Best Time to Plant Zoysia Grass – Everything You Need To Know!

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You want to have a green and lush lawn? Then you need zoysia grass! Let’s find out more about this popular type of grass.

When Is The Best Time To Plant Zoysia Grass?

The best time to plant zoysia grass is in the spring, and more specifically mid-to-late spring. You want to consider planting the seeds either around 60 days before the first frost or after the final frost, if you have fairly stable seasonal conditions that is!

What Is Zoysia Grass?

A zoysia grass is one of the most (if not the most) popular types of grasses for lawns. It is a creeping grass that can withstand the heat. 

The fact that it is a warm-season grass is the main reason why this is a popular lawn grass. The species was even refined by the U.S. Department of Agriculture and the Professional Golfer’s Association. 

This is why:

Because this is also the type of grass used in fairways and teeing areas in golf courses. As such, the golfing organization wants to make sure that zoysia grass will only improve over time. 

Not only is the zoysia grass great in temperate climates, it is also resilient amidst traffic. 

What does this mean?

To put it simply, the grass doesn’t get damaged even if many people tread on it. In fact, in golf courses, golf carts are driven over the zoysia grass all the time. 

It is also great at repelling weeds, which indicates that you don’t have to monitor it too much. 

There’s more!

This type of grass can also stop soil erosion. This will make it a good species to grow in slopes. That’s precisely why golf courses use zoysia grass. 

This species can also resist plant disease. It also has a low growth habit.

In other words

This is a low-maintenance grass that will survive for a long time. 

Not only that, it has a soft feel to it because of its fine texture. That makes it a wonderful type of grass for the home. 

Elegant lawn in front of nice house

Just imagine

You can lie on it without prickling your skin. Children can run around on the grass barefoot, too. Friends can have picnics on zoysia grass lawns.

It’s just a welcoming sea of green that provides comfort. 

Are you convinced yet?

If you have a large yard, the easiest way to make it beautiful is to have a lawn. It’s neat and refreshing. 

But when should you plant zoysia grass?

Best Time to Plant Zoysia Grass

You already know that zoysia grass is great during the warm season or summer, so when is the right time to plant it?

The best time to plant zoysia grass is in the spring. 

Let me elaborate

A good rule of thumb would be 60 days before the first frost. After the final frost would be a good time, too. 

That would technically be between the middle and late spring. 

Beyond that

There is a possibility that the seed you plant won’t survive the winter. The seed needs to be acclimated with the ground in order to thrive. 

So, when you plant the seed in the spring, it would have already hardened off and could survive the cold season. 


Seeding Zoysia Grass

How do you prepare to plant the seeds of the zoysia grass? Here are some procedures:

  1. Conduct a soil test
  2. Apply fertilizer
  3. Rake soil surface
  4. Sow the seeds
  5. Maintain properly

Let’s talk about every step in detail:

Soil test

A soil test will allow you to identify the nutrients present in the soil, as well as its acidity, which is measured in pH. A good soil for zoysia grass should have a pH level of between 5.8 and 6.5. 

There are available testing kits in your local home improvement retailer. If the test also shows that there are missing nutrients in the soil to make a lawn healthy, you can just supplement these. 

Apply fertilizer

You can buy a fertilizer appropriate for zoysia grass. The pack comes with instructions on how to apply it, so just follow that. 

Rake the soil surface

The purpose of this is to have a smooth bed that would allow the seeds to be spread evenly. By doing so, you are making sure that they will be able to develop healthy roots.

Sowing the seeds

There is also a recommended seeding rate for the zoysia grass. Read the pack and follow the instructions on appropriate seed density.

The seed should only be at a depth of 0.25 inch. 


At the start, the seeds will need adequate light and water. Applying mulch will also be advantageous in order to prevent erosion. 

Zoysia grass will prevent erosion, but as a seed or seedling, it’s not yet strong enough to stop the displacement. However, the mulch should be thin enough that adequate lighting will still reach the seeds. 

As soon as the seedlings are strong enough, you can now water the grass as needed. 

South Africa, Cape Town, girl playing with lawn sprinkler

Important Lawn Care Tips

Taking care of zoysia grass will keep it healthy and beautiful. You want to maintain the carpet feel of the lawn on your bare foot. 

At the same time, it should look lush and green. 

Here are some basic lawn care tips:


The recommended height of the zoysia grass is between 1.5 and 2.5 inches. As soon as it has grown to over three inches, then you can start mowing. 

It was already mentioned that zoysia itself can keep weed at bay. Regular mowing of the lawn will also prevent the spread of weeds. 


If you want to keep the grass thick, don’t mow over ⅓ of the height of the grass blade. This will also keep the whole lawn healthy. 

Although, when it’s summer, you can increase the mowing height. This, in order to lower grass stress. 

What is grass stress?

You know how people get gray hair when stressed? There is a similar tendency for grass, which happens during summer months. 

When it’s stressed, the tip of the grass blade turns to brown. It would make the lawn ugly, which is why you need to cut the brown tip off. 

If not attended

A brown patch will develop in your lawn. This will not look good in your lawn. 

Woman Mowing Lawn With electric Lawn Mower

Thatch Removal

Zoysia has a dense growth habit. As a result, there is usually a thatch somewhere in the lawn. A thatch is a layer of organic matter that builds up at the base of the grass. 

This needs to be removed because it blocks the water and fertilizer from penetrating to the roots of the grass. 

The timing is right

There is a proper time to do dethatching. It should be done during the fall or early spring. This way, the grass will have ample time to recover during summer. 


We touched about watering the lawn earlier. When the seeds are newly planted, there needs to be regular watering in order to keep the soil moist. 

As the grass is growing, water needs to be tempered. 

What is considered enough?

Zoysia grass needs an inch of irrigation every week. You don’t water it often, but when you do, a lot of water will be needed. 

The reason for this is to make sure that the roots of the grass are resistant to drought. 


This is also known as aerification. It’s the process of allowing air to penetrate the interior of the ground. It’s done by punching small holes in the lawn so that air will reach the root system. 

This can be done at the same time as the dethatching of the lawn. 

Following these basic care tips will give you the most amazing lawn that will not only upgrade your lawn, it will also provide you an extra space for bonding. 

Couple laying on grass


Zoysia grass is one of the best species for home lawns. It’s a favorite type of grass used in golf courses because of its dense growth and soft texture. Not only that, it’s quite easy to maintain and is impervious to traffic. 

One way to really make sure that you have a healthy lawn is to know when the best time to plant zoysia grass is. The best time is from middle to late spring. This would be around two months before the first frost and a bit of time after the final frost. 

Upgrade your home with a lush zoysia grass lawn. It’s easy to maintain and is not prone to the proliferation of weeds. It provides a carpet feel and makes a beautiful blanket of green in your yard.

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  1. As a warm-season plant, zoysia grows well in many southern parts of the United States. Hence, it’s unsurprising that this grass thrives in Texas, in Georgia, and in NC. So when to plant zoysia grass? The best time for this task is late spring or fall when there’s no frost.


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