Can Adults Use Swing Sets? (Or Are Swings Just For Kids?)

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It is funny how when you are a kid time seems to drag and you can’t wait to be an adult.

Then when you are an adult you realize just how good it was being a kid. 

The freedom, the fun, the lack of responsibility. All those things you could do as a kid, but shouldn’t really do now.

I am sure you feel a little pang of nostalgia and maybe even jealousy when you see kids in the park on the playground having fun.

Why shouldn’t you join in? I mean it might look a bit strange, and definitely a bit creepy, a grown adult playing with kids they don’t know, but…

Can adults use swing sets?

Let’s find out…

Can Adults Use Swing Sets?

Provided the swing set can hold the weight, then there is absolutely no reason why an adult shouldn’t use a swing set if they want to! Plenty of swing sets are strong enough to support an adult, just make sure you do your research before buying one/jumping on. And don’t feel embarrassed, we are all just big kids at heart (or the best of us are!).

First of all, if you feel slightly embarrassed by the fact that you like playing on swings… Don’t!

It is much more common than you think, it is just many of us are probably just like you, too embarrassed to admit it.

Here is some feedback I found when doing some research for this blog:

Quotes about swing sets

So adults most definitely can use swing sets!

Is It Safe For An Adult To Use A Swing Set?

However I suppose the answer really depends upon how you interpret this question though, do we mean:

  • Should we be embarrassed as adults to enjoy using swing sets? Or;
  • Is it safe for a full-grown adult to use a swing set?

For the first point, as we have already illustrated, you definitely shouldn’t feel too embarrassed to use a swing set no matter what your age is.

The second point probably does warrant further discussion.

If you have bought a swing set, or are considering buying one, and want to sneak in the odd go on the swings, then it is as simple as looking at the weight capacity for the swing set you have or are considering buying.

The swing sets you see in public parks are usually rated at a maximum of 250lbs per swing seat, whilst the swing sets you can buy to put in your back garden usually have a maximum weight capacity of up to 220lbs for a standard swing seat.

If you replace the chain and mountain hook with something thicker they could hold more, but then that would probably void the warranty if you did break them.

If you are over 250 lbs, then you will need to be a bit more careful. But regardless there are a few options you might want to consider…

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Heavy Duty Swing Sets An Adult Can Use

Adult and child swinging

IKARE Extra-Large Swing Stand

IKARE makes a variety of heavy-duty swing sets that can bear a lot of weight.

This metal swing frame is made of two-inch powder-coated steel pipe and can hold up to 440lbs.

It comes in a variety of styles with two seats, one seat, belt swings and more, but all have a minimum weight capacity of 440lbs. 

It is pretty easy to put together too.

You can read the reviews on Amazon.

Costzon Platform Swing Set

This platform swing set holds up to a whopping 700lbs and everything about it feels well made from the swing fabric to the connecting chain and hooks.

If you want space for two kids you can buy a version with a swing seat and a saucer tree swing, which have a capacity of 330lbs each.

Or there is even the 5 in 1 version with a saucer swing, a belt swing, a basketball hoop, a climbing ladder and a climbing net. Each swing can hold up to 166lbs in this version.

You can browse all of the options on the Costzon page on Amazon.

Trekassy Swing Set

This sturdy swing set can support up to 440lbs on its swish mesh saucer swing, meaning it is plenty big enough for you and your children to enjoy at the same time!

It has earned almost universally positive reviews on Amazon for its durability and seems to be popular with kids and adults alike!

Hapfan Heavy Duty Swing Set

This comes with a platform swing and two belt swings, each with a 200lb weight capacity.

This is another swing set with very positive reviews on its Amazon page.

It has earned plaudits for how sturdy it is and its ease of assembly with one reviewer saying: “I’m 133lbs and it was nice to swing on. I feel it will outlast my kids and maybe will see grandkids one day. Well worth every penny.”

Backyard Discovery Big Brutus

This swing set is called Big Brutus for a reason!

The swings are certified as holding up to 150lbs each, although anecdotally on the reviews on Amazon there is evidence of people weighing more enjoying them.

If you do read the reviews, the one comment that keeps cropping up again and again is how well the Big Brutus is made and how sturdy it is.

There is a whole range of other options available, and to look at the subject in more detail you can view our roundup of the Best Heavy Duty Swing Sets for Old Kids.

Of course there is always the option of constructing a homemade swing set, especially if you have a big tree in your garden that you can use to support a swing.

However you really do need to be very careful here, and I wouldn’t advise you to construct anything like the swing set made by the chap in the video above, eeek!!!

Any Rainbow Swing Set

Rainbow make BIG swing sets! They are designed for adults to use alongside their kids and will last forever. Literally. Check out our article debating whether Rainbow swing sets are worth the money.

Final Thoughts

INFOGRAPHIC Explaining Can Adults Use Swing Sets
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Are you an adult who loves swinging? On a swing set obviously before any of you with dirty minds think of something else…

Then there is no reason why you shouldn’t be able to have as much fun as your kids!

Pay close attention to the weight capacity of any swing set you get, as there are many that can hold grown adults.

Saucer swings are usually particularly sturdy and a good bet for something both you and your children can enjoy.

But as long as a swing set can hold your weight, there is absolutely no reason why you should feel embarrassed about using a swing set as an adult.

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