Best Fertilizer Spreader 2023: 7 Sensational Spreaders

Best Fertilizer Spreader

The advantages of a good fertilizer spreader are numerous.

Not least the fact that it will encourage healthy soil that will benefit your plants.

Check out our list of the best fertilizer spreaders of 2023 and find out more about this super tools!

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Best Fertilizer Spreader 2023

Below is a quick view of my favorite fertilizer spreaders of the year. To find out more about them click on the link to take you to the full review.

#1 – Solo 421S
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Handheld94%Check Price
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#2 – Earthway 2150
>>> BEST FOR: Commercial
Broadcast92%Check Price
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#3 – North Star 21 Gallon
>>> BEST FOR: Large Areas
Broadcast91%Check Price
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#4 – Agri-Fab 45-0462
>>> BEST FOR: Hopper Size
Drop91%Check Price
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#5 – Scotts Whirl Spreader
>>> BEST FOR: Small Areas
Handheld90%Check Price
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#6 – Scotts Turf Builder Pro
>>> BEST FOR: Comfort
Drop89%Check Price
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#7 – Scotts Turf Builder Mini
>>> BEST FOR: Price
Drop87%Check Price
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What Are The Options?

Know about spreaders?
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Spreaders can be broken down into three categories

1 – Handheld Spreaders

Great For Small Lawns

These are the most basic and are perfect for small lawns under 5,000 square feet.

These are pretty much bowls containing seed and the user cranks a lever to ensure a steady spread of the seeds on the lawn whilst they walk with the spreader.

2 – Broadcast Spreaders

Great For Medium To Large Lawns

Walk behind broadcast spreaders are probably the most well known and popular types of spreader on the market.

They scatter seeds in a fan shape over a wide space. These are great on large lawns over 5,000 square feet, although you do have less control over the spread, so you might get some of the product going on areas you don’t necessarily want it.

3 – Drop Spreader

Great For Precise Coverage

Drop spreaders offer more control than broadcast spreaders. The seed isn’t sprayed out in an fan shape, it is simply dropped behind the spreader. However you will need to overlap your wheel pass on every pass you make.

These are great for areas that need more precise coverage.

What Else Do I Need To Consider?

Choosing the best fertilizer spreader for your needs will not be as complicated as choosing something like a chainsaw or a lawn mower.

Size Matters

Take a look at the capacity of the hopper – try and ensure it can hold enough to treat your lawn without you needing to constantly refill it.

Don’t think that if you have a 50lb bag of fertilizer you will need a 50lb hopper though. You probably won’t wanted it fill right to the top!

Also be aware of how easy the unit is to push/pull/carry.

Spread It Real Good!

You will want the spreader you choose to spread the product evenly otherwise your lawn will not look as good as it could do. Research how well your intended spreader works in this respect.

Build Quality

If you are wanting something bigger you will want it to be durable and probably made of stainless steel. Smaller spreaders will probably be made of plastic and won’t need to be as durable.

Do some research into the tires as well as they can have a big effect on how easy it is to move.


I am sure you will have a price tag in mind – and I am sure you don’t need me to tell you the cheapest spreader around probably won’t last you long, but the most expensive isn’t necessarily the best.

The video below looks a bit more closely at choosing the best spreader for your needs:

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The Best Fertilizer Spreader 2023

#1 Solo 421S Chest Mount Spreader

Those average homeowners looking for the perfect handheld spreader

Product Spec

  • Capacity – 20lbs
  • Dimensions (inches) – 11 x 11 x 20
  • Weight – 6.75lbs
  • Spread Width – Up to 12 feet
  • One Year Warranty

Solo 421S Chest Mount Spreader

Want something that is easy to use, easy to load and spreads small seeds exceptionally well? Go for the Solo 421 Spreader – in my opinion the best fertilizer spreader on the market.

Let’s get started:

As the name suggests this is a chest mounted portable spreader, with a shoulder strap for comfort. It has a 20lb capacity hopper. It spreads up to 12 feet wide – and the spread range is determined by how hard you turn the crank. It weighs 6.75 lbs when empty and has a one year warranty.

