continuous use
  • Comfortable to hold
  • Comes with a buckle stent
  • Expands to 100 feet
  • Works in a wide range of water temperature
  • Double latex interiors
  • Comes with a bag, too


  • It gets snagged easily
  • Shrinks easily with pressure reduction, which could be both good and bad
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#2 HIYUTOY Expandable Flexible Hose

Those looking for something beautiful that functions well.

Product Spec

  • Length: 100’
  • Materials: polyester & latex
  • Connectors: brass-like
  • Color: orange
  • Weight: 4.9 lbs
Expandable garden hose

With its bright orange color, you will never lose the HIYUTOY Expandable Flexible Hose. You will immediately see it wherever it has coiled upon. 

That’s just one of the great things about this great product. 

What’s in the box?

  • Expandable hose
  • Spray nozzle
  • Hanging hook
  • Nylon storage pouch

Let’s begin:

We’ve covered the importance of materials earlier. For this hose, the inner layer is latex while the outer layer is fabric–polyester. 

The fabric is tough to best protect the latex. While we mentioned that fabric is not as good as nylon, the polyester for this hose has been made into an extra-flexible material to add to its strength. 

These materials bar the hose from kinking, twisting, and tangling. 

How convenient!

On to the important part: how it expands. It starts out at 33 feet and expands to 100 feet when fully functional. 

That’s three times the size! When you shut it off, it automatically contracts. 

Still on convenience

You know that is definitely made with convenience in mind because the product comes with a storage bag so you can easily keep it. 

Or if you just want to keep it outside for easy access, you can just hang it as it comes with a portable holder with a hook. The hook also allows you to carry the hose around easily.


This product weighs 4.9 pounds. It’s definitely light, but it’s not the lightest of the bunch. 

But no matter how long you’ve been using the hose for your chores, your hands wouldn’t get too tired because of its ergonomic grip. 

It’s non-slip and comfortable to the hands. 

What about the connectors?

The brand doesn’t really say what the connectors are made of. But when you look at them, they look like brass. 

They are not!

The solid three-fourth-inch fitting connectors are made of something better than plastic joints, but not as great as brass. 

Moving on

This is a 10-pattern spray nozzle. This allows you to choose the type of pattern to use for a particular watering or washing activity. 

Remember that while this is a garden hose, it can be used for practically any chore that involves water. You can water the plants and wash the car. You could also give your pet a shower with this thing. 

You know

Different things need different levels of spraying. 

Unfortunately, some of the nozzle settings don’t match. There’s a certain spray you are looking for but when you dial it there, a different pattern comes out. 

Another thing:

The leak! Every now and then, the hose leaks. You would have to tighten the connectors every now and then to prevent leaks. 

It just gets annoying when it happens a lot of times in just one activity. 

Here’s what matters:

This is a garden hose that could stretch up to 100 feet when there is pressure. It’s quite beautiful to boot. That’s really an easy yes to say the least. 



  • Beautiful orange color
  • 10 patterns for the spray nozzle
  • Ergonomic nozzle
  • Tough fabric for durability
  • Expands to 100 feet
  • Comes with a bag and holder


  • It leaks every now and then
  • The nozzle settings are all wrong
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#3 Flexi HoseExpandable Garden Hose

Those who want something that will last for a long time.

Product Spec

  • Length: 50’
  • Materials: 3750D elastic fabric & latex
  • Connectors: brass
  • Color: black
  • Weight: 2.82 lbs
  • PRICE GUIDE: $$$
Expandable garden hose

The Flexi Hose contains four layers of latex. That tells you that this expandable hose means business. 

The multiple layers provide great protection against possible leaks. It protects against puncture from thorns and other sharp objects that could be lying around the yard. 


The outer fabric is an elastic 3750D. This, along with the four-layer latex, really work well in terms of preventing leaks. 

The testing process for durability is quite astounding. The product has been tested 2,000 times to ensure that it will stand the test of time. 

