Makita XRU02Z 18V LXT String Trimmer Review: Bump Feed Heads Don’t Get Any Better That This


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I love the line feed system, I love the power, I love the battery performance, I love the Makita XRU02Z 18V LXT String Trimmer!


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  • Power Source – Battery
  • Model – XRU02Z
  • Size (w x h x d in inches) – 10 x 49 x 5
  • Battery – 18V LXT® Lithium-Ion
  • Speed – 7,800 RPM
  • Overall Length – 56.5 inches
  • Weight (excl. cutting equipment) 11.24 lbs
  • Cutting Diameter – 10.025inches
  • Line Diameter – 0.065inches
  • Feed Type – Single line bump feed
  • Net Weight (with battery) – 6.4 lbs.
  • Shaft Type – Telescopic
  • Three Year Warranty


About the Makita XRU02Z String Trimmer

The Makita XRU02V String Trimmer is part of the Makita 18V Lithium-Ion series – powered by an 18V Lithium-Ion battery. A 3.0Ah battery will deliver up to 45 minutes of run time on a single charge.

In more detail:

It has a telescopic shaft that can be extended by up to 7.5inches, a 180 degree rotating head that has 5 adjustable positions and a ratcheted handle. It delivers up to 7,800RPM and has a cutting diameter of 10.025inches.

It has a single line bump feed head and uses a 0.065 inch line and weighs 6.4lb with the battery. It comes with a three-year limited warranty. It will work with any Makita 18V battery and charger.

Makita XRU02Z 18v LXT String Trimmer trigger
Makita XRU02Z 18v LXT String Trimmer handle

The Good

Although battery powered devices are often thought of as being a bit flakey when it comes to power output this has a very strong motor.

It really bucks the trend.

It delivers 7,800 RPM and it easily cuts through light and medium grass or weeds. Like any string trimmer once the weeds get a bit tougher it might struggle.

The battery system is great. This uses Makita 18V LXT or Compact Lithium-Ion batteries, which have extremely fast charge times and great run times.

As a rule of thumb a 5.0Ah battery can last up to 60 minutes and a 3.0Ah battery up to 45 minutes (note this is on the basis they are not being worked overly hard).

And that is HUGE for you.

The battery has an indicator light that switches on to show that the battery is running low and it maintains full power up to the last moment and then stops, rather than power slowly and painfully ebbing away.

Makita XRU02Z 18v LXT String Trimmer head

Above: The Makita XRU02Z bump feed head is great and overall is nice to use

The rapid charger gets the batteries fully charged quickly too. It takes around 45 minutes to fully charge a 5.0Ah battery and 30 minutes for a 3.0Ah battery.

That is great for you:

This is a big plus as you get more time using the battery and less time charging it.

Please note that you have to buy a battery and charger separately from the tool itself. Again Amazon have some great deals on a battery and charger pack.

The bump string head really excels – an area where string trimmers often struggle. It works as well as any weed eater I have tried.

Think I am exaggerating?

A simple tap of the head and it automatically feeds out the line and trims its length. It is simple and easy to use and works perfectly.

The angle of the head can automatically be adjusted to one of five positions by pressing a button on the side of the head and then angling it into one of these positions.

This is a nice feature to give you the best possible chance of dealing with whatever you need to. The guard goes on the head easily as well and fits into place with two screws.

Makita XRU02Z 18v LXT String Trimmer in use
Makita XRU02Z 18v LXT String Trimmer in use
Makita XRU02Z 18v LXT String Trimmer in use

Above: It is easy to switch between trimming and edging.

I love how the head rotates 180 degrees, to make it super easy to switch between edging and trimming. It is really easy to operate and a real time saver if you find yourself regularly needing to switch between the two modes.

Add to this:

It is nicely built, comfortable and easy to use. It has an easy trigger pull and comfortable interlock, and a safety lock to stop you squeezing the trigger accidentally.

It has a ratcheted handle you can adjust and lock into place to keep the trimmer steady. Beneath the handle is a locking mechanism, turn it counter-clockwise to unlock it and then you can extend the shaft by up to 7.5 inches, then just turn it clockwise to lock it into place.

