Best Single-Stage Snow Blowers 2023 (Revealed)

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Single-stage snow blowers can clear your drive or yard of snow in minutes. Even better they are reasonably priced, quick and easy to use. 

So if you don’t want to cut the amount of time you spend out in the cold and save some back-breaking work, you might want to look at our list of the best single-stage snow blowers of 2023.

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Best Single Stage Snow Blower

The PowerSmart PSS1210M Snow Blower is efficient, affordable, and packs an excellent engine for its price tag. It has innovative tires with a great treat that makes pushing it much easier. Other good options include the Honda HS720AS, Snow Joes SJ623E, SJ625, SJ615 and J620, along with the Toro Power Curve and Briggs & Stratton.

At A Glance List

Below is a quick view of what I believe are the best single-stage snow blowers in the market right now:

#1 – PowerSmart Single-Stage Snow Blower
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Gas95%Check Price
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#2 – Honda HS720AS Single Stage Snow Thrower
>>> BEST FOR: Fuel efficiency
Gas94%Check Price
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#3 – Snow Joe SJ623E Electric Single-Stage Snow Thrower
>>> BEST FOR: Women and seniors
Electric92%Check Price
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#4 – Snow Joe SJ625 Electric Single-Stage Snow Blower
>>> BEST FOR: Night clearing
Electric90%Check Price
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#5 – Snow Joe SJ615E Electric Single-Stage Snow Thrower
>>> BEST FOR: Deck clearing
Electric90%Check Price
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#6 – Briggs & Stratton Single-Stage Snow Thrower
>>> BEST FOR: Ice shredding
Gas88%Check Price
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#7 – Snow Joe SJ620 Electric Single-Stage Snow Thrower
>>> BEST FOR: Quick snow removal
Electric86%Check Price
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#8 – Toro Power Curve Electric Snow Blower
>>> BEST FOR: Precision
Electric85%Check Price
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What Is a Snow Blower?

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It’s a piece of outdoor power equipment that is capable of clearing snow quickly. It can remove snow on driveways, sidewalks, pathways and roads, among others. 

Just like any machine, it just makes your work easier.

As opposed to:


They could break your back and really take a lot of your energy. 


If you have a really small area and you just need to clear a walkway for easy treading, then I guess the shovel will do. 

But if you have a driveway and a yard, then you will definitely need something that won’t exhaust you. 

Not only that

The snow blower allows you to finish your task quickly. This way, you won’t be late for your appointments. 


The snow blower is really important because you can’t leave snow lying around especially on your driveway. 

Let’s paint a picture:

If you live in a region that faces inches of snow often, then you would surely have an appropriate car. 

So, it may not be a problem driving out of your driveway with inches of snow. 

But then

You can’t leave that snow there for the whole day. 

If the sun is hot during the peak of daytime, the snow might melt. But then, when dusk falls, it becomes cold again. 

What happens next?

The melted snow will freeze again. What you have now is ice, which would be slippery to walk on and drive on. 

You definitely don’t want to leave snow just lying around for hours. 

Don’t hurt your back

Get a snow blower!

What To Consider When Buying a Snow Blower

You already know that you need a snow blower, the question is what kind? There are different variations of this machine.

Here are some of the things you ought to consider:

Single stage snow thrower from Snow Joe


How big is your overall outside area? 

The most important parts are the walkway and driveway. The sidewalk is important, too. 

Check this out:

If you have a small to medium area, the single-stage snow blower will suffice. 

Power source

But the choice doesn’t end there. The single-stage snow blower, compared to other snow-blowing machines, actually has different power sources:

  1. Battery
  2. Electrical
  3. Gas

It matters which one you choose and it is directly related to the size of your area. 

Let me elaborate

The battery-powered snow blower is actually the most convenient. It doesn’t have the messiness of the gas-powered equipment or the wire of the electric-powered one. 

However, batteries die in an hour–usually less. The charging also takes over three hours. 

In a way

It’s inconvenient, too. 

What you can do is buy extra battery packs for non-stop snow blowing. 

You may also go:


Again, this depends on size. You have a wire to deal with.


You should have an area that could be reached by the wires. 

Note: Make sure you use an outdoor extension wire for this. 


There is the gas-powered one, which is the most powerful among the three. 

