How to Build a Patio Deck: A Home Isn’t Complete Without a Relaxing Haven

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A house is a structure where you live while a home is a place where you find comfort in. Just because you have a house doesn’t mean you have a home. So make your house a place of comfort and relaxation with a patio deck.

Read on to find out how to build a patio deck.

What is a Patio Deck?

Patio is a Spanish term that means courtyard of a house or building. However, over the years, it has become an accepted English word. 

A deck, on the other hand, is an outdoor porch made of wood.  

The difference

Patios are generally a paved area attached to the house. It is paved with your choice of tiles or bricks. It can also be made of concrete or cobbles. 

As for the deck, it is elevated and made of wood. 

Having said that

You can incorporate both concepts to make their own patio deck. 

It’s your home, so no one could tell you that you can only have one or the other. 


Why You Need a Patio or Deck

Not all homeowners care for a patio or deck, so why should you? Is the additional expense actually worth it?

Whether it is worth it or not, that is something that only you can answer. However, there are actually a number of reasons why the patio is good for you.

Fresh air

Everybody needs fresh air. Sure, you can get fresh air by walking around the neighborhood or going around the park.

However, there is also something refreshing about just relaxing on a couch or a chaise outside the house.

This way

You can just be in your comfy, sometimes even tattered, clothing while enjoying the outdoors. 

You can enjoy your patio deck early in the morning, before you head to work. Or you can do so when you get home after work. 


Fresh air is great for you! It can boost your immune system. 

Most people are cooped up inside buildings for eight hours or more. Enclosed spaces mean people are sharing each other’s germs and bacteria. 

This is what happens

When your immune system is strong, the germs and bacteria you may get in the office will not harm you. 

Fresh air is really important for your health. 

Additional space

While you are not exactly adding space to your property, it appears to be the case. 

A patio or deck becomes a separate space, your own backyard living area. So you are basically creating an extra spot. 

In essence

This becomes another area where you can lounge. 

The living room is still a good area to watch television or maybe hang out with friends. But having a patio deck means an alternative area. 


Entertaining in the patio deck allows you to be free without fear of stinking out the entire house. You can have a barbecue if you want to, or serve food that will leave a distinct odor all over the house.

If you have smoker friends, they are also free to do so when outside. 

Friends at Dinner Party

Fun under the sun

You don’t have to go to the beach to enjoy the sun–some people go to the beach without even dipping in the water. They just want to tan under the sun. 

If that is all you want, you can do it right outside your house!

At night

You can also have your own small fire pit at the patio deck for those chilly nights. 

There are so many things you can do at your extra space. 


It’s just beautiful. Of course, that depends on how you actually designed the patio deck, but in most cases, it just adds to the aesthetics of the house. 

The more beautiful your house is, the more valuable it becomes. This leads as to the next thing…


Do you know that having a deck or patio will add value to your home? 

In case you intend on selling it, it will be more expensive than when you actually got the house. 

Beautiful house


In a lot of cases, you buy a house that was already built. Having a patio deck is a way of making your home totally your own. 

A patio deck is something you can design by yourself. 

Now let’s move on to the most important part:

How to Build a Patio Deck

Before building a patio deck, please check your local building codes for regulations. While a patio or deck is something you want to design for your home, there are requirements set by officials. 

This is to ensure safety among occupants as well as visitors of the property. 

1. Plan your deck

Planning is everything. There is no generic way to make a patio deck. 

One, it has to depend on the terrain of your property. 

Here’s the deal:

If you have a flat and even terrain, a patio would be practical. For a more rugged one, a deck would be better since it is elevated. 

As mentioned, you can incorporate both patio and deck principles as your own. That’s why planning is important so you can have the appropriate and right patio deck. 

Why do I say this?

Because budget also matters. When you plan properly, you can estimate the expense and prepare a budget. 

Or you need to make a plan based on your budget. 


You can always plan to extend the patio deck if you can’t afford a large one for now. 

You should remember this though: a larger deck also means larger maintenance area. But also, it is a larger area to entertain people.


When you plan, you also decide on the materials. For the deck, these are the most popular wood:

  • Cedar
  • Ipe
  • Pressure-treated wood
  • Redwood


Only buy your wood from a reliable source. You want to make sure you only use high-quality lumber.


For the patio part, it’s mostly basic landscaping but with tiles or stones.

2. Prepare the materials

Let’s just discuss how to make a basic deck and it will then be up to you how you want to upgrade this area. 

What are the materials to use:

  • Pieces of lumber (of course)
  • Screws 
  • Various saw: circular, jigsaw and miter
  • Drill
  • Impact driver
  • Impact wrench
  • Tape measure
  • Nail gun
  • Sander
  • Concrete (for base)
  • Pier form
Man building

3. Install a ledger board

This is the connector between the house and the deck. For the most sturdy connection, attach the board to the house rim joist. 

Use an impact wrench to put lag screws through the ledge onto the house rim joist. As for the size of the lag screws, it would be up to the sizes of your materials. 

In this case

Ask the store to give you the appropriate sizes based on your wood. 

4. Install posts

In order to do so, you first need to dig a footing hole into the ground. The hole should be large enough to hold a pier foundation. 

Place the pier form inside the footing hole and cover the edges with enough dirt to keep it sturdy. Pour concrete into the pier form and leave it for at least a week in order to cure. 

For better posts

You can place post hardware before the concrete dries. It will be in the hardware that you attach the post base after the curing period. 

After a week, you can still install the post base. This needs to be sturdy as it will be the base for the deck. 

This means

It will not only carry the weight of the deck but also the weight of the people on the deck. 

Remember that safety is of utmost importance as guests who might meet an accident in your property will be blamed on you. 

5. Installations

It’s now time to make the frame of the deck. You do so by attaching the beams, interior and rim joists. 

Wood decking

It’s now time for the decking!

Use deck screws to attach the panels. 

6. Sanding

For a nice finish, sand the deck. 

7. Furnishings

The completion of your patio deck doesn’t end with the sanding. It ends with your furnishing. 

Most patio decks don’t have a roof, although some would add it in the design–that is if they are allowed by local regulations. Make sure to buy all-weather furniture for your patio deck. 

You may also add a portable fire pit or a patio heater so you could enjoy the space even when it’s cold out. 



The patio deck can really improve your home. No matter how simple your living space is, the patio deck will upgrade its overall look.

The patio deck is also a great way to enjoy the fresh air while at home. It is also another space to relax or hang out with family and friends. 

There is no generic way to really make the patio deck, but a basic deck is quite easy to make. Here are some easy steps on how to build a patio deck.

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