This is HUGE:

In terms of control, coverage and convenience I think this is as good as you can get for a portable spreader. You can easily adjust the rate of flow and you can adjust the direction of the spread with equal simplicity – whether you want to aim it to the left side, right side or the center.

The beauty of this it makes seeding a lawn that has a lot of obstacles, such as trees, plants, ornaments or just generally tight areas an absolute breeze.

It is way more convenient than a wheeled spreader:

Plus also:

  • It is exceptionally well made – the gears are metal and can be lubricated, there is a screw on gap that prevents spillage and it sits snugly and securely on your chest without moving around.
  • It achieves the almost impossible for a spreader – neither the spreading mechanism or the hopper flow seem to jam.
  • For a portable spreader the 20 lb capacity is fantastic. It is easy to fill and should last the average homeowner several sessions before it needs filing.
  • One of the hallmarks of a good spreader is the crank and this is top quality – it feels well made, turns effortlessly and doesn’t bog down. Unlike some it won’t feel like your hand is about to fall off after a short time.
  • I think the price is great. On the face of it it might be more expensive than other hand held spreaders – but it is so well designed, efficient, easy to use and definitely built to last.

But a word of caution:

Because this has such a large capacity for a hand held spreader – you might find it heavy when it is completely full – especially with more dense material such as snow melt.

Also the lever for opening the material flow could be better positioned, as it is at the back of the spreader and you have to reach around and blindly feel for it.

In short:

This is absolutely perfect for the average homeowner. It ticks every box – design, capacity, efficiency, ease of use. Incredibly well made and engineered – it is the dream fertilizer spreader!



  • So easy to use and control
  • Very well made
  • Never jams
  • Great capacity
  • Easy to crank


  • Can feel heavy when fully loaded
  • Lever to open material flow could be better placed
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#2 Earthway 2150 Commercial Broadcast Spreader

Those wanting the best compact, commercial broadcast spreader.

Product Spec

  • Capacity – 50lb
  • Dimensions (inches) – 15.8 x 14.5 x 23.6
  • Weight – 27 lbs
  • Five Year Warranty

Earthway 2150 Commercial Broadcast Spreader

The Earthway 2150 Commercial Broadcast Spreader is a real beast of a machine and amongst many other things it is built like a tank, is incredibly comfortable to use and has some great features.

So let’s dive in:

50lb capacity hopper, and the frame will support a load of up to 175 lbs. It spreads up to around 9 feet wide and has a two position adjustable handle. It has durable 13-inch in diameter tires and comes with a five year limited warranty.

Don’t you just hate those uncomfortable, difficult to push spreaders?

Thankfully this is nothing like that. It is ultra comfortable – it has a nice long handle with a number of holes so you can adjust the height.

It is very easy to roll, it seems to absorbs the bumps and means you can go up and down slopes and across uneven surfaces whilst always feeling in control and can easily keep it on a straight path, with feeling like it will topple over.

Beyond that:

  • The design and build quality help ensure the feeling of totally stability when you push it. The drum is centered over a wide axis – plastic is used where needed, otherwise the important parts (ie the frame, handles, control and axis) are all metal.
  • This is further enhanced by large pneumatic tires – they are nice and wide apart and have a very large surface area which is why this glides over everything and never feels unstable.
  • This has a really clever removable plastic grate/screen you can put on top of the bin. What this does is catch large chunks of fertilizer that have got stuck together – you can then take these chunks and just rub them across the screen to crumble them up so they don’t end up on your lawn. And what does this mean for you? Well…
  • You get a lovely, smooth even spread pattern – and it has a wide spread and spreads well not matter what the situation.
  • There are lots of other little bits like a nice metal control rod, a well made and easy to use rate adjuster knob and a smooth on off/lever.

But it is worth knowing:

The assembly instructions are really poor – they are not very well illustrated and seem to lack important information – it may take you a little while to put this together.

I also noticed that as this is a commercial unit the lower dispersal rates are grouped closely together which does make them more difficult to correctly set.

