Best Garden Incinerators: 8 Products to Keep Your Lawn Clear of Debris

Best Garden Incinerators Buyers Guide

Don’t you just hate it when you have a lot of debris on your lawn or yard and you can’t get rid of everything? The good news is, there is an answer – get a garden incinerator!

We rounded up the best garden incinerators to make it easier for you to choose the perfect one to help tidy up your yard.

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Best Garden Incinerators – At A Glance List

Below is a quick view of what I think are the best garden incinerators on the market right now. To find out more about them, click on the link so you can see the full review.

#1: Behrens B907P
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#2: Professional Grade Products 9900000
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#3: Burn Right Products Incinerator Cage
>>> BEST FOR: Airflow system


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#4: Plow and Hearth Home Incinerator Waste Can
>>> BEST FOR: Efficiency


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#5: Buffalo Tools FCAGE Safeburn Fire Cage
>>> BEST FOR: Speed


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#6: Camco 22-Inch Burn Bin
>>> BEST FOR: Minimal waste
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#7: Bad Idea Pyro Cage Incinerator
>>> BEST FOR: Collecting ash
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#8: Great Circle USA Bear Wood Burning Pit
>>> BEST FOR: Aesthetics


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What Is a Garden Incinerator?

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A garden incinerator is a piece of equipment that would help you get rid of your garden waste. 


Some people may have a bit of reservation about burning their waste. However, sometimes, you just don’t have a choice. 

If you have too much debris and other garden waste, you can’t wait for all of them to decompose in your compost. 

Sometimes, you just need something that would dispose of all the waste at once. 

This is the answer!

Garden incinerators, as the name implies, burn waste at very high temperatures. They do so quickly and efficiently. 

They are so efficient that they could go through wet materials without any problem. 

What does it look like?

The most common garden incinerators look like a large trash can. Over the years, the design has diversified. 

It’s made of fire-proof materials, of course, to ensure that the incineration process remains inside the product. 


A garden incinerator comprises a kiln, where the waste will be burned, and a number of holes in the lower part to ensure there is proper ventilation. 

How to Use the Garden Incinerator:

  1. Place it somewhere safe. Place it somewhere there are no things that would easily catch fire in case it topples over–just in case. Of course, most garden incinerators in the market were created with safety in mind. 
  2. It’s always better to use paper at the base or the bottom of the incinerator in order for it to heat up easily. You can line up the bottom with old newspapers or scratch papers that have been balled up. Then you can place twigs on top. Hold off adding the other waste materials. 
  3. Light the paper and twigs and allow them to heat up. Once fired up, you can add the bigger branches. 
  4. You can now put your waste materials into the rotary kiln. Close it properly so that heat will be trapped inside and it will work efficiently. 

What about the heat?

The heat should be around 1,800 ℉. This is the perfect heat for efficiency and speedy incineration. 

Important tips to remember:

  • Always wear protective gear. Thick gloves and protection are essentials. You could also wear long sleeves to protect your arms. 
  • You want the garden incinerator to be truly hot before you can add waste in it. Start burning materials that are easy to burn like paper and lawn debris. Dry organic products will also burn the best while producing the least smoke possible. 
  • Cover the incinerator when you’re done putting the waste. Putting the lid on will keep the incinerator burning hot. 
  • Know your local regulations. You might be constrained by local regulations that would prevent you from burning anything even with the use of a garden incinerator.
  • Do not overfill the incinerator. You don’t want the possibility of the product toppling over.
  • Do not leave your garden incinerator unattended. Since this product involves very hot fire, you need to be cautious when using it. 
Incinerator in backyard next to fence

Benefits of a Garden Incinerator

Here are the reasons why you should use a garden incinerator:

1. It quickly gets rid of garden waste

Some people would just create a bonfire to get rid of garden waste–if that is even allowed in their region. But it would take time. 

With the garden incinerator, waste can be gone in a jiffy with its high heat. It’s also enclosed, which means that the heat is trapped within the small bin. 


It produces less smoke, so it won’t be too much of a bother at home. 

This is not just for your convenience. When you reduce your waste at home, you are also reducing the waste that will reach the landfill. 

2. It’s quite neat

If you just torch the waste in the yard, you are not actually cleaning the yard but changing the waste into smaller bits–ash. 

You don’t want ash lying or flying around. 


Ash is actually quite helpful. You can use it in your compost. But it would be better to get the ash from your kiln. 

That’s another benefit to using a garden incinerator.

3. You can have ash for your compost

Ash is actually a great component for compost. It can actually make it healthy. Some compost has a hard time breaking down because of acidic conditions. 

The ash is great at neutralizing acidic compost. 

4. It can also incinerate documents

You know how there are papers that need to be shredded? Well, you have to pay for that. But if you already have an incinerator, why pay for shredding when you can incinerate the papers?