Even better:

Like most Makita products it feels it just feels well made and is well balanced with minimal vibration.You can just tell this is a high quality product as soon as you start using it.

The Not So Good

This is a really solid weed eater, there are a couple of minor adjustments that could make it even better.

For instance:

I think it would be better balanced if the motor was near the handle instead of the feed (the Makita gas-powered trimmer is designed like this). As it is you end up working against gravity, with the middle handle acting somewhat like a badly position fulcrum.

There are a couple of issues around the spools, they aren’t particularly well constructed and will wear down. Replacements cost $15.

A good idea is:

To keep a watch on the condition of the metal part of the spool and when you advance the string make sure you don’t do it by bumping the head against particularly hard surfaces.

Additionally the string it comes with is not great quality. It is fairly cheap nylon string. I’d advise you look for some durable, edged string to get this working to its full potential.


Opening the head to re-feed or refill the cord is a little difficult. Adding ears, tabs or something to get hold of when you open it would make it a lot easier.

Makita XRU02Z 18v LXT String Trimmer in use

Above: Overall the Makita XRU02Z is a great buy.

At A Glance

✔ Pros

  • Powerful
  • Batteries have a good run time
  • Batteries charge quickly
  • Bump feed head works well
  • Adjustable head
  • Rotable head – easy to switch between trimming & edging
  • Nice ratcheted handle
  • Extendable shaft
  • Quality build

✘ Cons

  • Motor should be near handle not feed
  • Spools wear down quickly
  • String that comes with it is poor quality
  • Opening head is difficult


My Verdict

Design - 92%
Performance - 91%
Price - 90%


Brilliant line feed

In short this is a top notch household trimmer and is great for a typical urban lawn. If you already have any Makita LXT tools then I strongly advise you to buy this as it will work with their batteries, making it a bargain purchase.

When you purchase a battery powered trimmer you are probably looking at two things. The first that it does its main job, trimming/weed eating, well and second that the battery system works well. This scores top marks on both accounts. You get a lot of power and a good battery that lasts a while and recharges quickly.

As an additional bonus the line feed system works as well as any other string trimmer I have seen.

I love Makita Tools as they are always solidly made and without exception work well. This once again fulfills those expectations. It is a great piece of kit.

User Rating: 4.5 ( 1 votes)


Does this come with string?
Yes it comes with one spool.

Is there a good quality replacement string that can be bought?
I particularly like the Cyclone 0.065-Inch by 300 Foot Spool Commercial Grade 6-Blade ½-Pound Grass Trimmer line. It is nice and durable. If you get replacement string make sure it is 0.065 inch thickness.

Is this variable speed?
No it is just one speed.

Can I use batteries from other tools with this?
You can use any 18v LXT battery with it.

Is a battery and charger included?
No. You have to buy them separately

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4 thoughts on “Makita XRU02Z 18V LXT String Trimmer Review: Bump Feed Heads Don’t Get Any Better That This”

  1. Great review at a great time of year to do it. I love the battery operated trimmers and bought one last year. Though this one has a lot more power that you normally don’t see with this type of trimmer. Love that you included pros and cons and the mention on the string they provide was helpful, and the video was nice and informative. I would definitely consider buying this trimmer.

    • Thanks Andrea – I am glad you have found this useful. There really are some great string trimmers out there and this is near the top of the list of battery powered units. Let me know if you do decide to buy it!

  2. Hi Steve,

    This is a great review of the Makita String Trimmer. I like the fact that it is cordless instead of gas or electric, and that the battery can be fully charged in under an hour. Your video is an excellent comprehensive guide to all the features.

    I am staying with my daughter for the summer on their 80 acre farm. There are lots of trees near the house and many flower beds. Her husband likes quality equipment that will make his life easier and the price is great. I think this is something he would really enjoy using.

    • Thanks Mary! Yes battery powered devices do save a lot of hassle, I certainly agree there!

      I have to say I am jealous of your daughter’s place, sounds amazing! I am sure her husband will appreciate your recommending this and I am sure it will make a big difference for him.


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