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Worx Cordless Weed Trimmer WG154 Review

Worx Cordless Weed Trimmer WG154 ReviewScore 92%Score 92%

Worx Cordless Weed Trimmer WG154 Review

Review At A Glance

If you have a smaller yard and want a lightweight, cordless trimmer the WORX Cordless Weed Trimmer is perfect.

  • Design 91% 91%
  • Performance 91% 91%
  • Price 94% 94%
  • Overall 92% 92%

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Model Number – WG154


Size (w x h x d inches) – 11 x 47 x 10


Voltage – 20V


Cutting Diameter – 10 inch or 12 inch


Line Diameter – 0.065 inch


Feed Type – Single Auto Feed


Charging Time – 5 hours


Run Time – 30 minutes


Weight – 4.2lbs


Three Year Warranty


About the WORX Cordless Weed Trimmer

The WORX Cordless Weed Trimmer uses a MaxLithium 20v battery that has a charging time of five hours and 30 minutes of run time.

It has an adjustable cutting width – either 12 inches or 10 inches. Using the 10 inch setting does also prolong the run time.

Digging a bit deeper:

It features a automatic single line feed, using a 0.065 inch feed, and has a foldable space guard, which you can snap up and protects your flowers when you are weed trimming.

It can be changed from a trimmer to an edger at the flick of a switch and weighs in at 4.2lbs. It comes with a three year guarantee and 30 day money back guarantee.

The Good

A lot of thought has been put into the design of the WORX WG154. Ergonomically it is really nice to use. The handle can be easily adjust to make it more comfortable and it just feels natural to use, almost like it is an extension of your arm!

I promise it is true!

Features like the flower guard, which can be snapped up and down to protect plants, the function to change from trimmer to edger and to adjust the cutting width are all incredibly easy and intuitive to use.

The first thing you will notice about this is how light it is! It weighs 4.2lbs and it is about half as heavy as your normal trimmers.

Fact is:

It is so light means it is very easy to handle and perfect if you are older or maybe have less physical strength. Even using it for a prolonged period will leave you with little to no fatigue.

Above: The WORX WG154 is really comfortable to use and ergonomically designed

This has a good double helix trimmer cord, which whilst it isn’t as thick as some, it is durable and there is less need to change it and it produces a nice cut of the grass.

The automatic line feed on the whole works really well (although there are a couple of minor issues outlined below) – and WORX actual prove free spools for life if you give proof you own a WORX product. All you have to do is pay for shipping and handling.

Pretty good right?

This is surprisingly powerful considering the fact it is so light. It isn’t a replacement for a gas weed eater, but if you don’t want fumes/grease and issues getting it started this is a great choice.

Thanks to the line feed and the fact it is easy to handle you will have no problem getting through most weeds in your yard with this.

Boom – you will love it!

Above: The auto-feed head works really well

This is nice:

It has an adjustable cutting option. Just loosen a screw, turn the line cutter and re-tighten the screw and you can change the cutting width from 10 inches to 12 inches or vice versa.

Having it at the 10 inch setting makes it easier to get into those tricky spots and leaves you overall with a better cut and a nicer looking lawn. Bear in mind that the cutting with the 12 inch width uses more power than the 10 inch width.

Finally check this out:

This switches between a trimmer and an edger really easily, it just takes the flip of a switch and the edger works really well, you get a nice clean edge and it is simple to keep a nice straight line.

And it comes at a really reasonable price!

The Not So Good

All in all this works really well but my main issue is around the battery.

The problem is:

First of all the run time isn’t that long – around 30 minutes, this wouldn’t be so much of a problem were it not for the fact that it takes a long time to recharge – around five hours.

So this means you either have to trim your lawn in parts, waiting for the battery to recharge, or you have to go to the expense of buying a second battery, so you can use one whilst the other charges.

The battery is very poor when compared to something like the EGO Power String Trimmer.


Unlike some of its competitors it doesn’t have a telescopic shaft. The shaft length won’t be suitable for all and particularly if you are tall you will find yourself stooping over it a lot and getting backache or sore knees from bending down.

The Auto Feed function works well, but one small fault is that every time you stop and start the trimmer it auto feeds the trim line, cutting off string even it might already be the proper length.

This is frustrating.

The spools you get are quite small and pre wound, so they don’t necessarily last that long and this compounds that.

The spool cap is also very poor quality and cracks and break very easily – not a massive problem but irritating nonetheless.

Above: The WORX WG154 does not have a telescopic shaft.

At A Glance



Well designed




Line feed works really well


Good trimmer cord




Adjustable cutting option


Easy to switch functionality


Good edger


Great price



Poor battery life


Battery takes a while to charge


No telescopic shaft


Auto feed releases too much line


Poor spool cap


What does this come with?
It comes with WG154 Trimmer/Edger,  lithium-ion battery pack, standard charger and two spools
What is the battery capacity?
Where can I read the manual?

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Worx Cordless Weed Trimmer WG154
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My Verdict


Summary This really is a great tool for the price. Remember this is not a heavy duty trimmer and it isn’t for you if you have a big yard overgrown with weeds. But it is lightweight, comfortable to use and for smaller jobs it is absolutely perfect.

It has enough power to get those jobs done and the edger works really well too. The auto feed system works well and the line is quite durable too. This is ideal if you are older or have limited physical strength.

WORX have a reputable brand name and a tradition of producing good quality machines at a lower price. This upholds these traditions and more - if you are on a budget and want a cordless weed trimmer and have a smaller yard then this is definitely what you want.



About The Author

Steve Mann

Steve is a one time gardening hater turned into gardening obsessive. This was all thanks to going to University where a two year stint spent transforming the previously horrific garden of the student house he lived in left him addicted to all things horticultural! Now with a new house in tow and due to some fortunate circumstances he is free to test out a whole host of gardening equipment. Find out more about Steve or drop him an email at


  1. aladin

    The Worx cordless weed trimmer is a nice product. I actually its design and since I am not that tall, I find it easy to use. Too bad that’s a problem for tall people who have to stoop. What I don’t like about it is the time it takes to recharge. I bet its over 5 hours. That’s a lot of time. Do you have any idea of the alternatives with a better battery but for almost a similar price?

  2. kmv

    This trimmer has good reviews on Amazon…combined with your review, I would say that is a pretty good endorsement!

    I noticed that there are a couple of after market options for batteries. One of them is a 4.0Ah that would allow you to trim for an hour+. There are also some rapid chargers available.

    Would love to see a review of the “perfect” Worx collection for landscaping. Which tools, chargers, batteries, etc.

    Thanks again for the review!

    • Steve Mann

      Thanks mate, very kind comments! There are a few options in terms of batteries and rapid chargers that speed things up and give longer battery life.

      That is a great idea re the perfect WORX collection, keep your eyes peeled for that appearing soon!


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