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The Best Garden Incinerators

#1:  Behrens B907P


Product Spec

Material: Steel
Dimensions: 17” x 17” x 25”
Capacity: 20 gallons
Weight: 3.6 lbs
Color: Silver

Behrens Garden Incinerator

Is it a trash bin? Or is it a garden incinerator? Well, the Behrens B907P does look like a trash can, which means that it looks like it belongs in the yard. 

But the design is really the least of people’s concern. The most important part is that it works really well. 


Let’s talk about the material. This is made for durability. It is made of steel with a galvanized outer layer. 

That’s a good material as it won’t rust. It’s weather-resistant, too. Obviously, for garden incinerators, the product should be resistant to rain. 

It’s more than that

It’s also resistant to fading. At least, after many years to come, the incinerator will still look good. 

Again, that’s the least of our concerns. This is also a versatile product. It looks like a trash can with holes, and it can actually be used as a trash can. 

Plus, you can use it as a compost bin, too. 

About the size

The Behrens can accommodate 20 gallons of waste. It comes with handles and four legs, too. 

Also, it has a tight-fitting lid. That’s great as it would mean more efficiency and less smoke. You don’t want to disturb the neighbors with smoke coming from your yard. 

It’s really made with efficiency in mind.

You want proof?

Every aspect of this product is made to maximize function. For example, the coating of this incinerator is thick, adding to its durability. 

The sides are corrugated to add to its strength. There are perforations almost all over the body, which allows great airflow. 

Here’s an important feature:

The product is made of recyclable and sustainable materials. 

The best part?

This product is very affordable!

On the other hand

You might have to poke it around to allow total incineration. First, you will need a poker. Next, you have to open the lid and that would mean ashes flying around. 

Make sure you protect yourself with gloves and eye wear when you open the lid. 

There’s also the handles

They just don’t look like they could handle 20 gallons of waste. There might be a time when you have to transfer the incinerator with the waste already inside. 

Just make sure you don’t do the transfer while the product is incinerating. 

In conclusion

The Behrens B907P is a mighty good garden incinerator. It’s certainly efficient and it can be used for other purposes other than incineration of yard waste and even documents.  



  • Durable
  • Rust-resistant
  • Versatile
  • Tight-fitting lid
  • 100% sustainable materials
  • Efficient
  • Affordable


  • You need to stir the waste around with a poker for maximum efficiency
  • Handles seem flimsy
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#2: Professional Grade Products 9900000


Product Spec

Material: Stainless steel
Dimensions: 14” x 14” x 24”
Weight: 25 lbs
Color: Silver

Professional Grade Garden Incinerator

The Professional Grade Products 9900000 Burn Barrel Incinerator is made of high-grade stainless steel. 

There’s a lot of openings around the product for airflow. 

What does this indicate?

This allows you to burn large quantities of garden waste. 

This incinerator has cross braces. This makes it truly sturdy. 

It’s versatile, too. 

Check this out

This is basically a burn barrel. You can use it to incinerate garden waste, but you could also use it as a source of heat during winter. 

You could use this as a fire pit as well.

Here’s something to think about:

This product needs assembly. But it’s not that bad. You could assemble it within 15 minutes. 

Besides that, there are also no legs on this product. It’s stable, but that means that there will be direct heat on the ground. 

In that case

You would have to create a base for it so it will not burn your lawn, for example. This also means that you can’t easily transfer it from one place to another. 

Just as well because this incinerator doesn’t have handles. 

All in all

This is a really good incinerator. You can see it in the design, too. Plus, it’s made from heavy-duty materials. 



  • Made from heavy-duty materials
  • A lot of vents provide great airflow
  • Sturdy
  • Versatile
  • Can be used as heater


  • Product has no legs
  • Product has no handle
  • Assembly is necessary
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#3: Burn Right Products Incinerator Cage

Its patented airflow system

Product Spec

Material: Stainless steel
Dimensions: 42” x 29” x 22”
Capacity: 55 gallons
Weight: 47 lbs
Color: Silver
PRICE: $$$

Burn Right Garden Incinerator

This is quite a tall incinerator made of stainless steel. The design of the Burn Right Products Incinerator Cage has been patented. 

This just means that the brand is sure that it has made a great design that competitors would have copied for its efficiency. 

The patent is more on the airflow system that allows air to pass freely inducing an extremely hot temperature that provides an efficient burning system. 

Don’t fret!

The product may seem slim but it’s really durable. It is warp-resistant, too. That’s always important because it’s going to contain temperature that goes over 1,600 ℉. 

It’s also versatile. Don’t think that this is just an incinerator for garden waste. You can also use this to get rid of documents.


