Best Horseshoe Sets: Have Fun with the Fam with These Packs

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Horseshoes is the best backyard game for the family. The rules are simple and it is just pure fun. You can invite your friends over, too, for a really enjoyable gathering.

Just make sure you have the best horseshoe sets to ensure uninterrupted entertainment.

Best Horseshoe Sets
At A Glance List

Below is a quick view of my favorite horseshoe sets in the market. To find out more about them, click on the link to take you to the full review:

#1: Triumph Premium
>>> BEST FOR: ♦ Best Buy ♦
Blue & silver97%Check Price
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#2: St. Pierre American Professional Series
>>> BEST FOR: Professional design
Blue & gray96%Check Price
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#3: Baden Champions
>>> BEST FOR: NHPA approved
Black & gray95%Check Price
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#4: Franklin Sports
>>> BEST FOR: Official design
Blue & silver92%Check Price
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#5: Champion Sports
>>> BEST FOR: Solid horseshoes
Bronze & silver92%Check Price
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#6: Triumph Steel
>>> BEST FOR: Classic look
Gold & silver89%Check Price
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#7: Hey! Play! Trademark Games
>>> BEST FOR: Simplicity
Black & silver89%Check Price
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#8: Crown Sporting Goods Deluxe
>>> BEST FOR: Kids
Blue, red, yellow & black88%Check Price
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What Is the Game of Horseshoes?

It is a lawn game, which makes it very attractive to families. The name is in reference to the horseshoes that are used in the game. 

The horseshoes could be made from metal or plastic, although the former makes a better ringing sound. They also tend to be more durable. 

Actually, the game was originally intended for just two people. But since it’s a competition between two sides, it can also be played by two teams of two people with the rest of the family cheering along the sidelines. 


The origin of horseshoes was linked to quoits, which was widely played in the 19th century. However, its discovery was dated back between the 1st and 5th centuries when Romans invaded Britain. 

Roman officers were known to play the game of quoits. 

The goal of the game was to throw a metal or rope or rubber rings as near to a spike as possible. The spike is placed at a specific distance agreed upon. 


Horseshoes are played the same way. The player will throw horseshoes at stakes. 

The game became popular in the 20th century wherein matches were organized everywhere. There was no predetermined set of rules. 

By that, I meant this:

The goal of the game remains the same. However, different organizers put out various specifics to the game. 

So that players won’t be confused by the variety of tournaments, rules were published in newspapers. 

It may be popular then

Today, not many people know a lot about the game of horseshoes. Although, U.S. president George H.W. Bush was seen playing the game at the White House. 

It was President Harry Truman who had the horseshoe pit built at the White House. This was in the 1940s and horseshoe champion Jimmy Risk showed off his skills for Truman at the pit. 


There is an annual competition called the NHPA (National Horseshoe Pitchers Association) World Horseshoe Tournament. This year, the competition is in Winnemucca, Nevada. 

But it doesn’t have to be all that serious. You can play this game on your lawn with family and friends. 

Your gatherings will never be the same again. 

Two horsehoes on dirt floor

How Do You Play It?

As earlier mentioned, there have been many rules for the game. But since the NHPA was created, which governs the annual world tournament, a formal set of rules has been created. 

The play:

Formally, this is a two-player game, so let’s look at the rules for two people:

1. Horseshoe toss

Both players will toss a horseshoe to determine who goes first. In some cases, this could be a coin toss. 

2. First set of throws

The winner of the horseshoe toss will then throw the two horseshoes toward the opposite stake–one at a time. The second player will do the exact same thing. 

The scores are then calculated.

This set is called an inning. 

3. Second set of throws

This is done by throwing the horseshoes at the other direction or the other stake. 

The score:

The goal is to make a ringer, which is when the horseshoe completely surrounds the stake. It makes a ringing sound, hence, it’s the ringer. 

A ringer scores three points but it could be cancelled by the opponent’s ringer. 

However, there could be questions if the horseshoe completely surrounds a stake, even if it does make a sound. 

How to determine?

A tool with a straight edge, aptly referred to as straightedge, can be used to determine if the horseshoe is a ringer or not. Put the straightedge as if you are measuring the two edges, known as heel cakes, of the horseshoe. 

If the ruler-like object doesn’t touch the stake, then it’s a ringer. 

Other things to note:

  • A ringer can be cancelled out by the opponent’s ringer. However, in some tournaments, all scores are counted and totalled–the outcome will be the same in terms of winner. 
  • Another point is awarded to a horseshoe that comes within six inches of the stake. Some tournaments also award two points when the horseshoe is leaning on the stake. The first one is called a live shoe while the other is called a leaner. 
  • In cases of a tie, two additional innings are called for. More would be added if necessary. 