Of course, you have to deal with gas, oil and maintenance. Plus, there is also that frowned-upon carbon footprint that is linked with the use of fuel. 

Clearing width / depth

Know how much snow you get on average. This way, you can choose the right machine for you. 

Each machine has a different clearing width and depth. 


The higher the clearing width and depth, the faster you can finish the job. 

Throwing distance

This is also something you have to consider. How far away will the machine throw your snow?

It should just be right. 

In this case

Bigger doesn’t always mean better. 

You don’t want a machine that throws snow very far away when you have a small area. You might inadvertently be throwing that snow in your neighbor’s yard. 


It would have to go back to size.


Of course, you have to consider your budget when you purchase a machine. 

This is something worth remembering, though: it’s not about the cheapest or the most expensive machine, it’s about what’s practical for you. 


If there’s a single-stage snow blower, there is also a two-stage snow blower. 

Plus, a three-stage snow blower!

What are the differences?

Single-Stage vs Two-Stage
vs Three-Stage Snow Blower

The more stages there are, the more the yardsticks are. 

What does that mean?

It means that second-stage snow blowers are more expensive than the single-stage ones, which are also cheaper than the three-stage snow blower. 

The single-stage snow blower also has the least in terms of clearing width and depth, as well as throwing distance. 


The single-stage snow blower is the most versatile in terms of the kind of power source you can choose. 

Of course, the two-stage and three-stage snow blowers are also for larger areas. 

More importantly

The major difference is in the process:

Single-stage snow blower: The process only involves the auger. This part sucks in the snow into the machine, then pushes it out through the chute. 

Two-stage snow blower: This, on the other hand, only uses the auger to pull the snow into the machine. The snow will then be directed to the high-speed impeller, which will then throw the snow out through the chute. 

Three-stage snow blower: The third important part in the system is the accelerator, which provides heavy-duty snow removal. This is more often used in commercial spaces. 

There you have it! Now, we are ready to check out my list of what I consider the best single-stage snow blowers.

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I hope you love the products that I recommend here! Just so you know, I work with Amazon and other affiliate partners and may be compensated from the links below.

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Best Single-Stage Snow Blowers 2023 List

#1: PowerSmart PSS1210M Single-Stage Snow Blower

All kinds of terrain

Product Spec

  • Power source – Gas
  • Clearing width – 21”
  • Clearing depth – 12.5”
  • Throwing distance – 30 feet
  • Warranty – 2 years
PowerSmart Single Stage Snow Blower

Efficiency (almost!) rhymes with pricey. Incidentally, these two words usually go hand in hand. 

But not this

The PowerSmart single-stage snow blower is efficient but affordable. 

Let’s first talk about its power. The engine is a 196cc overhead valve engine. 

What does that mean?

That is a powerful enough engine to make efficient work of snow clearing. 

That’s why this machine could throw the snow 30 feet away. 

The chute turns 180 degrees so that you can choose which way you want to dump the snow. 

That also entails

This is a product fit for mid-sized driveways or yards that need snow removal. 

With the capability to plough 21 inches of snow that has a maximum depth of 12.5 inches, you know that you don’t have to stay too much in the cold just to clear snow at home. 

Better expect:

A really clean driveway. 

It’s also good for different kinds of terrain. 

That’s right!

This has a lot to do with the zag tread design of the wheels. 

These allow great movement on any surface. 

It’s so easy to push, which makes your snow clearing very easy.

Quite a versatile machine

Versatility isn’t limited to the surface but also in its function. 

You can use this machine for quick pickups on driveways and sidewalks. 

But it can also be used in patios. 


This is a great residential machine but is also quite good for commercial use. 

It also comes with a safety design.

What does this do?

It will prevent the machine from having accidental startups. 

The system will also automatically stop the auger from spinning when the handlebar grips are released. 

This way, you will be preventing accidents. 

You know

You almost can’t think that this is a single-powered machine. 

It works like the most basic two-powered machine. 

On the downside

The chute is just made of plastic. 

I foresee a problem in the future considering that this could be used in really terrible weather conditions. 


It’s efficient and it’s affordable. It’s like you can’t ask for more. 

This is a really great product for homeowners.