In terms of water temperature

The product is also quite flexible. It works well with temperature ranging from 41℉ to 113℉. Okay, so maybe it’s not the most flexible, but it’s flexible enough.

There is also flexibility in terms of the spray nozzle. There are eight patterns to choose from. That’s always great considering that you can use this hose for various tasks:

  • Watering the plants
  • Washing the car
  • Showering the pets
  • Playing with the children


Maybe the last one isn’t really a task but with the flexible patterns of the shower nozzle, you can also have fun with the children using this hose. 

You can choose from any of these patterns:

  1. Center
  2. Cone
  3. Flat
  4. Full
  5. Mist
  6. Shower
  7. Stream
  8. Vertical

The nozzle is made of zinc alloy, which is a durable material. 


The handle is also quite comfortable. The handle is made of rubberized material with anti-slip properties. 

The connectors are also solid brass. Despite that, the product is still pretty lightweight. 

Now, on to the bad part

Expandable garden hoses are supposedly kink-free, and this product is advertised as such. However, it’s not really kink-free.

And when it kinks, the 50-feet length becomes less. 


This product is quite expensive. It’s actually more expensive than longer expandable hoses. Of course, that’s also because this will really endure the test of time. 

In the end

You have to think about a product that is going to be worth the money. The Flexi Hose is not a cheap product and when you have been using it for quite some time, you will truly understand why.  



  • Contains 4 layers of latex
  • Tested for endurance
  • Quite flexible when it comes to water temperature
  • Features 8-pattern rotating spray nozzle
  • Durable spray nozzle
  • Comfortable handle


  • Pricey
  • It’s not really kink-free
Check availability

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#4 INNAV8 Expandable Garden Hose

Those looking for something extremely light.

Product Spec

  • Length: 50’
  • Materials: bi-axial woven polyester & latex
  • Connectors: brass 
  • Color: black
  • Weight: less than a pound 
Expandable garden hose

You won’t believe how light the INNAV8 Expandable Garden Hose is. Minus the connectors, it’s only 4.23 ounces–that’s less than a pound!

That means that this is a great product for senior citizens. Actually, it’s a great product for everybody, but you know that seniors have a limitation to what they could physically handle. 

What else is good?

This hose has a maximum length of 50 feet. That’s long enough for a lot of yards or gardens. It can also be used for washing a lot of things like cars and even pets. 

Children will definitely enjoy getting with the INNAV8 garden hose, too, considering that it’s really light. 

It comes with brass fittings as well as the brass on-and-off valve at the end of the hose. 

The best part?

It comes with a 12-month satisfaction guarantee against manufacturer’s defects. INNAV8 doesn’t outright call it a warranty, but if you have a problem with the product within 12 months, then you can call the brand. 

Not all expandable hoses offer such a guarantee. 

Also, the materials…

The hose features high-grade triple layer technology. This is meant for durability. 

The brand says that this hose has 35% more service life than others. That’s quite hard to prove but this hose is definitely durable. 

Let’s elaborate on the design

The interior is a two-layer latex with a two-millimeter wall. The exterior is bi-axial woven polyester that invokes strength. 

The interior and exterior work together to ensure that when the hose goes back to the original size, all the water will be expelled. 

Speaking of shrinking

It becomes really small when it contracts. That makes it easy to store. 

This product is also flexible with the water temperature. 


This hose doesn’t have the best spray. With a nozzle, it doesn’t flow very well. It seems like something has been clogged or at least it seems that way. 

With a nozzle, the spray just isn’t that good. You would have to make an adjustment to really maximize its use. 

Another thing:

This hose really does reach 50 feet. However, it may need a bit of strength on your part. You would need to stretch the hose a bit in order to reach 50 feet. 

But all in all

The INNAV8’s light weight is truly a big deal. When you have a garden hose that is this light, it makes work light as well. 



  • Super lightweight
  • 12-month satisfaction guarantee
  • High-grade triple layer technology
  • Durable
  • Shrinks really good
  • Flexible temperature


  • The spray isn’t too good
  • Going 50 feet takes effort
Check availability

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#5 Gardguard Expandable Hose

Those looking for nice, long spray and more.