It has an ash catcher. This is wonderful if you have compost–as you should! There are so many benefits to having a compost. 

Ash is actually a great ingredient for compost as it keeps the organic material neutral rather than acidic. 

Even better

This product has a large capacity. It can accommodate around 55 gallons of waste. 

Its dimensions are 42 inches by  29 inches by 22 inches.

So, what’s the deal?

For one, this is supposed to be a portable incinerator. The problem is, it doesn’t come with legs, thereby leaving marks. 

It would be more preferable if you just put it in a more permanent spot. 

There’s more!

It doesn’t come with a handle either. You have to kind of hug it in order to transfer it from one place to the next. 

Also, this needs assembly and it’s quite complicated. 

What do I make of it?

It’s a really good product that works efficiently because of its airflow system that has been rightfully patented. 



  • Warp resistant
  • Durable
  • Versatile
  • Features an ash catcher
  • Easy to clean
  • Patented airflow system
  • Large


  • It has no legs
  • It has no handles
  • Complicated assembly
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#4: Plow and Hearth Home Incinerator Waste Can

Efficient incineration

Product Spec

Material: 28-gauge galvanized metal
Dimensions: 19” x 19” x 29.5”
13.2 lbs
Color: Silver

Plow and Hearth Garden Incinerator

The Plow and Hearth Garden / Home Incinerator Waste Can can help you reduce waste at home in a truly convenient manner. 

This product is also built to last. You know that because of the 28-gauge galvanized metal used to create this home incinerator. 

According to the brand

The product is patterned after European incinerators. It has a very simple design–it actually looks like a common trash can. 

There are minimal side holes for airflow. 

What’s unique about it

It has a built-in chimney in its lid.

The product also has legs, albeit very small ones. 

You know what?

This works really well. The minimal holes seemed suspect but it really worked efficiently. It incinerates everything you want to burn properly. 

The size of this thing is also really good. It’s not too big and definitely not small at 19 inches by 19 inches by 29.5 inches. 

On the other hand

This needs to be assembled. The process is quite easy, however, there was some difficulty attaching the legs because the holes were too close to the bottom of the can.

To conclude

This looks quite ordinary but the work is extraordinary. It efficiently burns everything you need to incinerate from papers to leaves to twigs.  



  • Made from durable 28-gauge metal
  • Comes with a built-in chimney
  • Efficiently burns
  • Good size


  • Some assembly components were not well thought out
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#5: Buffalo Tools FCAGE Safeburn Fire Cage

Speedy incineration

Product Spec

Material: Stainless steel
Dimensions: 22” x 22” x 42.5”
Weight: 57.9 lbs
Color: Silver

Buffalo Tools Garden Incinerator

This is one of the better-looking home incinerators here. The Buffalo Tools Safeburn Fire Cage looks good because it doesn’t look like a trash can and you can’t immediately say it’s an incinerator either. 

It wouldn’t be an eyesore in your yard at all. 

But it’s more than that

It’s slim. While it doesn’t have a wide girth, it’s quite tall at 42.5 inches. 

You also know that it’s from a good-quality material because Buffalo Corp is known for its industrial products at really affordable prices. 


It efficiently combusts whatever organic debris you put in there. You can fill it with debris and in no time, everything has just been incinerated. 

It’s also quite easy to assemble and disassemble if you have to. 


The product changes color due to the heat. So, while it’s a beautiful thing when you first buy it, it will transform over a period of time. 

Also, it doesn’t have a bottom. Basically, there is no ash catcher.

What’s the verdict?

This incinerator burns fast! That’s exactly what you want in a home incinerator, right? Since this doesn’t have a bottom, you just need to be creative. 



  • It looks good
  • Tall
  • Quality material
  • Provides good combustion
  • Easy to assemble and disassemble


  • Changes color due to the heat
  • No bottom
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#6: Camco 22-Inch Burn Bin

Minimal waste

Product Spec

Material: Carbon steel
Dimensions: 22” x 22” x 22”
Weight: 35 lbs
Color: Black

Camco Garden Incinerator

If you don’t have a lot of waste at home, then you don’t need a large garden incinerator. The Camco Burn Bin will serve your purpose. 

This square product is 22 by 22 inches. 

If you have a small yard, then this is actually a great product for you. 

It’s beautiful!

Yep! This is definitely among the more good-looking garden incinerators on the market. 

The many openings provide great airflow. But it is also totally enclosed. The product features a lid, which would minimize the smoke coming out. 

The base also has unique venting patterns. 

Not only that

It is made of heavy-duty steel, which means that it is durable. You can definitely use this for many years to come. 

The panels are hand-oiled to prevent rusting.

It sounds perfect!

Well, it’s not! Nothing is perfect. One downside of the Camco incinerator is that you have to assemble it. 