Who wins?

Based on the NHPA rules, the first round ends with one player reaching 15 points. The game could be decided when one reaches 40 points. 

Backyard games can be decided by 21 points or whatever it is the group decides. 

The tools

The pitch

The field or pitching box is a marked six-foot square. Inside the box are two three-by-six-foot (or less) pits where the metal stakes are found. 

Outside the pit, but inside the pitching box, there are two strips to the right and left, which would indicate where the player should stand when throwing the horseshoes. The player should have both feet behind the line when throwing. 

The stakes

They are found in the middle of the pit. It should stick up 15 inches above ground and has a diameter of one inch. It also has a three-inch inclination towards the player.

The horseshoes

The horseshoe is shaped exactly like the shoe of the horse but is twice as large. It can be made of metal or plastic. 

In competitions, the shoe should be metal and weigh around two pounds or so. It is also seven and five-eighths inches long by seven inches wide. The gap is around three and a half inches. 

Man throwing horseshoe

Why You Should Play Horseshoes

Have you ever been to a party and just thought: This gathering is quite boring. 

Don’t ever let that happen again by bringing a horseshoe set to a party. 

Let’s dive in

This is a great game for your family and friends. If you have a backyard, then you are set. While this is originally a game for two people, you can always improvise the rules so you could play a team game. 

It’s so much fun to just cheer for your team and jeer for the opposite side. 

Don’t you think?

Most horseshoe sets come in a bag, which makes it easy for you to take it from one place to the next. 

This game is really meant to be played everywhere!

We already mentioned the backyard, but you could also take this to the beach. If you want to congregate in the local park, you can do that too. 

It’s just fantastic!

Not to mention, this game could also make you sweat–literally. In a way, it could be a form of exercise. 

The best part is that most people could play this game–children, teenagers, adults, and seniors. 

It’s definitely a great bonding experience for all members of the clan.

How to Choose a Horseshoe Set

You buy a horseshoe set because you want to have fun with friends and family. In order to maximize the fun, there are some considerations to choosing the best horseshoe set. 


What’s the point of having fun when it will just be cut short? You want a set that is durable. 

Some horseshoe sets are made of plastic and some are made of metal. If you choose the former, make sure that it’s not flimsy. If you prefer the latter, make sure it won’t rust.


The components of the entire set are the most important thing. But the packaging is also worth thinking about. 

When we say packaging, we mean that bag or container that the set comes with. We consider this important because you should be able to play horseshoes wherever you are. 

That’s why, it would be really nice if the set comes in a nice package that is easy to carry around in case you want to bring it to a party or to the park. Maybe you can even take the set to the beach. 


This is not the most important thing to consider, but in case the color matters to you, then we’ve included it here anyway. 

You might want something that will stand out, so think about the color that you want in horseshoes. 

NHPA approval

Look, if you are just out having fun with family and friends, you can just buy any of the horseshoe sets on the market. However, if you are thinking of having a mini competition with family and friends, then you should look for a set approved by the NHPA. 

An NHPA-approved set comes with the proper measurements used in actual tournaments.  


Obviously, this is an important consideration, too. You want something that is within your budget. 

On the other hand, you want to make sure that you invest in a good horseshoe set. Sometimes, a great play set doesn’t come cheap. Always look for something that is value for money. 

Interested in the game? Know more about it by watching this video:

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The Best Horseshoe Sets

#1 Triumph Premium Forged Horseshoe Set

Those looking for durability.

Product Spec

  • Horseshoe material – forged steel
  • Stake material – steel
  • Stake length – 24”
  • Colors – blue and silver
  • Case – hard plastic with locking tabs
  • Warranty – 90 days
Horshoe set

Have a grand time with the entire family with the Triumph Sports USA Premium Forged Six-Piece Horseshoe Set with Carrying Case.

What’s in the box?

  • Carrying case
  • 4 horseshoes
  • 2 stakes
  • Rulebook

Let’s talk about the horseshoes

There are four of them in the set and they are made of forged steel. However, you don’t need to worry about rust as they are coated with rust-proof powder. 

This way, you can play with it for years to come. The same could be said for the two stakes that come with the set. 


They are weather resistant. It doesn’t matter if you play with the set during truly hot weather or during a rainy day, the horseshoes and stakes are protected. 

The horseshoes also have a finger positioner so that they would be easier to hold. They won’t slide off while you are trying to make a good play. 

There are ringer breakers as well. 

What do they do?

They would spin when they hit the stake instead of just bouncing off. 