  • Efficient
  • Affordable
  • Good for various terrains
  • Versatile use
  • Safe design


  • Chute looks weak
Check availability

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#2: Honda HS720AS Single Stage Snow Thrower

Fuel efficiency

Product Spec

  • Power source – Gas 
  • Clearing width – 20”
  • Clearing depth – 12”
  • Throwing distance – 33’
  • Warranty – 2 years
  • PRICE GUIDE: $$$

Honda HS720AS Snow Blower

Honda is a popular engine manufacturer, so you better believe that it can create powerful snow blowers as well. 

The basics are that the Honda HS720AS could clear a 20-inch wide snow in one pass even if it has a maximum of 12 inches of snow. 

What happens to the snow?

It will be thrown 33 feet away. 

That seems really far, right? But you can actually control the direction of the chute and even the distance from where the snow will be propelled. 

It’s really easy for you!

There is a remote control chute on the equipment so that you can choose the snow throwing distance that you prefer

Couple that with the benefit of the semi-self-propelled auger drive. 

And oh, it has an electric start. 

How is that good?

Because now you don’t have to pull a string multiple times until the machine operates. With just one click, you are good to go. 

Sometimes, machines take a long time to start in the cold. 

Not this baby

This is a Honda 4-stroke engine, which means it has lower emission than regular gas-powered snow blowers.

This also means that it is fuel-efficient. 

Now the output:

1,800 pounds of snow will be removed every minute. Imagine what you can do in one hour. 

But at the rate this snow blower operates, you wouldn’t have to spend an hour outside the snow. You can clear a lot in a short amount of time. 

Moving on

The machine weighs 93 pounds.

Not to worry, though, as the machine comes with large wheels to easily move the machine. Not only that, it could really help you out moving the equipment to and from the storage. 

So what’s the problem here?

Not a lot, actually. 

I can say this, though, it’s not that good at pushing the ice-snow-salt combo left from the street snow plough. 

It’s not that big of a deal, right?

In conclusion

Honda does it again! It manufactures a top-notch piece of equipment.

I definitely recommend this product.



  • Fuel efficient
  • Ideal clearing width / depth and throwing distance for large areas
  • Electric start
  • 4-stroke engine
  • Semi-self-propelled auger drive


  • Hard to maneuver on when snow-ice-salt left by snow plow
  • Pricey
Check availability

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#3: Snow Joe SJ623E Electric Single-Stage Snow Thrower

Women and seniors because it is light

Product Spec

  • Power source – Electric
  • Clearing width – 18”
  • Clearing depth – 10”
  • Throwing distance – 25’
  • Warranty – 2 years

Snow Joe SJ623E Single Stage Snow Blower

Snow Joe calls the SJ623 its most powerful electric snow thrower and it doesn’t break the bank!

You heard that right!

This snow thrower is affordable and light. It’s exactly what you need for a really quick work on your driveway or walkway. 

Sometimes, you just need clearance to leave the house and do the heavy work another time. 

Don’t let the lightness fool you

This machine can clear 720 pounds of snow every minute. 

The motor is 15 amperes. Couple that with a durable four-blade rotor and you know this machine can be a beast. 


Yes! The rotor is made of heavy-grade steel. 

The machine can clear 10 inches of snow and a width of 18 inches in every pass. 

Snow will be thrown 25 feet away

Not bad!

What I really like about this machine is that it has a scraper blade. 

You know how sometimes you clear snow and the ground is still a bit blanketed with whiteness? That’s what the scraper blade on the base is for–it clears most of the snow on the ground.


If you ever use this on the deck, the blade will not damage it. 

You know what else?

The chute has an on-board clean-out tool. It can clear anything stuck on the chute so that the machine will not be jammed. 

Speaking of the chute, it can be adjusted within 180 degrees so you can choose which direction you want to throw your snow.


The machine comes with a 20-watt halogen headlight so you can remove snow anytime you want–be it at night or at dawn.


It’s not that good on wet snow. Actually, not a lot of snow throwers work well on wet snow, so you better assess how many times you get such in your area.

Also, the power cord is hard to manage. 


It’s actually hard to explain but it keeps getting tangled or I trip on it. 

And the wheels aren’t that great. It’s supposed to be easy-glide wheels but they weren’t that easy. 

In other words

This is a good machine for medium-sized areas but not so good when the terrain isn’t flat. For bumpy ground, it would be hard to maneuver those wheels. 