Let’s rewind and…

This USA made spreader is a delight to use and one of the best broadcast spreaders around. It is insanely comfortable, built well down to the smallest detail and will definitely last.

You will struggle to find many spreaders that throw a better and more even spread and is undoubtedly the best compact commercial broadcast spreader on the market.



  • Very comfortable
  • Stable, smooth and easy to use
  • Top design quality
  • Great even spread
  • Quiet, easy to start and next to no maintenance


  • Instructions are poor
  • Difficult to set lower dispersal rates
Check availability

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#3 NorthStar Tow Behind 21 Gallon Sprayer

Those with a large lawn wanting quality design and build.

Product Spec

  • Tank Size – 21 Gallons
  • Dimensions (inches) – 48 x 42 x 25
  • Weight – 60 lbs
  • Spread Width – 7 feet
  • Two Year Warranty
  • PRICE GUIDE: $$$

NorthStar Tow Behind 21 Gallon Sprayer

If you have a large area to spray the NorthStar Tow Behind Sprayer will save you lots of time and just oozes quality, with a top notch build and design.

Let’s take a closer look:

So as noted this is a 21 gallon tow behind sprayer. It delivers an overall spray width of 120 inches and an effective spray width of 80 inches. It has a flow rate of 2.2 GPM. It weighs 60 lbs and can be attached to an ATV or garden tractor.

It also comes with a spray wand, to spray weeds, trees and fence lines, this shoots 19 feet vertically and 30 feet horizontally.

Here is the deal:

You can tell this is one of the best broadcast spreaders around as soon as you have it ready to use.

It has a retractable tow bar with foldable boom arms. The axle and wheels are removable to make it easy to store and the cart itself is strong and durable and made of powder coated steel.

Talking of quality:

  • The pump is great, has lots of pressure and is resistant to pretty much every corrosive chemical under the sun and primes like a dream.
  • The tank is heavy duty, UV and chemical resistant and has a large 7.5 inch tank lid so it is ultra easy to fill. It also has gallon marks on the tank which are really handy.
  • It sprays fantastically and it ultra even and accurate. You have complete control over the left and right nozzles, which means it works great in tight spaces or when you need wider coverage.
  • It comes with a nice hand wand that is durable, has a good reach and a lot of pressure – it shoots 19 feet vertically and 30 feet horizontally.
  • It has a handy ATV remote switch so you can control the spray from the seat of your ATV if you are towing it. It means you can easily turn off the spray if you missed an area and can trundle back over to it before switching it on again.


The brackets that hold the wand in place are a little flimsy and you also need to pull the hose very tight around the hose reel as otherwise it feels like it will unwind.

And the hitch that you use to connect to your ATV/lawn tractor could be made of higher gauge metal as it seems a little thin.

But I am being picky!

This is an incredibly solid and well made broadcast sprayer. No corners have been cut in the design and build, with it having a quality pump and tank.

You have complete and easy control of the spray – and this is perfect for larger sized lawns. If you have an even bigger lot then there are also much bigger models of this available – up to 101 gallons.

I love it!



  • Top quality build
  • Great pump
  • Spray is even and so easy to control
  • Great hand sprayer
  • Love the remote switch


  • Brackets that hold hand sprayer are flimsy
  • Hitch could be made of higher gauge metal
Check availability

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#4 Agri-Fab 45-0462 Push Broadcast Spreader

Those looking for a large hopper and wide broadcast range.

Product Spec

  • Capacity – 130lb
  • Spreader Width – 10 foot to 12 foot
  • Dimensions (inches) – 48 x 27.1  x 33.6
  • Weight – 37 lbs
  • Three Year Warranty

Agri-Fab 45-0462 Push Broadcast Spreader

With a large hopper and a wide broadcast range the Agri-Fab 45-0462 thoroughly deserves its place on my list of the best fertilizer spreaders.

So let’s get down to business:

This has a capacity of 130 lbs and spread to a width of 10 feet or 12 feet (depending upon settings). It has 10 inch pneumatic tires, weighs 37 lbs and comes with a three year warranty.