Product Spec

  • Length: 50’
  • Materials: 3300D polyester & latex
  • Connectors: solid
  • Color: black & blue
  • Weight: 3.04 lbs
Expandable garden hose

With a three-layer latex interior, you know that this 50-foot Gardguard Expandable Hose is made with durability in mind. 

The exterior is just as good with 3300D fabric. 


This hose also features 10 functional safety nozzle patterns. This allows you more choices for different tasks that involve the hose. 

Perhaps you want to give the kids a shower or you want a more vertical spray for whatever it is your washing. You can also use the hose for watering the garden and washing the car. 

Even choosing the type of nozzle is easy with its rotating bezel. 

This also really helps:

The handle has a rubberized outer coating so you could comfortably hold it when you are using the hose.

There is also a buckle stent so your task will not be interrupted. 

Let’s talk about the temperature

It’s very flexible when it comes to temperature. It can handle temperature ranging from -4℉ to 122℉. 

The connectors may look like brass but they aren’t. They are solid connectors though. 

You want to know about the expansion?

The product incredibly expands from 17 feet to 50 feet. When the pressure is off, it easily goes back to its original length. 

It’s quite convenient to store and it comes with a bag for that purpose, too. 

As for the downside

There must be a reason why they only say that the fittings are solid and made to look like they are brass. They are not very durable.

But here’s what’s worse:

If you really want it to reach 50 feet, there will be some tugging involved. It doesn’t get to 50 feet with ease. 

Think about it this way:

If the most important thing for you is getting a great and long spray, then this is the hose for you. Plus, it provides more than just a good long spray since it has nine other spray patterns. 



  • Durable
  • 10 functional nozzle patterns
  • Comes with rotating bezel 
  • Comfortable handle
  • Flexible water temperature
  • Comes with a bag


  • Connectors are not durable
  • Doesn’t easily reach 50 feet
Check availability

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#6 TheFitLife Flexible and Expandable Garden Hose

Those looking for flexibility.

Product Spec

  • Length: 50’
  • Materials: 3750D polyester & latex
  • Connectors: brass
  • Color: black
  • Weight: 2.7 lbs
Expandable garden hose

TheFitLife Flexible and Expandable Garden Hose is really easy to handle. This means that this hose is a great product for anybody to use–from seniors to teenagers and those in between. 

The product is lightweight, too. 

As if those are not good enough

The hose expands to thrice its size when it is turned on. From 17 feet, the product reaches 50 feet when there is water pressure. 

When the water is off, it contracts within a few seconds without kinks and tangles. 

There’s more

It comes with a brass valve that provides great control over the flow of water. 

Moreover, it comes with eight different spray patterns that allow you to choose the best one depending on the task at hand. 

Here’s the best part

You can actually connect this hose to another one for a longer reach. You might ask: why not just buy the longer hose?

Sometimes, you don’t need a long hose and sometimes you do. That’s really what makes this much more flexible. 

The materials are great, too

We mentioned the brass valve, but what about the actual hose? The interior is a three-layer latex and the exterior is an elasticated fabric. 

The 3750D polyester fabric is the toughest polyester on the market. 

The product has been tested around 2,000 times just to prove its durability. Leaks are among the most annoying things that could happen to a hose. 


This doesn’t really allow a stronger water pressure. It’s made for weak water pressure, which is not always what you need. 

Also, it doesn’t really do a great job of draining all the water. That could be quite irritating especially when you try to store it and water will just gush out. 


This is an amazing product for all people in the house. It’s light and easy to use, which means that seniors can handle this with ease, the same for kids. 



  • Easy to use
  • Lightweight
  • Comes with 8 spray patterns
  • Can be connected to another hose for a longer reach
  • Durable
  • Tough outer layer


  • Weak water pressure
  • It doesn’t drain all the water
Check availability

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#7 Joey’s Expandable Garden Hose

Those looking for something easy on the pockets.