It’s not going to be easy. In fact, to make it easy, you should ask for extra hands. 


The panels are quite slim. So, while the entire product is durable, some of the panels might be deformed when hit with a hard object. 

In the end

It’s a wonderful product for small yards with minimal waste. It also helps that this is a good-looking garden incinerator, so it won’t be an eyesore in the yard. 



  • Great for small yards
  • Beautiful
  • Great airflow
  • Durable
  • Features hand-oiled panels to prevent rust


  • Assembly is necessary
  • Flimsy panels
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#7: Bad Idea Pyro Cage Incinerator

Collecting ash

Product Spec

Material: Cast iron & steel
Dimensions: 24” x 24” x 47”
Capacity: 88 gallons
Weight: 120 lbs
Color: Black

Pyro Cage Garden Incinerator

The Bad Idea Pyro Cage Incinerator is a pretty large incinerator. Only the name is bad in this product. 

It can accommodate around 88 gallons of waste. It’s made with sturdiness in mind. 

In fact

The slats have a double purpose. 

One, it’s for airflow. You want small openings to surround the incinerator so that oxygen can penetrate the kiln. This will allow superior airflow. 

Two, the uniquely angled slots are also meant to provide rigidity. 


It’s sturdy and durable because the steel is at least two-inches thick. The steel is also hand-oiled to prevent rust. 


There will be some assembly involved. The good thing is that it’s not nearly as difficult to do with its tab-and-slot design. 

Basically, you just need to put in the tabs into the respective slots. 

There’s more!

The lid is great at keeping the ashes inside the barrel. This way, you can easily collect the ash if you intend to use it for your compost. 


This is a really heavy product. While that is good since it means it can be stable, you would have a hard time transferring it from one place to another. 

That should be a good thing, too, considering that this doesn’t have legs. That means it would leave a mark in the ground. 


This product is sturdy, as in it could last you years. However, the body warps after multiple uses. 

Sure, it still functions well but it doesn’t look as good anymore. 



  • Can accommodate 88 gallons of waste
  • Uniquely angled slots for maximum airflow
  • No need for tools in the assembly
  • Thick steel
  • Durable
  • Good at collecting ash


  • Very heavy
  • No legs
  • The body warps after some time
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#8: Great Circle USA Bear Wood Burning Pit

Its design

Product Spec

Material: Wood & steel
Dimensions: 21” x 21” x 27”
Weight: 45.2 lbs
Color: Black

Bear Wood Garden Incinerator

First of all, this incinerator is absolutely beautiful. It will look like a decorative item in the yard because of the design, the most prominent of which is the bear. 

That’s why this is called the Bear Wood Burning Pit from Great Circle USA. 

The carbon steel is going to rust, but this won’t look like a rusty product. 

What does that mean?

Over a period of time, this product develops a patina finish. It will actually look better after some time. 

It’s not just decorative

This is a functional product, too. It’s also made of good-quality materials. The body, for example, is made of two-millimeter thick steel plates. 

To reinforce that, there is also crossing support for the product. 

Moving on

It’s quite easy to assemble. That’s great because you can take this anywhere with you–you can have a pit on the beach or in a campsite. 

You basically just have to disassemble the pit and put it in a box and you are ready to take it with you. When you get to the site, you can then assemble it. 

Or this could be a mainstay in your patio or deck. 

The thing is

This product is not really an incinerator. It’s mostly a pit that can also be used as an incinerator. 

That is why it doesn’t come with a cover. That’s one of the few downsides to this product. 

Also, it warps after multiple uses. 

But you know what?

For small yards, this is a wonderfully versatile product. It’s really a pit that you can use as an incinerator. It has a great design and you just want to show it off. 



  • Gorgeous
  • Patina finish
  • Made of thick steel plates
  • Easy to assemble
  • Portable


  • No lid
  • It warps after some time
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In Summary

That’s our list of the best garden incinerators of 2021 to keep your lawn tidy at all times. To give you a brief outlook:

Best Value-for-Money Garden Incinerator

The Behrens B907P is affordable yet very efficient. That’s not always a combination that you expect.

Best Airflow in a Garden Incinerator

The airflow system of the Burn Right Products Incinerator Cage has been patented. That tells you that this brand certainly knows what it was doing when designing the product.

Best Garden Incinerator for Speed

You use a garden incinerator because you want to get rid of garden debris and other things fast. The Buffalo Tools FCAGE Safeburn Fire Cage certainly provides speed in terms of combustion.

Best-Looking Garden Incinerator

The Great Circle USA Bear Wood Burning Pit definitely takes the cake on this one. This product has bear designs and other things on it. It’s basically a firepit that can also be used as an incinerator. It doesn’t have a cover though.

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