It all boils down to this:

With a 130 lb capacity hopper this is a real beast when it comes to push broadcast spreaders. Not only that it can spread up to 12 feet wide. These two factors are the hallmarks any broadcast or fertilizer spreader will live and die by and Agri-Fab have done a great job on both.

The hopper is rust-proof poly and the spreader itself, with its powder-coated metal frame is supremely well constructed. It is sturdy, quality and should last a lifetime.

Aside from that:

  • The tires are top quality, heavy duty pneumatic tires that give great traction and stability – so this is really easy to push.
  • It is really simple to set the spreading width – just use the handle mounted controller which is perfectly positioned.
  • This spreads very evenly, with a nice wide dispersal pattern and a clip rotates your material when it is in the hopper which prevents its clumping together.
  • A lovely taper and bevel gear box which is sealed and really high quality.
  • Ultra comfortable – nice long handle, a balanced and smooth feel, all the controls are easy to access and adjust.


Nearly everything about this is very well designed, but I say nearly as the feeder door/flow control shutter in the hopper seems to remains very slightly cracked open so it leaks a tiny bit when it is stationary.

And being ultra picky, when you want to stop the flow you have to take a hand off the handles and move the lever to zero. When you are on flat ground this is easy, but when you are on a hill it can be a bit of pain holding it up with one hand and using the other to adjust the controls.

That said:

This thing works! It is well built, but easy to push, has a huge capacity, but you don’t really notice it, is extremely well made, but won’t break the bank in terms of your budget.

This American-made product is pure quality and with its massive hopper and great broadcast width – it is ideal for heavy use. It won’t let you down, it is up there with the best broadcast spreaders about.



  • Large capacity
  • Large spread width
  • Great tires make it easy to push
  • Very easy to use
  • Very comfortable


  • Slight issues with feeder door
  • Stopping flow on incline can be trickier
Check availability

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#5 Scotts Whirl Hand-Held Spreader

Those with a small yard wanting a budget price spreader.

Product Spec

  • Coverage – Holds up to 1,500 sq. foot of product
  • Dimensions (inches) – 13.1 x 8.7 x 8.5
  • Weight – 1.15lbs
  • Comes with Scott’s No Quibble Guarantee

Scotts Whirl Hand-Held Spreader

There cannot be many better value for money spreaders than the Scotts Whirl Hand-Held Spreader – an update of a prior version of what was already a good hand-held fertilizer spreader.

So here we go:

This holds up to 1,500 square feet of product and measures 13.1 x 8.7 x 8.5 inches. It weighs 1.15lbs and comes with Scott’s No Quibble Guarantee. This means if for any reason you are not satisfied with the product at any time you can can a refund or a replacement product.

You simply fill the bin, set the dispersal rate from 1 to 5 and then crank it!

Put it this way:

This costs about the same as movie ticket, or a couple of cups of coffee and it will last MUCH longer!

And whilst the price of this Scott’s spreader might be the most impressive thing about it, that doesn’t mean there isn’t much more to like.

Such as:

  • It has a simple but clever arm/wrist support, this supports the weight of the spreader whilst you use it to make sure it doesn’t ever feel uncomfortable.
  • The dispersal settings dial is big and chunky and easy to turn.
  • The spread is surprisingly good for such a small machine.
  • Very compact and light, but also more sturdy than you would expect.
  • Scott’s have obviously listened and improved upon the previous iteration of this device – the new arm support and big chunky dial means it is much better and doesn’t waste much seed when you are using it.

Of course there are negatives:

The shute dial is big and chunky, but it is also plastic and feels a little cheap, so take care when you turn it. Also product does still seem to get stuck in the gearbox area somewhat, so you will need to keep an eye on this.

But the truth?

If you are really watching your pocket and want something for a small yard, or something that is compact and light and easy to use then this is your best option.

Don’t expect miracles, and remember its limitations and you will be very pleased indeed by this!



  • Great price
  • Great arm support for comfortable use
  • Compact and light
  • Good spread width
  • Easy to use


  • Some parts feel flimsy
  • Seed can get stuck around gearbox
Check availability

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#6 Scotts Turf Builder Pro EdgeGuard Deluxe

Those looking for a comfortable push spreader.