Women and senior citizens would really come to love the SJ623E because it is light and just right!



  • Affordable
  • Light
  • Durable rotor
  • Features a scraper blade
  • Chute clean-out tool


  • Not great on wet snow
  • Power cord is hard to manage
Check availability

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#4: Snow Joe SJ625 Electric Single-Stage Snow Blower

Night clearing

Product Spec

  • Power source – Electric
  • Clearing width – 21”
  • Clearing depth – 12”
  • Throwing distance – 20’
  • Warranty – 2 years

Snow Joe SJ625E Single Stage Snow Blower

Let’s start with why it’s great for nighttime clearing: It features a three-watt LED light and is quiet, which is to be expected with an electric machine. 

By the way, when I said nighttime, I actually meant when it’s really dark. So, that could be dusk, dawn and night. 

Convinced yet?

Snow Joe likes to say that the SJ625E has the power of a gas-powered machine but the convenience of an electric one. 

The convenience comes with the fact that electric-powered equipment needs no regular maintenance. You don’t need to add fuel or change the oil. 

Here’s the deal:

The power comes from the 15-amp motor that could process 800 pounds of snow per minute. 

That’s a lot of pounds brought about by the machine’s ability to clear 21-inch wide snow and around 12-inch deep. 

Helping with the processing

Two rubber blades in the steel auger. 

As for the chute, it is adjustable and turns 180°. It can be thrown 20 feet away.


This is ETL approved. 

This means that the SJ625E has been tested for safety. 

Great, right?

This product also comes with a pair of back wheels that will make your snow clearing more stable. It also makes the machine easier to maneuver. 

Also, since this is a light equipment at just 42.4, you can easily use it on your deck. 

But nothing is perfect

You would think that since this is capable of working with 12 inches of snow, having only a two-inch deep snow would be a breeze. 

Not really. Although, it works really well for snow that reaches five to 10 inches. Works okay when snow is at 12 inches. 

Another thing

The chute crank is too low. You have to stop clearing and bend in order to change the direction of the chute. 


This is a great machine for really busy individuals because they can clear snow anytime they want, even if it’s at night or at dawn. 

It’s light, easy to use and quiet.



  • Appropriate for clearing in the dark
  • Durable steel auger
  • Adjustable discharge chute
  • ETL approved
  • Light


  • Chute crank is low
  • Doesn’t work well with really low snow
Check availability

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#5: Snow Joe SJ615E Electric Single-Stage Snow Thrower

Clearing decks

Product Spec

  • Power source – Electric
  • Clearing width – 15”
  • Clearing depth – 8”
  • Throwing distance – 20’
  • Warranty – 2 years

Snow Joe SJ615E Single Stage Snow Blowers

If you are looking for a good small snow blower, this Snow Joe might be perfect for you. 

When you just have a small walkway or driveway and generally a small yard, there is no sense spending a lot of money on a gas-powered machine. 

This is just perfect!

The SJ615E only has an 11-amp motor, so don’t expect it to battle a foot of snow. It can deal with snow that is eight inches deep without any problem at all. 

The clearing width is around 15 inches. 


If you have a large yard, you would have a hard time maneuvering the machine, especially when it’s time to turn. 

You have no problem with using this product. 


The product can process 440 pounds of snow per minute. This doesn’t sound like much, but for small areas, this means that you can finish your work the soonest. 

The snow will be thrown 20 feet away, which is similar to other electric-powered snow throwers. 


If 20 feet means you might be throwing snow at your neighbor’s, don’t worry, you can adjust the chute within 180°.

You know

This is a great snow blower for women and seniors. 

It only weighs 21.3 pounds. 

That means

Women and seniors can easily take it to the deck for snow removal. Decks are elevated, so you would have to carry the snow removal machine on there. 

That’s why this is a perfect snow blower for decks. 


Women and seniors won’t have a problem bringing it to and from the storage, too. 

Of course, electric is always better for the environment. It’s more convenient, too. 

You won’t need the following:

  • Fuel
  • Oil
  • Tuneups

This machine is easy to put together, too. 

Here’s another great thing:

You know how in most electric outdoor power equipment, the cord gets in the way?

Not with this baby!

So what’s wrong with this?

Not much, really. 