Product Spec

  • Length: 50’
  • Materials: elastic fabric & latex
  • Connectors: brass
  • Color: black
  • Weight: 3.03 lbs
Expandable garden hose

This is the most affordable hose in the lineup. Joey’s Expandable Garden Hose is affordable but not cheap. 

It has an inner latex core and outer elastic fabric. The connectors are all solid brass and are made to connect easily to any type of spigot. 

How does it work

When turned on, the pressure will allow the hose to extend to three times its original size. It stretches to 50 feet. 

There are also eight spray patterns for your convenience. You can choose the pattern you want and need for a specific task. 


It also has a rubber handle to ensure that it’s easy to grip and comfortable to the hand. 

Most expandable garden hoses are kink-free. But this one is truly kink-free, you know what I mean? That’s definitely not a problem. 

What’s the problem?

If you’re not very careful with this product, it’s going to leak in some places. In other words, it’s not the most durable of hoses. 

Once the holes start appearing, it would be very hard to fix. 

Something to think about

If you just need a hose for simple tasks and you have a simple yard layout without a lot of items that might poke this product, then Joey’s Expandable Garden Hose would be great because it’s super affordable.



  • Affordable
  • Easy to connect to most spigots
  • Features 8 spray patterns
  • Comfortable handle


  • Not durable
Check availability

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#8 GrowGreen Garden Hose

Those looking for a quintessential expandable hose.

Product Spec

  • Length: 50’
  • Materials: polyester & latex
  • Connectors: brass 
  • Color: green
  • Weight: 2.83 lbs
  • PRICE GUIDE: $$$
Expandable garden hose

Your gardening experience will be made easy with the GrowGreen Garden Hose. It efficiently grows to three times its original size when there is water pressure. 

When you’re done and you turn off the water pressure, the product contracts in just a few seconds. 

It’s really quite convenient

It’s also compact and light and so it’s easy to store. 

It doesn’t kink or twist either. This also means that it’s quite easy to maneuver since you don’t have to deal with tangles.


This product has eight spray patterns. That’s always good because while it’s called a garden hose, it’s not really solely for gardening. 

You can use this hose for washing the car or your pet. You can even use this as shower for the kids. You can wash anything with this hose. 

That’s why

There are different spray patterns for you to choose the best one for your specific task. 

The connectors are brass for durability. 

Speaking of the materials

The interior is made of high pressure-resistant durable latex. That is complemented with high-quality polyester. 

Plus, it’s lightweight! That’s always a plus because it means that anybody can take a turn using this hose for chores. 


This is supposed to be a leak-proof hose, but it’s not. As soon as it starts to leak near the spigot, it will eventually become larger and then there’s nothing you can do about it. 

It’s also quite expensive.

To conclude

This is a quintessential expandable garden hose–lightweight and kink-free. It looks great, too!




  • Features 8 spray patterns
  • Kink-free
  • Easy to maneuver
  • Lightweight


  • It’s not leak-proof
  • Quite expensive
Check availability

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In Summary

That’s my list of the best expandable garden hose on the market. Just to summarize:

Best Expandable Hose for Uninterrupted Work

Just keep working–that’s definitely how it is with the HARNMOR Expandable Garden Hose. It has a buckle stent that will encourage you to work without stopping. It helps that it has an ergonomic grip too. 

Best-Looking Expandable Hose

The HIYUTOY Expandable Flexible Hose definitely takes the cake on this one. Aesthetics is not the most important thing to consider when buying an expandable hose. It’s a good thing that this product works just as good as it looks. 

Most Lightweight Expandable Hose

The INNAV8 Expandable Garden Hose is so light. It definitely makes for a great garden hose because it makes household tasks really easy and less tiring. 

Most Affordable Expandable Hose

If you are on a budget, then Joey’s Expandable Garden Hose will be just right for you. It may be affordable but it’s not made of cheap materials. 

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