Product Spec

  • Coverage – Holds up to 10,500 sq. foot of product
  • Spread Width – 5 feet
  • Dimensions (inches) – 19 x 22 x 22
  • Weight – 10 lbs
  • Comes with Scott’s No Quibble Guarantee

Scotts Turf Builder Pro EdgeGuard Deluxe Broadcast Spreader

The Scotts Turf Builder Pro Deluxe is the big brother to a broadcast spreader mentioned a bit further down the list – the Scotts Turf Builder Edgeguard Mini. This is a bit like its smaller sibling, except with a few more bows and whistles and a little more oomph!

Let’s get things underway:

This has a coverage area of up to 10,000 square feet and a spread width of five feet. It measures 19 x 22 x 22 and weighs 10lbs. As with any Scott’s product it comes with their No Quibble Guarantee – so you can get your money back, or a replacement product, if you are not happy with it for any reason.

This also utilises Scott’s Edgeguard technology – put simple this is a guard that stops seed going to the right side of the spreader when it is engaged.

It is funny how some things can make a bigger difference than you might expect.

This has one of the most comfortable handles ever! And it makes this so much more comfortable to use.

It is very well padded and the height is great, as I am quite tall, but I have no need to hunch over it. It just feels really nice to use.

I just like how this is designed and all the controls are located within easy reach so there is no need to stop, change and start up again, you can do it whilst you are on the move.

There is also:

  • I do love the EdgeGuard feature. It saves you from wasting fertilizer or getting weed killer on your flower beds! It is easy to engage as well.
  • The dial for the spread pattern is really easy to read and set – much better than most of its competitors.
  • The hopper is pretty big for a wheeled spreader – it should cut down the amount of time you need to walk your yard.
  • The broadcast is smooth – the blades are fed well by the hopper and it throws a nice pattern. It has handy arrow marks in the plastic that you can line up with wheel marks you have just made in the grass to ensure you don’t overlap, which is a nice idea.
  • Whilst this is mostly plastic, that has one major bonus – it makes it really easy to clean, you just need to hose it off and you don’t have to worry about rust.

But a word or two of caution:

I don’t like the plastic wheels for two reasons – 1) they don’t provide great grip and don’t roll smoothly over bumps and 2) fertilizer does tend to build up on the inside of the wheel and you need to keep an eye on this.

In short:

This is an easy, efficient and comfortable push spreader and thoroughly deserve its place on my list of the best fertilizer spreaders. Comfortable to use and a step up from cheaper spreaders – Scotts have come up trumps again!



  • Really comfortable handle
  • Love the EdgeGuard feature
  • Dial to set spread is great
  • Large hopper
  • Smooth broadcast


  • Wheels aren’t great
  • Fertilizer gets stuck inside them as well
Check availability

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#7 Scotts Turf Builder Edgeguard Mini

Those wanting a bargain wheeled spreader.

Product Spec

  • Coverage – Up to 5,000 sq feet
  • Spread Width – 5 feet
  • Dimensions (inches) – 16 x 20 x 45
  • Weight – 15.33lbs
  • Comes with Scott’s No Quibble Guarantee

Scotts Turf Builder Edgeguard Mini

The Scotts Turf Builder Edgeguard Mini is a no frills wheeled spreader that throws a great spread and comes at a bargain price.

Let’s dig a little deeper:

This has a coverage area of up to 5,000 square feet and a spread width of 5 feet. It weighs 15.33lbs and comes with Scott’s No Quibble Guarantee. This means if for any reason you are not satisfied with the product at any time you can get a refund or a replacement product.

This also comes with Scott’s patented Edgeguard – this is a guard that blocks the right side of the spreader to prevent product going onto areas you don’t want – ie over paths or in flower beds, etc.

Bottom line is:

This is an all round good fertilizer spreader – that performs well in most areas without excelling. It is easy to use, has multiple settings, is easy to load and has a good spread pattern.