If I have to point out a negative, it would be that sometimes you get a shock when clearing dry snow. 

The shock comes from a static buildup. 

Oh, here’s another one

It’s terrible on hard snow. 

Of course, this wasn’t really made for that. 

Do I recommend this?

If you have a smaller area, then definitely! 

If you only need this for the deck, then 100% yes!



  • Lightweight
  • Durable auger
  • Easy to assemble
  • Cord doesn’t get in the way
  • Affordable


  • Causes shock sometimes
  • Difficult on hard snow
Check availability

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#6: Briggs & Stratton Single-Stage Electric Start Gas Snow Thrower

Ice shredding

Product Spec

  • Power source – Gas
  • Clearing width – 22”
  • Clearing depth – 12.5”
  • Throwing distance – 30’
  • Warranty – 3 years (limited)

Briggs and Stratton with snow shredder snow blower

This is mighty powerful as it comes with a snow shredder. This means that there is no snow too tough for this snow blower. 

Goodbye, ice!

Let’s elaborate

The SnowShredder in this snow machine is actually being patented. It features 14 serrated surfaces with a rubber-edged paddle. 

Heavy and wet snow don’t stand a chance. 

The Briggs & Stratton Single-Stage Electric Start Gas Snow Thrower is also wear-resistant, which means you can enjoy this machine for years to come. 

For the basics

It has a clearing depth of 12.5 inches and a clearing width of 22 inches. It can throw snow 30 feet away. 

This machine is really efficient. 

Convenient, too

It may be a gas-powered machine but it has an electric start button. This way, you don’t need to pull a cord, which might take several times in the cold. 

However, if you do use the cord, it’s not a problem. It usually starts on the first pull. 

Here’s another great feature:

At 89 pounds, this is among the lighter gas-powered snow blowers. 

Related to that, it also has a compact design. 

The thing is

Most gas-powered snow blowers are not really for women and seniors because of its weight. Plus, there is maintenance to think about. 

But not this machine. 

Also, the compact design makes it easier for you to store. 

You want another good feature?

The chute can be adjusted within 200°. Most chute rotations only go as far as 180°.

There may be some hitches, though

For one, this is hard to assemble. Although, if you love machines and mechanisms, you might be able to assemble this by yourself. 

Also, I’ve heard complaints about the machine breaking down. I checked it out and it’s mostly due to the drive belt, which is kind of flimsy. 

To conclude

This is a powerful machine. 

Although, the belt is an important part of the machine and needs to be improved. We can’t enjoy the power without the belt functioning properly. 



  • Comes with snow shredder
  • 3 years of limited warranty
  • 200° chute rotation
  • Wear-resistant auger
  • Lighter than most gas-powered snow blowers
  • Compact design


  • Difficult to assemble
  • Flimsy drive belt
Check availability

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#7: Snow Joe SJ620 Electric Single-Stage Snow Thrower

Quick snow removal

Product Spec

  • Power source – Electric
  • Clearing width – 18”
  • Clearing depth – 10”
  • Throwing distance – 20’
  • Warranty – 2 years

Snow Joe SJ620 Single Stage Snow Blower

Sometimes, you wake up in the morning and be surprised that there is a few inches of snow outside. 

You want to leave early to go to work but you can’t.

It’s not just about the car

Granting you have a car that is capable of driving through snow, the problem is you can’t leave the problem unattended. 

What  happens when you come back? The snow might be more than a foot deep. 

Even worse

What if the snow melted in the middle of the day and then froze again? 

That’s going to be a real problem. 

That’s why

You need something light and easy to work with so that you can do a quick snow clearing. 

The 13.5-amp motor of the SJ620 can really help you out in this situation. 

The basics:

It can clear snow at a width of 18 inches in every pass and with a depth of 10 inches. 

The snow will be thrown 20 feet away. 


It comes with compact wheels so that you will have an easy time dragging it out of storage and back. You are in a hurry after all. 

And if you have to carry it, don’t worry, it’s only 31.5 pounds. 

Not bad, right?

The plowing capacity is 650 pounds of snow in just a minute. You will be done clearing the driveway or walkway in just a few minutes. 

You’d also be surprised

This may be light but it can definitely withstand harsh weather. 

