How To Protect Your Swing Set From a Weed Wacker (Explained)

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So we have a problem.

You want to keep your yard looking neat and tidy, and you want to keep your swing set in good shape.

For the most part, doing both of these is achievable, until it comes to trimming grass near your (expensive) swing set

Weed whackers and swing sets don’t mix.

Today we are going to look at how to protect your swing set from a weed wacker.

So let’s get started.

How To Protect Your Swing Set From a Weed Wacker

It is vital to protect your swing set from a weed wacker, as weed wacker damage opens up the wood for moisture to get in and cause rot. You can buy or make your own swing set protectors very cheaply and easily, and they will have a lasting benefit.

The problems with using a weed whacker around a swing set can be much more serious than simply creating some unsightly marks on the set.

These marks interfere with the moisture barrier on the set and create a way for moisture to get into the wood.

Once this happens it is a recipe for disaster.

Moisture in the wood means it is damp, when it is damp it becomes prone to fungus, this fungus will cause wood rot.

Once the wood starts to rot it is difficult to save it, and over time it can become unstable, and put children on it at risk.

Thankfully there are some quick and easy ways to protect your swing set from weed wacker damage.

#1: Use Fence Armor

Fence Armor is an American company that provides simply designed, but highly effective steel post protectors.

Its Full Post guard line come in sizes up to 6 inches tall and can be fitted easily and securely to the base of any swing set frame.

Once there they provide stern resistance against your weed whacker.

The company even makes custom pieces if you have specific needs.

They offer a wide range of products and they are all pretty well priced.

To find out more visit the Fence Armor website or visit the Fence Armor store on Amazon.

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#2: Use LevelDry

Another company I came across recently when doing research for ways to stop a swing set from sinking was LevelDry.

They are another American-based company that provides an effective and inexpensive way of protecting your swing set from the weed whacker.

Like FenceArmor the solution is pretty simple.

LevelDry produces rubber blocks that elevate your swing set off of the ground. The blocks come in a variety of sizes and again don’t cost much.

With these blocks elevating your swing set off of the ground, it means you can weed wack around it without your string trimmer coming into contact with the set, it will only touch the rubber blocks.

To find out more visit the LevelDry website.

#3: Make Your Own Swing Set Protectors

Both FenceArmor and Level Dry are extremely economical ways to offer some protection to your swing set, but if you really want to save money you can make your own swing set protectors.

Simply buy galvanised steel sheets at Home Depot, and then wrap them around the base of the swing set frame and add a coating to protect them if you want.

Or try go even simpler and buy some plastic or vinyl to do the same job, as long as it is reasonably thick it should offer sufficient protection.

Wooden boards will work too.

As an alternative to the LevelDry method of elevating the swing set, you could simply put it on some concrete blocks.

Obviously you will need to make sure the swing set is stable though…

#4: Use Roundup

Perhaps the most simple method to stop the damage a weed wacker can cause is to eliminate the need to use it at all.

Spray Roundup around the base of your swing set and weeds will stop appearing there altogether.

No weeds, no weed wacker, no damage!

#5: Use Hand Clippers

If none of these suggestions float your boat, then simply ditch the weed wacker when you get near your swing set and use a handheld weeding tool.

It will take much longer, but at least you will have complete control over it.

Final Thoughts

INFOGRAPHIC explaining How To Protect Your Swing Set From a Weed Wacker

Although it may seem insignificant at the time, those little nicks and scratches a weed wacker makes on your swing set can have a big impact.

It will allow moisture to get into the structure and can lead to wood rot, and the entire piece of equipment becoming useless and dangerous.

Protecting your swing set against this is very cheap and very easy, and it doesn’t make any sense not to do so.

Certainly not if you want your swing set to last a good few years.

Buy or make your own guards to protect the swing set, or elevate it off of the ground and away from the string trimmer.

It will have big benefits in the long run.

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