All these play items can be stored in a hard plastic case. This way, it would be easy for you to lug around when you plan to play somewhere else. 

It’s also easier to store after you’re done playing. 

Let’s talk about the color:

You get blue and silver horseshoes. They look really good. 

Lastly, the set has a 90-day limited warranty. 

What’s the catch?

The only negative thing I could say is that the horseshoes are a bit light. The issue with the weight is that it may not be a great idea to take it somewhere the breeze is really strong. 

All in all

This is a good horseshoe set with really attractive colors. They are durable and rust-proof, which means the family can enjoy playing with this for years to come.



  • Powder-coated horseshoes to prevent rust
  • Finger positioner makes horseshoes easier to hold
  • Also comes with ringer breaker
  • Comes with a hard plastic case
  • Durable
  • 90-day warranty


  • Horseshoes are a bit too light
Check availability

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#2 St. Pierre American Professional Series Horseshoe

Those looking for a professionally designed set.

Product Spec

  • Horseshoe material – forged steel
  • Stake material – steel
  • Stake length – 24”
  • Colors – blue and gray
  • Case – black plastic tote
  • Warranty – 60 days
Horshoe set

Do you want to feel like a pro horseshoe player? Then the St. Pierre American Professional Series Horseshoes Set could probably help you with that.

What’s in the box?

  • Black plastic tote
  • 4 horseshoes
  • 2 stakes
  • Rulebook


You know why we say that this could help you play like a professional? Because it is designed by a world champion. 

Know that it has a unique shape. In fact, the shape has been trademarked. 

What’s the difference?

It has longer tips that would grab the stake better. It’s just more efficient this way. 

It comes with a ringer breaker, too, to enable the shoe to rotate better. Plus, it has a finger positioner to allow you to hold it like the pros. 

What about the colors?

The horseshoes are blue and gray. 

Oh, it comes with a 60-day warranty too. 

Then, there’s this:

The horseshoes can also withstand harsh weather conditions. This is important in case you leave the items in the yard for the next game. 

If you intend to keep it, the set comes with a black plastic tote. 

About that

It’s not that good. It’s not as durable as I wanted it to be. Plus, it’s not very easy to put the horseshoes back in the case. 

You might be better off buying a generic plastic case for your set–just saying. 

In conclusion

This is a pretty good set to play just for fun or if you are practicing for a tournament. It is designed by a world champion after all. 



  • Unique shape made for efficiency
  • Features ringer breaker, too
  • Comes with finger positioner as well
  • Made from all-weather materials


  • Not so good plastic case
Check availability

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#3 Baden Champions Horseshoe Set

Those looking for a set approved by the NHPA.

Product Spec

  • Horseshoe material – forged steel
  • Stake material – forged steel
  • Stake length – 24”
  • Case – nylon
  • Colors – black and gray
  • Warranty – none
  • PRICE GUIDE: $$$
Horshoe set

We’ve mentioned this before, it would be good to have a set that is approved by the National Horseshoe Pitchers Association. Look no further than the Baden Champions Horseshoe Set for that. 

What’s in the box?

  • Nylon bag
  • 4 horseshoes
  • 2 stakes
  • Rulebook

You want to play like a pro?

Then you definitely want this horseshoe set. It has been tested and approved by the NHPA. 

The items are all forged steel, which provides maximum toughness. They are much stronger than traditional steel or the cast iron products. 


Each horseshoe weighs 2.25 pounds, which is great if you are practicing for a tournament. That doesn’t mean you cannot use this just for backyard fun. 

It’s also great that the stakes are 24 inches and are three-fourth inch in diameter. That makes it really sturdy. 

The bag is just as good

The bag is lightweight since it’s made of fabric. But it’s durable nylon. There are storage compartments to make it easier for you to store the set. 

There is also a Velcro handle so that it would be easier to carry the entire set and you can take it with you anywhere. 

What’s bad about it?

It’s really expensive. That’s probably because it has been tested and approved by the NHPA. But you should know that there are sets that are half the price of the Baden. 

In conclusion

This is a wonderful horseshoe set made with high-quality materials–from the horseshoes to the bag. 



  • Tested and approved by the NHPA
  • Very tough horseshoes
  • Thick stakes
  • Great bag


  • Really expensive
Check availability

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#4 Franklin Sports Horseshoes Set

Those looking for official dimensions.

Product Spec

  • Horseshoe material – forged steel
  • Stake material – forged steel
  • Stake length – 20”
  • Colors – blue and silver
  • Case – fabric carry bag  
  • Warranty – none
Horshoe set

Are you planning on joining a tournament? Then you can practice with the Franklin Sports Horseshoes Set.