You know that annoying ice mixture that the street snow plough usually gets pushed into our sidewalks or driveway, well, this baby can deal with that alright. 

Is this the perfect machine?

Unfortunately, there is no such thing as a perfect machine. 

First, you can’t expect the 20-foot distance of snow throwing to be accurate–at least, when snow is really heavy. 


When there is too much snow, you’d be lucky if you can throw the snow 12 feet away. 

And as always, the cord is a pain. 


If you find yourself many times surprised with snow in the morning, then this is definitely something you need because it’s very quick. 

In many cases, as long as you only have a small area to deal with, this could work faster than a gas-powered machine.



  • Does quick work
  • Light
  • Can deal with the snow mixture that is pushed by the street snow plough
  • Affordable


  • Heavy snow hampers maximum snow throwing capability
  • Cord is irritating
Check availability

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#8: Toro Power Curve Electric Snow Blower


Product Spec

  • Power source – Electric
  • Clearing width – 18”
  • Clearing depth – 12”
  • Throwing distance – 30’
  • Warranty – 2 years

Toro Single Stage Snow Blower

Aim and go! That’s what the Toro Power Curve Electric Snow Blower is all about. 

What does that mean exactly?

One of the best features of this Toro equipment is precision. You can aim where you want to throw your snow exactly where you want it. 

This is due to the quick-turn churn lever incorporated in the machine. 


With just a touch, you can aim it where you want the snow to be dumped. 

You can throw it at a maximum distance of 30 feet.

It’s also light

At just 25 pounds, this is also a snow blower you can take to your deck for snow clearing. Your porch, too!

Basically, it’s a versatile machine!

As for the basics

It can clear 18-inch width snow and 12-inch deep snow in every pass. 

This means that you can finish your work in less time. 

And this:

The biggest problem of most electric-powered machines is the cord. People trip on it and sometimes it gets tangled. 

But not with the Toro Power Curve. It was so easy to manage. 

Of course

As an electric -powered machine, it comes with many advantages like convenience due to the lack of maintenance and tuneups. 

It’s also better for the environment. 


It’s easy to assemble! 


This machine is really just for light, powdery snow. 

Once you have wet or hard snow, this machine wouldn’t be of much help. 


It’s not very comfortable with the hands after you have been clearing snow for at least 20 minutes. 


If you have a modest area, then this small snow blower is just right for you. Although, if you live in a region where the weather tends to be really harsh and the snow can be hard, then maybe not. 

This is a great machine for your deck, too. And if you’re a senior citizen or anybody with a back problem, then this is also appropriate because it’s lightweight.



  • Precision throwing
  • Light
  • Fast
  • Cord is easy to manage
  • Easy to assemble


  • Only for light, powdery snow
  • After some time, it’s a pain on the hands
Check availability
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In Summary

These are the best single-stage snow blowers in the market this year. This is just a guide. It’s up to you to choose which one you think will be appropriate for you and your area. 

First, you have to consider your area size as well as the kind of snow you get every winter. 

But here are some things you need to consider:

Best Overall

It’s gas-powered, so you know there is a lot of power in it. But more than that, the PowerSmart Single-Stage Snow Blower doesn’t care if it is a powdery snow or wet snow or even ice.

It has no problem dealing with whatever the weather has in store for you.

Best for Fuel-Efficiency

This would have been number one if it wasn’t so expensive. The Honda HS720AS is double the price of the above-mentioned snow thrower, so it will instead be named the best for fuel-efficiency. 

Because of its four-stroke engine, this snow blower is friendlier to the environment than the other gas-powered counterparts. 

Best for Women and Senior Citizens

For quick work that will not break your back and your bank, the Snow Joe SJ623E Electric Single-Stage Snow Thrower is perfect! 

Snow Joe, which is known for its outdoor power equipment for all seasons, calls this the most powerful model of its electric-powered single-stage snow blowers.

There are four brands included in our list of eight of the best single-stage snow blowers in the market–at least for this year. Snow equipment brands have really upped their manufacturing game. 

Now, some of the products on the list are better than others–in a more generic sense. But you have to be more practical. Know what you need and buy the best single-stage snow blower that will satisfy your needs. 

If you want to step things up a bit you can check out our list of the best two-stage snow blowers. Alternatively if you are female, view our roundup of the best snow blowers for women.

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