Snow Joe Ultra SJ620 Snow Blower Review: Clears Blanket of Snow in No Time!

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Sometimes, you get out of the house and didn’t realize that it snowed last night. You wake up to a blanket of snow but you need to get to work. Worry not because the Snow Joe Ultra SJ620 can help you get rid of that pesky snow in no time!


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  • Model number: SJ620
  • Power source: Electric
  • Motor: 13.5 amps
  • Clearing width: 18 inches
  • Depth of snow cut: 10 inches
  • Dimension (H x W): 26 x 19 inches
  • Weight: 31.5 lbs
  • Sound power: 100 dB
  • Warranty: 2 years


About the Sun Joe Ultra SJ620 Snow Blower

Have you read my review of the Snow Joe Ultra SJ621? Because that is just similar to this Snow Joe Ultra SJ620 Snow Blower.

You wanna know the difference?

The weight! The SJ620 is 1.4 pounds lighter than its big brother. It weighs 31.5 pounds.

Oh, the SJ621 has a pair of halogen lamps, too. But let’s not dwell too much on that. 

This is about the SJ620 and we will talk about it at length!

Speaking of length

This snow blower stands at 16 inches with a width of 19 inches. 

That’s quite enough to accommodate the 18-inch clearing width of this product.

This means

For every clearing trip of this snow blower, 18 inches will be cleared on your walkway or driveway. 

As for the snow that will be cleared, it will be thrown 20 feet away from where you were clearing.

Sun Joe CJ620


The SJ620 also goes through 10 inches of snow with an auger-assisted system.

It’s good for mid-sized driveways and walkways. 


It runs on 13.5 amps of power. The sound level is 100 decibels, which is quite normal for a machine like this.

Find out the best features of this product:

The Good

How many times have you been surprised when you go out of the house in the morning to see a blanket of snow on your driveway or pathway?

It will certainly make you late for work or whatever appointment you were going for. 

Let me tell you

The Sun Joe Ultra SJ620 could be your best pal during this situation. 

The best part is that it is only 31.5 pounds. You might not think that size is important because you will just be pushing the power equipment anyway, but it actually is. 

When a tool is lighter

You tend to do the job so much quicker. 

It’s also quick because of the power in it. Without load, the SJ620 runs at a speed of 2,450 revolutions per minute. 

It also has a plowing capacity of 650 pounds per minute. 

That’s a lot of snow!

It’s really great for quick pickups. 

That’s why we talked about it’s the perfect piece of equipment when you are preparing to leave the house with inches of snow in your way. 

The SJ620 is actually in our list of the Best Snow Blowers for Women. 


Let me tell you, it’s really quite easy to use. There will be some assembly required, but not something you cannot manage. 

As long as you are able to understand simple instructions, you can prepare this one so easily. 

There’s more:

You can use an extension cord with a maximum length of 100 feet. This is important especially since you are working outside. 

The product is also easy to maneuver!

How so?

Well, it has a pair of compact wheels that makes the equipment maneuverable. 

They are all-terrain wheels, too. This means that they can move really well even if the driveway or pathway isn’t flat. 

That is always the case anyway when you contend with snow. 

There’s also this:

180-degree adjustable directional chute. 

This way, you can choose which direction you want to dump the snow. 

And as earlier mentioned

The SJ620 can throw the snow some 20 feet away. 

Moving on

It’s electric, so there are many advantages:

  1. Environment-friendly
  2. No gas needed
  3. No need for oil
  4. Tuneups are not necessary

You can basically save a lot of money with electric equipment. It’s also more convenient. 

But don’t worry

Just because this is electric doesn’t mean it is low-powered. 

The equipment boasts of being a gas-powered product in the body of an electric-powered tool. Okay, not really in those words, but the SJ620 can really compete with other gas-powered snow blowers. 

It’s safe, too

Snow Joe Ultra SJ620 snow blower is ETL approved.

ETL means extract, transform, load. An ETL certification mark ensures that the product is safe for use as it has been assessed by a third party.

It comes with a two-year warranty. 

This is also a versatile product

It may be a great tool for driveway and pathway, but it can be used in the deck, too. 

That’s partly because it’s not too heavy. Anything heavier may not be great for the deck. 

The best part

It cuts through a few inches of soft snow very easily. 

Small town covered in snow

Since it’s light, it’s great for women and the elderly. It’s also good for men who have never used machinery before. 

At least this product will not give them a shock. 

Just make sure you clear the driveway or walkway when the snow is still fresh. That will make it easier,

You know what else?

It’s good for your back–okay, that didn’t sound right. This machine will not hurt your back.

It will not break your back–and, it won’t break the bank as well. 

You read that right!

This machine is great and the price is reasonable. 

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The Not So Good

The product may be lighter than most snow blowers but it still needs some of your strength to aptly navigate the area. 

Only when the snow is really thick. 

Let me elaborate

If you just have a couple of inches of snow or less, then you can masterfully maneuver the SJ620. In fact, that’s exactly one of its selling points.

However, if you have around 10 inches of snow and it has been there for hours, then you will need to push and pull a few times before you can clear that line. 

Sun Joe CJ620 back view


Make sure you don’t get any large chunks of ice in. That would make it harder for you to finish your work. 

Why? Because the ice will impair your machine. 

This means:

You would have to wait for the ice to melt, which is very hard during the winter. Either that, or you find another way to remove the ice from the machine. 


My Verdict

Design - 93%
Performance - 92%
Price - 92%


Clears snow quickly!

The Snow Joe Ultra SJ620 Snow Blower is light and allows you to work faster in clearing your driveway and / or walkway. It runs with a 13.5 motor and cuts through 10 inches of snow. It can clear snow at a width of 18 inches, too.

This equipment is best for fresh snow when they are still powdery. You won’t have a problem clearing them even if they are already 10 inches high.

It works well and you don’t even have to break your bank for it. Speaking of break--this equipment won’t break your back as well.

User Rating: 4.45 ( 2 votes)
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At A Glance

✔ Pros

  • Light
  • Can easily clear inches of powdery snow
  • Reasonably priced
  • ETL approved
  • Environment-friendly
  • Easy on your back
  • Fast
  • No maintenance needed

✘ Cons

  • Needs muscles to go through thick snow
  • Chunks of ice will impair the machine


What kind of cord is needed for this machine?
The equipment’s motor runs at 13.5 amps, so you would need a 12-gauge or 14-gauge cord. You can use a maximum of 100-feet cord. That would be convenient enough for you to get the clearing job done. 

Could this machine work on a gravel or stone driveway / walkway?
It might throw stones along with the snow. That is not too good for the machine as it’s supposed to be more for soft or powdery snow. However, if you have already purchased the SJ620, just use it at an angle. It will be more taxing but it would also be better for you, your area and your snow blower. 

What if snow has been sitting for a few days?
This snow blower is really for fresh snow, when it is still powdery. This can still clear old snow but it’s going to take a lot of effort. Also, the function could get marred by ice that may get stuck in the machine.

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