What’s in the box?

  • Cloth bag
  • 4 horseshoes
  • 2 stakes

Let’s get started

The horseshoes are forged steel that are meant to last for years to come. These were made with durability in mind. 

They are also made with professional regulations in mind so that you can use this set to practice for a tournament. 

Case in point:

Each shoe weighs 2.1 pounds with great balance so that there will be consistent flight and rotation. 

The two stakes are also made of forged steel and are 20 inches long. 

This is a great set for the beach or for the backyard. 

Easy to transport, too

It comes with a carrying case so you can take it with you anywhere you want–to vacations and parties or wherever you can have a fun game of horseshoes. 

More importantly, they are easy to set up. This way, you can immediately have fun with it. 

On the downside

The stakes are just way too short. You might be able to practice with professional-like horseshoes, but the stakes are a different story. 

Also, while it’s great that it comes with a bag, it’s quite flimsy. You need to be careful with it if you don’t want it torn apart. 

You know what?

If you just want something fun to bring to the beach, this is a good set. It’s great for practicing for a tournament, too, since the horseshoes are made with regulations in mind.



  • Durable
  • Well-balanced horseshoes
  • Lightweight carrying case
  • Easy to set up


  • Stakes are too short
  • Flimsy bag
Check availability

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#5 Champion Sports Horseshoe Set

Those looking for really solid horseshoes.

Product Spec

  • Horseshoe material – steel
  • Stake material – steel
  • Stake length – 24”
  • Case – weather-resistant nylon
  • Colors – bronze and silver
  • Warranty – none
Horshoe set

Just by looking at the Champion Sports Horseshoe Set you will know that it’s an absolute solid set. 

What’s in the box?

  • Nylon bag
  • 4 horseshoes 
  • 2 stakes
  • Rulebook

So let’s begin

This is a pretty solid set. Oh, we’ve already mentioned that? 

The horseshoes are made of steel with two of them chrome-plated and another two are brass-plated. There are also two durable metal stakes. 

Don’t worry

The main issue with metals is the possibility of rusting. That’s not going to happen here as the products are plated as protection. 

You can play with it for so many years without worry. 

Horseshoes is always a fun game to play in your backyard. Just in case you plan on taking the set to another person’s backyard, it’s fine. 

Yep! It’s quite easy to do that

The set comes with an all-weather nylon bag. The good thing about having a fabric bag is that it’s quite light. 

It’s water-resistant anyway. 

If you’re a beginner

The set comes with a rulebook, too. And if you’re not a beginner, then great because the horseshoes are actually 2.3 pounds each. 

That’s about the standard weight for competitions, by the way. 

Let me just say

The horseshoes are gorgeous. They have that classic look with its bronze and silver colors. 

It’s not perfect though

First, the bag. It’s an all-weather bag but it really looks like it won’t last for years to come. The horseshoes will definitely outlast the bag. 

Also, the horseshoes are really sturdy. They would definitely last for a long time. The paint? Not so much. 

After some time of use, the paint chips off. That’s too bad because the colors are really vibrant. 

What’s the verdict?

You can use this set for quite some time. Just buy a hard plastic case so that the container will last as long as the horseshoes. 



  • Really solid horseshoes
  • Durable stakes
  • Rust-resistant materials
  • Classic look


  • Bag is not as durable as the horseshoes
  • The paint of the horseshoes will eventually chip off
Check availability

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#6 Triumph Steel Horseshoe Set

Those looking for a classic look.

Product Spec

  • Horseshoe material – cast iron
  • Stake material – steel
  • Stake length – 20”
  • Colors – gold and silver
  • Case – none
  • Warranty – none
Horshoe set

If you want to go with a classic look, then the Triumph Steel Horseshoe Set is going to be something that you will like. 

What’s in the box?

  • 4 horseshoes
  • 2 stakes

You know what?

This is a truly good-looking set. The stakes are cast iron and are gold and silver. I can’t say it enough: they are just beautiful. 

It works quite well, too. It’s great for playing horseshoes with family and friends in your backyard. 

In case you’re wondering

The beautiful colors won’t fade. That’s due to the powder coating and hammer finish. Rest assured you could enjoy this set for years to come. 

It’s also really affordable. That’s really ideal for many people. 

Oh, and another thing:

The sound is awesome! Making a ringer never felt so exciting. 


The horseshoes are not as sturdy as they should be. They would break on heavy impact, which makes me think that these were made for children. 

The bad thing about breaking a horseshoe is that you have to buy a whole new other set just for the replacement. 