Not only that:

  • This feels really lightweight – offering up no resistance, so it is easy to push and easy to handle.
  • I do like the EdgeGuard. Simply turn the lever on the handle and it will block the right side of the spreader helping you from wasting seed, or spreading chemicals or poisons on an area you don’t want to.
  • The dial you adjust to set the level of application is smooth and easy to use and you immediately see what you need to set it to.
  • It has a nice foldable handle so you can store it away without it taking up much space.
  • For a budget price spreader (yes it is a very good price) it has a large hopper and holds a lot of product.

But it is worth knowing:

This does have a tendency to trap fertilizer on the inside of the wheel at the lever, mainly because the wheels are quite close together. You need to be wary of this as it can then fall out when you hit a bump and damage your lawn.

On the theme of the wheels they are rather cheap plastics tires, that crack easily, however for the price this is at you can’t ask too much.

All in all:

If you have a small yard, don’t want a hand spreader and don’t want to break the bank than this is a great idea – especially as it is priced at a similar level to many hand spreaders.

That said it still has enough capacity for reasonable sized projects, whilst being small enough to fold up and store easily.



  • Lightweight and easy to push
  • Love the EdgeGuard
  • Easy to use
  • Compact
  • Great price


  • Fertilizer can accumulate inside the wheels
  • Wheels are cheap plastic
Check availability

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In Summary

Looking outside of this list here I’ve rounded up some of my favorite fertilizer spreaders:

Best Fertilizer Spreader For A Large Yard

The Earthway 2150 is compact, comfortable, has a big capacity and glides across the lawn thanks to some fantastic tires. I love it.

Best Fertilizer Spreader For A Small Yard

Probably the Scotts Whirl Hand-Held Spreader. It is hard to beat for the price and has a simple but clever design that makes it really easy to use.

Best Fertilizer Spreader For The Money

It isn’t the cheapest here but for the quality of build, the spreadth width and the sheer ease of use then it has to be the Solo 421S. It is top of my list for a reason…

Best Commercial Fertilizer Spreader

It has to be the NorthStar Tow Behind. This fertilizer spreader is impeccably made and has fantastic coverage.

Best Drop Spreader

Scotts make some great products and the Turf Builder Pro EdgeGuard Deluxe is one of those. It is comfortable to use, efficient and does a top notch job.

Best Broadcast Spreader

Again it is the Earthway 2150 Commercial Broadcast Spreader. There is very little not to like about this fantastic broadcast spreader.

I hope you have found my round up the best fertilizer spreaders on the market of use.

If you do have any questions or are uncertain about anything please feel free to drop me an email and I will do my best to help you.

There are some great ways you can improve your garden soil and if you decide to reseed your lawn – that doesn’t need to be a complicated job either.

With a good spreader, quality lawn mower and competent weed eater your yard can look perfect all year round!

Don’t forget you can also check out my Reviews Section for individual product reviews. Or you can visit my Site Index for everything on my site on one page.

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4 thoughts on “Best Fertilizer Spreader 2023: 7 Sensational Spreaders”

  1. Not having a huge lawn but wanting to keep it in good condition I have opted for the Scotts Mini. Having two small boys who want to help me in the garden it means they will be able to help as its lightweight.

    Question though have you any tips for coverage on a lawn that isn’t square? I always struggle to keep the feed going down on an area only once. I understand trying to keep the wheels to overlap on turns but avoiding obstacles (washing line poles) and curved edges I could use any advice you can give.

    • Hi Mark, thanks for the message.

      My main tip would be to start by applying the fertilizer around the perimeter of the lawn. Then once you have done that you replicate what you would do when you mow the lawn – ie walk back and forth in straight lines overlapping on each pass. When it comes to obstacles, depending upon the type of spreader your are using you might even have to resort to do some spreading by hand.

      Hope this helps, but any more questions just shout!

  2. Given your comments about product building up in the Scotts Edgeguard wheels, I’m thinking about using spray insulating foam to fill in the wheels. Do you think it would work?

    • Yes it definitely is worth a go. Remember to fully remove the wheels before trying this though, otherwise it could get very messy!


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