What else?

The stakes are quite short as well. You would need around 14 to 15 inches of the stake to be above ground. That would mean that you could only bury about five inches of the stake. 



  • Beautiful classic look
  • Colors won’t fade
  • Affordable
  • Makes a great sound


  • Horseshoes are not durable
  • Short stakes
  • No bag
Check availability

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#7 Hey! Play! Trademark Games Professional Horseshoe Set

Those looking for something simple and easy.

Product Spec

  • Horseshoe material – heavy-duty metal
  • Stake material – metal
  • Stake length – 23”
  • Case – fabric
  • Color – black and silver
  • Warranty – none
Horshoe set

If you want something simple, you can get the Hey! Play! Trademark Games Professional Horseshoe Set. 

What’s in the box?

  • Fabric case
  • 4 horseshoes
  • 2 stakes

Here’s the deal

If there is such a thing as an “unassuming” horseshoe set, this is it. But why do I mean by that? You look at this set and there’s really nothing much to look at. 

The horseshoes are just black and silver and the case is black. They are very basic. 

But there’s nothing basic with the game

As soon as you play it, then it’s just as much fun as the other sets. 

The horseshoes are 2.33 pounds each, which is close to the weight of horseshoes used in competitions. 

About the stakes

They have tapered edges to make them easier to install. They are also easy to pull out. 

Still on the topic of easy, the set is also quite easy to keep with its black zippered carrying bag. It’s lightweight and has hooks and looks to keep items in place. 


While the horseshoes seem heavy-duty, they are not as durable as you want them to be. They may weigh like the ones used by professionals but a professional pitcher could easily destroy the horseshoes. 

They throw harder through practice, so the horseshoes may not survive. But for regular throwers, they may last for some time. 


For simple backyard activities with the family, this will do. It’s simple and easy to set up.



  • Horseshoes are close to tourney weight
  • Stakes are easy to put up


  • Horseshoes are not as durable as they should be
Check availability

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#8 Crown Sporting Goods Deluxe Indoor and Outdoor Horseshoe Game Set

Those looking for something for the kids.

Product Spec

  • Horseshoe material – plastic
  • Stake material – plastic
  • Stake length – 6” & 14”
  • Colors – blue, red, yellow and black
  • Case – none
  • Warranty – none
Horshoe set

Start the children playing horseshoes with the Crown Sporting Goods Deluxe Horseshoe Set.

What’s in the box?

  • 4 horseshoes
  • 2 indoor stakes
  • 2 outdoor stakes
  • 2 rubber mats (as indoor base)
  • Rulebook

First things first

The items are made of plastic. They are not meant to be like the ones that are used by the professionals. 

However, they are just as much fun. 

You know what else?

You can use this both indoors and outdoors. 

For the indoors, it has two six-inch stakes and a black base. It’s great for children. They are also very colorful, which is very attractive to children. 

For the outdoors, there are two 14-inch stakes. 


This is great for children, right? It’s not so great for adults as they are too light. However, it can still be a fun game among adults. 

If you just want to laugh out loud and cheer and jeer each other. This set is fun enough. 

More importantly

This horseshoe set is very affordable. It’s the most affordable of the bunch, which is also good news. 

On the negative side

The stakes are too short. But look at it this way, it can make the game more challenging. 

Also, the set doesn’t come with a bag. It comes in a box, which you can recycle. And since these are lightweight products, you can just find an unused bag for the set. 

In the end

If you just want something fun for the kids and maybe the rest of the family, too, this set is good enough. It’s also very affordable, which is an important consideration. 

Plus, this is the only horseshoe set that can actually be used indoors. Isn’t that an amazing feat?



  • Great for children
  • Can be used indoors
  • Very colorful
  • Very affordable


  • Not too great for adults
  • Stakes are too short
  • Doesn’t come with a bag
Check availability

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In Summary

Are you looking for something fun to play in the backyard with the entire family or with friends? We’ve got you covered! We have the list of the best horseshoe sets in the market. 

Further, here are some of the sets based on what you may be looking for:

Best Horseshoe Set for Durability

If you’re planning on being serious with horseshoes, then you should play with a set that has been approved and tested by the National Horseshoe Pitchers Association. Get the Baden Champions Horseshoe Set.

Best Solid Horseshoes

For horseshoes that would stand the test of time, you should try the Champion Sports Horseshoe Set.

Best Horseshoe Set for Indoors

Horseshoes is an outdoor game. But you can teach children the basics of the game with the Crown Sporting Goods Deluxe Indoor and Outdoor Horseshoe Game Set, which you can also play indoors. 

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